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A lot of us have heard that Cuba is one of the hot spots for carnal fun travelers. This is so, however Cuba has its ups and downs depending on the crackdowns it endures every so often. What may true about the sex scene today, can be different tomorrow. Its been a hit and miss lately. In the early 90’s it was said that you could get laid for an ice cube, a hair brush, or a bottle of shampoo. Now a days the reality of prices for sex can range from $15-45 and as much as $100, depending on the quality of the girl, your looks, age and how well you can speak Spanish.

Cuban women love sex and they do not get offended by overtures the way cold blooded American women do. The normal Cuban girl begins her sexually active life by the time she’s 12. A 16 year old girl has reached her prime and anything over 20 is already over the hill. The typical Cuban girl with whom you might seek a relationship with will in all likelihood will be highly educated, such as a lawyer, doctor, optometrist. The Cuban girls tend to have “dark” features. Their eyes are dark with thick eyebrows and thick bushes between their legs. They aren’t into shaving. Cuban girls tend to be tall and slender.

Cost: The prices are between $15 and $40. The difference in price depends on how well the girl likes you. In the Disco’s the price ranges from $35 to $70. The best Chica’s want up to $100. It helps if you have little gifts for her like shampoo, t-shirts, make-up, etc.

What to Expect: (A Member Writes) “I made out with her, then I stripped her down and licked her body like a dog. I licked her pussy and ass for a while. I put my finger up her ass. I was as hard as a rock and ready to fuck. I humped on her for a few minutes then exploded. She wanted a condom, so I said: how about just oral. So we swapped doing each other orally till she came. Then I had her lick the end of my cock while I masturbated and came on her tongue.”

“Age or looks are irrelevant here to the girls. Your heart (and sometimes your pocket book) is what counts. I dated two 18 year olds and they felt like real girlfriends (yes, I know this is fantasy island). Some girls just want some chocolates from the dollar stores, some wanted nada, some a friend in the U.S and some wanted $$ — you’ll will meet them all. A good girl (even though she sleeps with you in two hours of meeting you) will be insulted by money offers — take her shopping or buy her a real dinner or use your imagination. Sex is part of life in Cuba, as we learn how to drive, the girls learn how to please — they are all experts and sex is part of their daily routine.”

The Pussy Situation in Cienfuegos:
There are only two main places to meet ladies at night and it all centers around the Malecón and Rapidos. The Rapidos is an open-air Burger/King. At night (good time to start the hunt is around 10.00 P.M.) it swarms with pros, amateurs, couples and everything in between. Across the street is the Malecón and some girls sit on the bridge awaiting some eye contact. If there is any sort of Police around, they all go to Rapidos and chat with their girl friends — this is the safe area!

Malecón is found by walking down the Prado towards Hotel Jagua Fishermen can be observed in the daytime while it becomes the cities entertainment center at night. Girls here are different than Havana. Seems to be no distinction between short time and long time and girls will ask for $30.00 and settle for $20.00. Just make sure she has her id and is of proper age.

Night Clubs And Discos: Disco La Carabena is one the town’s hot spots. You’ll find many Chica’s here that will give you a good time. Be careful of pick pocketing here. The place is located about three blocks away from the famous El Rapido (across the street and away from the center of town). Every night (with the exception of Saturday, which was curiously empty), there were plenty of Chica’s to choose from. Very much like Rio’s “Help” Disco. Don’t expect the dancing to start before 11:30 p.m. There is a $2 cover charge, and all drinks are $1 a piece. Almost all of the girls there are regulars. The music is reasonable, with a mix of disco (mostly), with some salsa, reggae, and slow dances at the end of the night (4 a.m.).

Benny Mores: Located (very close to Park Marti on the pedestrian mall street). Typical Cuban yuppie club. Live music. Ladies are more “upscale” here and if you like a “challenge” this might be the place for you. Drink prices are very expensive here. Arte EX (two blocks away from Carabena), and the basement of the Pallacio de Valle (several blocks further out of town along the Prado, across from Hotel Jagua). Club Caribbean: (in Punta Gorda, one street parallel to the Malecón towards the water). Probably the only “happening” disco in Cienfuegos. Two bucks to get in. Ladies $20 for the “evening” or “two hours” in some cases.

Hooker Areas around Havana
Malecón: If you cruise the streets and the Malecón, you can find plenty of women for 20-25 dollars.
In Malecón you can find a few girls waiting for customers in front of the Habana Riviera and the Nacional hotels, and on brightly lit parts of the road on the way to the Commodore Hotel. Inside Hotels: Similar quality pussy also hangs around some of the 3-5 star hotels at night. Sometimes they even manage to get inside and sit in the lobby’s bars. Try hotels Caribbean, Deauville, Habana Libre, Inglaterra, Lido, Nacional, Capri and Plaza (see addresses).

Daytime: In day time girls hang around Cafe (Cafeteria) Monseigneur at O, entre 23 y 25, which is near the hotels Nacional and Capri. They are mainly black girls. Several girls out on 5th Ave between Vedado and Miramar…. between 3 and 5pm is best. The most notorious places to pick up a hooker are the 5th and 23rd Avenues in Vedado, the boulevard Prado in La Habana Vieja, and to a lesser extent the beach boulevard Malecón. Come here after sunset and girls will approach you. Prices are around $50 for the whole night.

Cathedral/el Patio in old Habana-afternoon/evening.
Other parks in old Habana and around Paseo Prado.
Playa del Este in front of Tropicoco (weather permitting).

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