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Return to FantasyLand in Zurich, Switzerland: I recently had an opportunity to visit Switzerland again, and I visited Sakura Fantasyland a second time to see if my first visit was a fluke. In my online review, I described it as the best sex club/FKK in Switzerland. This time, in addition to revisiting the Tutti Frutti sex party, I also decided to cover the downstairs nudity club and massage services.

Before my blowjob by blowjob review, let me cover a few logistical details for you. Again, the location is problematic. The address is Marzenbuhlstrasse 14 in Oberengstringen, just outside of Zurich. A taxi will cost you about US$30, and it’s probably a good idea to print out the directions from the website to show the driver. Driving directions and other details are available in my last review. Here is a photo of the entry to the facility: Next, costs and facilities. The club comprises two floors in a very nicely done apartment house, with the downstairs a more traditional sauna/FKK. It boasts a nice pool, sauna, massage facilities, and of course, lovely girls of all shapes and colors. A few photos are below: The owner of the club, Victor, a gray-haired gentleman who is truly a connoiseur of fine women, sent me the following photos of the club with permission to use them:

The upstairs houses the fuck club, and three times a week (MWF) they host an “all you can eat” sex party. A dozen or so really lovely women… and for 570 Swiss francs (about $350 US, and this fee is absolutely all inclusive), you can have ALL of them, one time each, over the entire evening. Also, you can order whatever you want to drink, and they serve a decent buffet dinner to boot. The night I went, a Wednesday, the party started at 2 pm and at 1:30 am. The night I returned, it was a slow night. Only seven women attended, and about 30 men drifted through. I made friends with a few of the gentlemen visiting, and everyone was quite friendly. I asked about other local clubs, like Zeus, and the general consensus was that Sakura provides the nicest girls and nicest environment.

Now here’s my detailed report: There were three Russians, three Brazilians, and one black girl who was quite stunning. The downstairs massage service had two to three girls on call, including one Thai, one Swiss (an absolutely gorgeous girl named Tanja), and one Russian. Of the seven, five were very attractive, and I nailed all five of them. One Brazilian was older, and the black girl, Larisa, was as pretty as Naomi Campbell, but my preferences seem to preclude black girls. I nailed the three Russians, and two Brazilians. Then I went downstairs to get a massage (I mean this was like running a marathon), and the girl downstairs talked me into a handjob. All told, four ejaculations, and two half tabs of 50 mg Viagra, which kept me hard pretty much throughout the night. By the end of the night, my dick was sore from all the fucking, and man, was I drained to the bone. I spent the entire next day recovering. I started with Jessica, who is known as the hottest fuck at the place. She was maybe 5’4″, 115 lbs, brunette. Brazilian. Maybe 30. She’s less physically attractive and a bit older than the rest of the girls, but man, she is hot.Totally orgasmic, and copiously produced a ton of fluid during our session. Deep french kissing, cunnilingus, covered BJ, followed by multiple position sex. I rimmed her, but she wouldn’t allow greek. Her specialty is covering both of us with oil, and doing the equivalent of a Crisco oil party in your pants. I came copiously.
Overall: 9, very very athletic fucking session

Next, Stella. Russian. She was maybe 5’3″, 100 lbs, a thin blonde with hazel eyes. Mid 20’s. Pretty face. Smaller but natural tits and a truly world class ass. She french kissed as well, followed by 69. Very nice covered blow job, great Kagel muscle skills! However, it was too soon after the testicle draining by Jessica, and I couldn’t come for her. Alas, I remember her magic pussy from last time. Since I was having a hard time releasing, she gave me a miraculous blow job. Really stunningly good, but unfortunately, the refractory period for this aging man is a hard reality to face.

I did manage to sneak a few surreptitious shots the girls from the wall of fame, as you walk down the final stairs to leave. Again, you should note that it is very hard to photo the girls, due to certain laws in Switzerland. If a girl’s photo shows up on the Web, she’ll get arrested or worse, deported. Anyway, the quality is low, but this should give you an idea of the quality of the girls working here.
Overall: 10, a very, very nice fuck

Next up, Jacqueline. Brazilian.It’s interesting how I chose her. She was doing a guy in one of the public rooms, that has a two way mirror. Man, her session with the guy was red hot. She was totally athletic about it, multiple yogic positions, and since the guy was having problems ejaculating, she blew and wanked him, with him finally coming wither her finger up his rear. Then, as she was finishing him, she looks up and winks at me! She was maybe 5’4″, 105 lbs of solid muscle, with the tightest abs I’ve felt in a while. Early 20’s. Medium length black hair and brown eyes. Very, very pretty face. Enhanced tits and a tiny and tight little bubble-butt ass. Ah, the Brazilians! Again, DFK, 69, covered blow, followed by multiple position triathlonic sex. Fortunately, the refractory period was completed, and I came nicely.

At this point, I was pretty pooped. I decided to visit the downstairs, get a massage and sauna and rest up a couple of hours. Also, it was time for dinner, so I had a light supper before getting a massage. Although there were three girls available, and Nikki (the Thai) and Susie (Russian) reputedly gave the deepest massage, I choose Tanja, who was the cutest Swiss girl I’ve ever seen. Brown hair and eyes, and a pixie nose. She was maybe 5’3″, 100 lbs, nice little natural titties and ass. Very young, maybe 19 or 20. Did the massage in her bra and panties. Her massage was not that deep, but it was nice to chat with her in a mixture of German and English. Seems she just doesn’t have what it takes to work upstairs, but makes an acceptable living doing massages and handjobs downstairs. Anyway, the massage was just what I needed, and at the end, she asked if I wanted a handjob, which would cost 30 Swiss francs over the cost of the 45 minute massage (100 Swiss francs). I said… sure! And miraculously, she gave a perfect little uncovered handjob and I came all over her hands and my tummy. She knew I was upstairs and draining my balls regularly, but her technique was quite pleasurable and effective.

Next up, Vivianne. Russian. She was the least beautiful Russian, but still very very attractive and perky. She was maybe 5’4″, 110 lbs, nice tits and ass. Maybe early to mid 20’s. Medium length brown hair and hazel eyes. DFK, CBJ, multiple position sex. However, I was simply too drained to be able to come.

After this session, I took a short nap. Waking refreshed, but seriously doubting I could come a fourth time, I saw Ines, my absolute fav, who was absolutely booked all night. She was 5’4″, 105 lbs, formerly blonde, but now brunette, with blue eyes. Russian. Face like a model, body like a porn star, felt like my true love.Great natural tits and pretty bouncy little ass. Tight shaved pussy that was dripping honey. I wanted something special, and also to buy myself more time for refraction, and I offered to make her actually come. She’s a bit of a latent orgasmer, takes a while. So I provided about 45 minutes of cunnilingus, and made her come like crazy. It was quite a bit of work, but someone’s gotta do it, right? Well, my going the distance lit her up like a Christmas tree. She was so loving, and sweet, and responsive afterwards. She said that I was one of the best pussylappers she’d ever run across, and that I could do that to her anytime. What followed was another 45 minutes of over-the-top sex, and in the final stretch, I was pumping away toward that finish line in mish position, and her fingers were under her butt, coaxing my balls to come… and it culminated in one of the most explosive, ball-draining orgasms of my life, as I french-kissed her like a teenager popping his cherry into his first true love. We chatted afterward, and I commented that she could easily win a Gold Medal for sex, and I meant it.

In conclusion, I experienced that odd sensation of complete sexual abundance, and the odd absence of pussy scarcity and didn’t even mind the lack of Asians. What a wonderful world it would be if you could just fuck anyone you wanted. Like a rock star. And the venue seems to self-select for girls who actually like sex, providing an exceptional, once in a lifetime sexual experience of a multiple GFE. Every girl here DFKs, and loves sex. Well that’s it for this report. JustJoeBob sez, “Check it out!”

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