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Lia 19 is an offshoot from top-of-the-range teen production FTV Girls, and fans of that site will probably recognise her as the young, pretty and blonde girl who accompanies several of the models on their individual shoots. Besides her prettiness she has all the attributes you’d hope for in a solo site, including a nice bubbly personality and a good work ethic which has resulted in a large archive already. Most impressive of all, however, are her tits. Quite amazing. Her nipples should serve as the dictionary definition of ‘suckable’.

Lia’s producer love to pic expensive locations for their nudes, like with this private jet.

Lia’s site has been around for over five years now, meaning she’s no longer 19 but still an absolute treat to look at. Though she has a girl-next-door vibe to her, the FTV crew ensure she’s dolled up to a degree for some of the scenes. And it’s thanks to the FTV set-up that we get the same variety, imagination and professionalism in her shoots as we see on their flagship site. Most of the content falls squarely into the softcore niche, though as the years go by Lia has become more comfortable being sexual on camera, and a lot of the newest scenes show her masturbating or even enjoying herself on sex machines.

Sometimes Lia is joined by other girls from the FTV stable, but in the main she works alone. There are lots of outdoor scenes, a few in public places, and even some ‘experimental self shoots’ which were taken by a friend but still look relatively professional. Each episode usually features a photo gallery and about 7 minutes worth of film, together with a nice description of the scene from Lia herself which sets the scene nicely for the actual content.

Image quality is excellent, and the resolution of 1600 pixels should be adequate for most people’s needs. The latest high definition videos look stunning (though the earlier updates are at a decent resolution too), and as with the main FTV site it’s a pleasure to see so many vidcaps previews for each video. There is no real categorisation of the material, but the content of each shoot is usually obvious from the magazine-style cover each scene has.

The content is not dated, so it’s not easy to say how often new stuff appears, though judging by the size of the collection my guess is that it’s acceptably regular. There is a smidgen of overlap with some of the videos on FTV Girls, but the vast majority of the scenes are entirely exclusive to this site. The upshot is, if you like the FTV format and have a soft (or hard) spot for Lia, you are going to enjoy this one a lot.

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Lia exchanges kisses with another model from FTV.

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