Ero Berlin

Ero Berlin is a hybrid glamour and public nudity thing. Not many other sites that could be so described and provisionally labeled as unique. The ‘Berlin’ name was chosen as a matter of convenience, as it looks like the content is shot in various locations around Europe rather than solely in the German capital. The content looks destined to be a favorite for fans of babe, voyeur and fetish niches.

Berlin’s main landmark: The Reichstag where the German parlament is housed inside serves as backdrop for pussy flashing.

First things first, this isn’t a public nudity site in what might be called the purist’s sense. There isn’t really any extravagant exhibitionism to be found. The girls are naked in public places, but they don’t flash people or parade round busy city streets. The locations tend to be more coastal or rustic, and on many occasions the girl is naked in or on a car. On the other hand, the models do actually get themselves off, something they definitely wouldn’t be doing (without being arrested at least) in crowded public locations. Quite a few scenes of the girls playing around and masturbating in the snow, which is quite novel. Another distinctive feature is the use of crotchless trousers, which reduces the amount of flesh that can be seen (presumably chosen so that the nudity is therefore more discrete), but does have its own particular erotic attraction. The site already features nearly 50 models at the time of writing, and although many of these are the glam site regulars, the site is promising to showcase some unseen Russian models in the forthcoming months.

The site confesses to being much more concerned with its video output than its photo content, and undeniably the movie clips are Ero Berlin’s strong suit. Video quality is stunning, with a high definition Windows format available for all of the videos, together with a lower resolution Windows version and an iPod-compatible version too. Videos tend to be between 10 and 20 minutes long, which I found to be about right for this type of content, and although updating is merely steady (one new clip a week) rather than ultra-rapid, the site is making very nice progress towards offering an amazing collection.

Public vaginal peeks at a popular swimming lake “Wannsee”. Let’s call for help from the fire department rescue.

Some effort has been made with the pictures, however, which are at a reasonable resolution of 1600 pixels. Access to the image content is only via the model index, and the site’s admittedly sophisticated photo viewer isn’t especially usable (having to click twice to get to the full resolution image is a bugbear of mine). But it’s the videos that are the real triumph here. Ero Berlin has carved out for itself a very pleasing little niche, and is busy filling it with some stunning high definition content.

Homepage: Ero Berlin

Filipina in Germany
Extra ordinary locations filled with lust and beauty are another trademark of EroBerlin. Here in Holland with Filipina import model Danica.

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