Walter Bosque Art

Walter Bosque Art proclaims itself as the ‘first Latin American website of fine art photography’. I’ve no idea whether that’s true, but it’s an interesting enough assertion to make me want to delve further. Walter hails from Argentina, making him one of a select few from that corner of the globe to have any sort of global renown as photographer of naked women. The site has content dating back to 2007, so while this isn’t a site of the oldest vintage, there’s certainly plenty of naked Latin lovelies to sink your teeth into (metaphorically speaking, of course).

tan lines
French-Argentinian touch to the car show model stigma: Nude Argentinian model poses naked with a vintage Citroen model.

The Latin American influence is only visible really in the models. I couldn’t really discern much in the style of the photography to indicate anything peculiar about erotic content originating from this part of the world. I suppose at the end of the day erotic art is actually quite a simple idea – pretty girls posing in the nude. Walter is a fine exponent, and in fact his style reminds me a little of that of Petter Hegre, with an emphasis on beautiful girls, imaginative use of clothing and props, a smattering of outdoor shoots and a definite artistic approach to the way the models are presented.

An advantage of Walter’s origin is that he works with quite a few girls who you won’t see elsewhere on the net. This will be a particular shot in the arm for those who are looking for something a bit different from the stream of Russian girls who, while very pleasing on the eye, don’t offer much variety for the erotic nudes lover. Happily there are more than 200 girls to see here. Three photo resolutions are offered, with the highest of 4300 pixels now standard for artistic work of this kind.

It looks like Walter shoots the movies himself, and while they won’t win any Oscars, at least some imagination is involved in their creation. In one particularly striking scene, a slim girls plays with a knife, dragging it across her skin and nipples in a play on self-mutilation. These scenes can be a bit darker and more thought-provoking than the output of purer sites like Femjoy, in other words, but they’re obviously still very softcore in style (though the site doesn’t shy away from anatomic explicitness, such as in one scene which consists of a prolonged close-up of a girl stroking her pussy).

two modelos
Somewhat of a religious perspective to Buenos Aires nudes

While all of the videos are shot in high definition and are professionally shot and edited, to my eyes they don’t really stand up to some of the other nude sites in technical terms, lacking the real sharpness and realism that makes the best out of HD’s superior resolution. There are plenty of download options for the videos, however, including both Windows and Quicktime formats and an iPod-ready version too.

Walter Bosque Art updates with a new photo gallery every day. Video updating isn’t regular, but the average seems to be slightly better than one a week which is more than acceptable. And with more than 50,000 images already available, it all amounts to a very enjoyable Latin erotic nudes. Unfortunately, Walter Bosque’s art site has a history of disconnectivity. At the time of finalizing this review it went offline, again. We hope to break news once it is back online, again.

Saline repositories deal as background for nude art photo shooting.

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