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border bang

Desperate times lead to desperate measures. When these hotties are afraid of being sent back across the border, they are willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the states. Border Bangers brings you ruthless dudes who get Latina women to sleep with them by threatening to use their border patrol status on them if they won’t give them a piece of ass in exchange for their cooperation. These officers are on duty and use their high standings as a way for getting hot Latin pussy on their hard American cocks.

It’s amazing what the fear of deportation can do to a girl. They show these girls the American way by forcing them to earn their citizenship by taking in an American dick. There are 20 galleries that contain around 200 pics each. The galleries may just be video recaps, but they are so clear-looking that it is hard to tell. Either way, the pictures look great and they showcase these Latina hotties and their need to be American by having an American inside of their wet aching pussies.

illegal immigrant
A fairly attractive Latina immigrant receives mercy from a border patrol marshall

The videos are the pride and joy of this site. The site has 20 videos that look great. Each video showcases an officer on a mission to find an illegal fuck toy. After telling her what he will do if she does not cooperate, the girls will drop to their knees and do what it takes to keep these officers at attention. After all they don’t want to go back to work as escorts or hookers in Mexico anymore. You will enjoy a good selection of videos, however, the site no longer updates, so you will not be getting anymore episodes.

Your membership comes with more than just latina fucking. As a member, you will have access to 24 bonus sites including: Milk My Cock, Rectal Rooter, Black Bros White Hoes, Tranny Hunt, Mommy Loves Cock and many more.Most of these sites have stopped updating as well, but you will have enough content to last you quite a while. There is a shortage of Latina women within these sites, but if you are a reality porn lover in general, then you will enjoy the loads of content you will find with these bonus sites.

Everything considered, this site is a good score at a cheap price. You will get a lot of bang for your buck, but you may outstay your welcome after a few months because none of these sites are currently updating. I love reality porn and although the scenes are sometimes cheesy, I like the premise and I think you will enjoy it to.

Bonus Review 1: Fantasy Latina

Aye ya Aye! These Latina ladies are muy caliente!!! The chicks found within these pages, aside from the bonus content you receive for signing up, are truly Latina and not just girls with dark hair and tan skin like some sites try to pass off on users. All these girls are not afraid to go south of the border for a sexual fiesta. So, put on your sombrero and get ready for XXX videos that will have you greasing up your tamale and spreading your guacamole all over the place.

As a member, you will enjoy 26 episodes, all of which cannot be downloaded, only streamed, so don’t try. The videos showcase everything from sex with men, other girls and even orgies. Each video also comes along with it’s own gallery of pictures, meaning you’ll have 26 galleries with an average of 200 pics per set. Some of the pictures look better than others, but altogether, they are decent.

Your membership buys you access to over 30 bonus sites all packaged together for your pleasure. You’ll enjoy bonus sites including: Her First Lesbian Sex, Black Cocks White Sluts, Back Seat Bangers, MILF Seeker, Her First Big Cock, Gangbang Squad, Bang Boat and so many more.The site also allows you to save content found on these bonus sites in your favorites area, so that when you find something you like, you can keep in a safe place for later use.

If you are looking to excite your chihuahua with some hot Latina lovin, then you’ve come across the right site. The site no longer updates, so the Latinas you see now are the only ones you are going to see with this membership. The bonus content adds a lot of value to your membership, but you won’t find many Latina girls outside of the home site. I would give this one a try, if not just for a few months.

Bonus Review 2: My Naughty Latin Maid

After these maids are finished cleaning a house, they’ll end up washing cockamole off of their faceadias. My Naughty Latin Maid formerly know as Dirty Latina maids, is a site that is dedicated to you Latina lovers that wish they had a maid as hot as these women coming to their house. The fantasy of banging your extremely hot house cleaner is all too familiar but very invigorating. There’s nothing quite like bending your house keeper over the freshly dusted coffee table and fucking the shit out of her, cumming all over her face and then paying her to clean it all up and come back next week. In a perfect world, I’m sure a lot of sexual encounters would play out this way for men.

A subscription to this site means that you’ll have around 20 sets of pictures, most of which encompass 100 pics per set. You will also have 53 videos to clean your pipes with. Each video is about 25 minutes long, which means you’ll need some time to sit back and relax while watching these porno flicks. The variety of women is nice too. The girls are somewhat diverse in body type and style, so you are not going to get bored with seeing the same type of girl over and over again. These ladies sure know how to clean and get the job done.

As if you weren’t getting enough content already, with membership, you’ll also get access to 19 bonus site which are part of the Naughty America network. You’ll get sites like: My Friends Hot Mom, Naughty Office, Latin Adultery,My Sisters Hot Friend, My First Sex Teacher, Fast Times at NAU and American Daydreams, just to name a few. Just because updates have been discontinued, it does not mean that you will run out of fresh content to look at. The bonus sites will get you through those one site blues.

You should spend your money on these delicious divas. Joining the Naughty America Network ensures that you are getting quality content for a great price. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how much content you’ll receive and how much you enjoy sexy Latinas who liked to get fucked and sucked while on the job.

Border Bangers has given up as their last coyotee got married to an illegal. Sorry folks. Nothing else to share.

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