Oiled Up Brazilian Butts 3

The very latest DVD from Black Ice: Oiled Up Brazilian Butts 3. Starring: Fabiane Thompson, Camily, Melissa Pitanga, Marcellinha Moraes, Agatha Moreno. The studio we are overall not nearly as fond of as the two it’s teamed up with in a site network, Zero Tolerance and Third Movies, but which nevertheless does have a number of pretty great black, Latina and interracial movies. Oiled Up Brazilian Butts 3 is among those. I don’t think I’ve reviewed a DVD before where I wasn’t familiar with at least a couple of the girls, but in this case I honestly don’t have a clue whether or not I might have seen any of these Brazilian ladies before. The good news is that they are all hot, three of them very hot, so I certainly wouldn’t mind watching them again another time.

All five scenes on Oiled Up Brazilian Butts 3 are one-on-one, with each of the Brazilian babes taking on a big black cock. Add in liberal amounts of baby oil to make the girls all nice and shiny (I could really just as well have placed this DVD review in the Oiled/Wet category instead of Latina) and you’ve got five pretty hot scenes.


Scene 1, 2 and 5 are the best of the bunch in my opinion, as they not only feature the three hottest girls on the DVD, but also include anal, although scene 5 unfortunately only very briefly near the end. In fact scene 4 is the only one not to feature anal at all, even though only scene 1 and 2 have it listed under their genres on the the site. Definitely a big plus if you’re an anal fan like me, and the main reason I’m giving Oiled Up Brazilian Butts 3 a 90 rather than the 85 I had sort of expected to end up with on first look at the screenshots and a quick initial skipping through the videos.

All five scenes are all very similar, although that really wasn’t something that bothered me. No subtitles? Alright, I’m just joking here, but I have to admit that the times I’ve watched porn with Brazilian girls, who regularly seem to be quite vocal, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t personally find Portuguese(?) particularly arousing to listen to. In fact the sharp “aie!”, “vaie!” (or something along those lines) moaning/screaming sounds from the girls tend to be a bit grating on my ears if they get too excessive. But then the same could really be said for excessively vocal European or American girls as well.

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