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Figure Baby is another one-man-with-a-camera site, the chap in question being Tony Mancini, who has amassed a small but growing collection of tasteful artistic nude photos along the theme of ‘simple, sexy, fun’. Sounds like a good theme, and a first look at the site shows it to be a sparse but elegant affair. It looks like there will be plenty to admire here.

There aren’t a huge number of models on the site to date, though it’s pleasing to see that they’re not internet regulars. They’re quite a varied bunch, but they’re all attractive and sexy in their own way (Ada Rose, for example, has a sort of Marilyn Monroe thing going on). Nor is Figure Baby a ‘pure nudes’ site in the style of Femjoy or Domai. In fact the use of clothing is probably the thing that differentiates the galleries the most, and you’ll see imaginative use made of trenchcoats, hockey shirts, cowgirl outfits, and so on, along with stylish everyday wear. The content has a very natural and warm feel to it, managing to be consciously artistic while also having a focus on simplicity. The style of the photography is very natural and relaxed – some of the shots might be destined for behind the scenes or bloopers galleries on other sites, but not so here, and that is by no means a criticism. Unusually for a nude site, all of the shoots are indoors. Tony also seems to have a thing for bottomless shots, which I’ve always found incredibly erotic.

Three image resolutions are offered, the highest of which (2400 pixels) is hardly world-beating but certainly in my view acceptably high, especially as the images still look sharp at that level. It really looks like Tony has got his hands on some high quality kit- lighting is excellent and the rendering of skin tones is practically perfect. Figure Baby is not really a video site, though the 5 that are offered are all in high definition and quite watchable. There are plenty of download options offered, but a bit more information about the scenes – in fact, about the models in general – wouldn’t go amiss. Nonetheless this is a smart, professional and inexpensive collection of some great girls. It might not be the biggest site out there, but it is a characterful and genuinely artistic effort all the same.

figure babe model
Ethnic nudes were part of figure babe, Too bad they are gone.
Chubby amateur depicted in fine art nudity

Sorry, but is offline.
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