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Do you like raised skirts, upskirts, cancan girls, garters, fully fashioned stockings, suspenders, pretty knickers, lacy panties, frothy petticoats, lovely legs, shapely thighs and bottoms? This is the first sentence of their pre-sign-up welcome page. For my money, the question is spot-on and, if you answer “Yes”, you will like this site.

UK panty: British model Shelley: Any of you who have read my other reviews will know that I have particular views about “stocking” and “lingerie” sites. Most searches for those keywords lead you to a suffocating slurry of generic sites of little interest. Webmasters or search engines don’t distinguish between pantyhose (tights, if you are in Britain) and stockings. The word “lingerie” leads you to lots of sites selling underwear but adult websites featuring pictures of girls wearing anything from a G-string to a full “basque-stockings-high-heeled-shoes-see-thru-negligee” job. This site is British and its features are reliable throughout. What you get is this: Softcore pictures featuring models in underwear, no pussy, next to no bare breasts, fully-fashioned stockings (no pantyhose/tights), garter belts and panties, mainly high-heeled shoes, above average photography, exclusive content, famous models.

I’ll go into the numbers below, but I have to say this is a unique and “golden” site for fans of fully-fashioned stockings. That phrase “fully-fashioned stockings” is easy to say but rarely observed. I previously reviewed sites such as LilaCribbons and Legxtasy (the latter now seemingly inactive). Hold-ups, lace-tops and pop-socks don’t cut it for true stockings fans. This site is pure and excellent in most of its sets by featuring classic, fully-fashioned stockings, usually with seams and Cuban heels.As an aside, they carry a banner for www.touchable.co.uk, which is an established supplier of proper fully-fashioned hosiery. Their website is worth a visit for the description of the history of stockings, whether you buy anything or not. My personal experience is that they are the best of mail-order firms: they keep their promises and their products are genuine.

Oh La La Glamour girls is large and the quality is almost consistent. With a few (aberrant) exceptions, the pictures are large and sharp. The absolute average is 1024 x 768. Repetition is not bad in any set, but the themes are the same: fully dressed, up-skirt, back-view, front-view, heels. That’s what you get, set after set. The good news is that the girls are surprising, new and all lovely to look at in their 1950s style finery. Lana Cox (pre-pornstar-fame) and one or two other models are well known, but their sets are exclusive. As the years have gone on – July 2003 to the present – I had thought that the beauty of their models had improved. Maybe the more recent models are prettier, but not much. Many are beautiful women in their late twenties, photographed in stirring underwear and shoes and, I tell you, some of them are knockout lookers. This is not a set full of “homely” housewives.

Video: There has been an effort to provide video in various formats since March 2004 (wmv format), November 2003 (Quicktime) and March 2003 (avi). I’ve only checked the later, wmv. Format videos. Mainly less than ten minutes playtime. They loaded quickly but did not come across in the quality one would want. If you are interested in the stockings, panties and garter belts, you want to see them clearly. Obviously, this is a softcore site and you expect softcore video, but poor definition is no help and the direction in the clips I watched did not maximise the site’s main point – classic stockings and suspenders.

DVD: The webmaster kindly provided me with one of his DVDs featuring models from his site. This was one hour long and featured five scenes with four different models. For fans of this site I recommend these DVDs unreservedly. Although the quality is so much better than the video available from the website, I have to say that the photography is too static. The models are lovely, their clothes are also beautiful and the “Upskirt” theme is followed throughout. Even so, I think one needs more close-ups, more variety of shooting stance and frames which interest the viewer in a way which this film does not. Summary: This is a large, reasonably priced site for surfers who like classic stockings and associated lingerie, but nothing but softcore pictures. The hosiery is of the finest type and the models do not disappoint.

Website: www.ohlalaglamourgirls.com

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