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It must be the ambition of every hairy girl to find herself a man (or woman) who likes a lush ‘downstairs carpet’. Instead of putting in all that effort to keep things nice and trim down there, she can just let things take their natural course without fear of complaint. The word ‘natural’ is in the site name for a reason too – this is also a no-silicon zone. Basically, these girls are the opposite of your typical Barbie doll porn stars with fake tits and meticulously pruned pussy hair. And this is no small niche site: with well over a million photos and more than 2,000 videos we have a true mega-site here, so let’s dive into the bushes, so to speak.

This lady has never seen a razor blade. Totally, unshaved legs, armpits and vagina. (Original image in member area much bigger)

As at the other Amateur Teen Kingdom sites, the ladies are a mixed bunch. They seem mostly to be amateurs, and they do span quite a wide age range, but there are so many great looking ones that if you can’t find a few to make your mouth water you’re being far too fussy about your pussy. The photo content is divided into eight sections, one of which (aptly named ‘scary hairy’) is devoted to girls who might attract greater sexual interest from various species of primate. I jest, of course, but if your love of female hair tends towards the extreme, this is where you’ll get your kicks. A range of photographers are featured, some of whom do a better job of highlighting the hairiness of the girls. Overall the photo content is very good, though, and lots of galleries feature close-ups on the girls’ unshaven pussies. Images are offered in a range of resolutions going up to 1600 pixels, which is more or less acceptable, especially with shots this crisp. Some basic personal data is given about the girls.

Most of the videos are solo masturbation clips. They do look good, and importantly there can be no complaints about either the hairiness of the models or the focus placed by the videographers on their fuzzy exteriors. There’s a fair bit of lesbian content too, together with some straight hardcore (and even the occasional threesome), which seems a little like filler but will no doubt please many. There have been some recent upgrades in video resolution, but sadly this site hasn’t advanced to high def clips yet like some of its sister sites. The great ATK search engine can be used to filter the content according to your particular tastes, and helpfully this extends to the photographers too. That aside the design and navigation is, perhaps a little surprisingly for such a large site, distinctly mediocre. I’m not the biggest fan of their ‘volumes’ system, and a few more preview pictures wouldn’t go amiss. But to be honest you’ll be far too busy enjoying the new content – 7 new galleries and 3 new videos every single day – to worry about such things. In short, this is an incredible niche site.

Very delicious butt crack with dense pubic hair vegetation.

Visit here: ATK Natural and Hairy

Members area preview and video screencaps. Note that we limit the length of our screenshots – the actual pages in the members area may extend below that shown in our preview images.

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