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TsmTravel was more than a decade old in 2005 and still growing strong. They were getting close to 10,000 post on our a board and with photos. With all the world turmoil now, they observed a new trend. Many of are now buying property outside of the U.S. There was no doubt (for us who travel, we know this all to well) that our image (U.S.) is now tarnished and to be honest not the most respected and trusted country anymore. How sad, for I love the U.S. but one day I fear the worse. I hope I’m wrong.

Okay, I see people buying in Costa Rica, the Philippines and even friends have bought in Batam (a real hot island and more than the just real-estate. The two biggest real-estate markets now are in the Dominican Republic (north coast) and now I know at least 15 gringos who have bought a second home in Cartagena. Maybe after reading some of the reports you might want to act too? Enough real-estate and politics, lets get back to women. We have hundreds of new reports and photos of our member travels with some amazing stories to tell. Some secret finds in Brazil, some unknown cities in Colombia or maybe the new Europe will turn you on. Below you will see some of the best new newsletters (reports with photos), articles, travel experiences, movies and of course photos of what to expect.

From Africa: Djibouti – Sitting here at my radio station in Ribta, an isolated little mountain village (810m Alt.) about 25 km north of Tadjoura in Djibouti, East Africa, my days are long and often uneventful. Israel — I was in Israel for about 2 1/2 weeks in April/May, and wound up leaving early, for reasons which I won’t really go into. That being said, I have the following for you:

The Philippines: This week in Angeles, in addition to it being the rainy season now.The Blue Nile group of bars is up for sale. This after endless raids last yeear looking for pay off’s. The partners have decided to pull the plug, as with the Las Vegas Group last year. (G-Spot Ayers Rock and Cleopatra). I am making a trip to Angeles City and I contacted Beeline travel about needing transportation and hotel. Before I screw up and pay too much for services and ruin AC for the rest of you, I would love to see how much I should be paying for particular services.

Thailand: I make every year some trips to Thailand and i always visit some BJ-bars during my stays -part one is about Bangkok, next part about Pattaya will follow in. Second trip to Thailand (first was in 2001). Night flight on Malaysian Airliners through Taipei and Kuala Lumpur. I’m walking off plane three legged and happy to be in the LOS. Arrived in. Thought I’d just give you a little update on Bkk as i go there every 9 weeks for three weeks a a time ( sad i know but there you go) and yes i am all loved up with sexy ,funny, cute lovable little thing that can suck a golf through a hosepipe.

Cambodia: The complete faq’s. Don’t miss if you are going. Spent the weekend in Cambodia so thought I would offer a quick update. As I mentioned in my “Angles on $1,000 a day” post, Yang has produced her first blouse for sale and I am proud like I was her papa. First work outside of sex in her entire life. Philippines: Cebu advice and where to find apartments. I have never been to Cebu, but hear it has some natural beauty as well as nightlife, although spread out. Mactan Island just off the coast of Cebu sounds nice, but I really. Australia: About 7 years ago I was fortunate enough to spend 30 days in Darwin AUS. This is in the northern territory and is the best place I have ever been to pick up women. Philippines: Before I start, there are some pictures in this report that some of you may not like or find offensive. If that is you please donít look. All the girls were willing participants and I always say before barfining them that pics are a must. I am hoping to get more recent info on how best to enjoy what I hope will be the GREATEST VACATION IN MY LIFE! No pressure, ha. I just never thought my company would

Indonesia: I went to Jakarta this month for the first time. It was fun getting excited about a new location. I thought about how I have lived in Thailand over 11 years, been to The Philippines almost 100 times and 30 to 50 times. Philippines — I was laying back yesterday getting a long bj in Angeles contemplating how lucky I was not to be a Filipino bar girl. Not because it would be so awful to be giving me a blow job (although come to think of it, that too) but rather because of what little hope they have for a decent future. Indonesia: Surabaya, so many girls and where to start. Thailand: I just returned from my 4th visit this year to BKK. I never will get tired of this place. Going back in 3 weeks with a couple of other TSMers and also plan to hit PNH for the first time.

Brazil Thermas: I went to all of the termas which are generally considered the best which also means the most expensive as well. This list includes: Safety in Rio. Call me paranoid. But in 20 years in Rio I never got mugged. Except some really minor events. There are tourists who manage to get mugged twice in 2 weeks. Cheap central places, get more for your dough. Cheap sex and where to find it inside Vila Mimosa: cheapest red-light district in Rio. Sap Paulo: Partly because of reading that posting I believe that I had a better time than he did in Sao Paulo, and so I decided to make this my first posting to let you all know how I made out. Sao Paulo Escorts, Duplas & Lesbians. This is a continuation of my previous report from Sao Paulo, where the ugly to the stinky to green eyes was discussed. My Sao Paulo Experience: I have just gotten back from my semiannual trip to Brasil. I have a whole bunch of experiences to share. Rio Apartment Difficulties and where to stay and info, Rio Thermas strategies, Now when I go to Rio de Janeiro, I practically live in the termas. Every year I try to think of a strategy to avoid what is commonly been referred to as the “Rio Tourist Fuck”. A RTF is a standard lay given out by the Garotas of the termas, here are my secrets.

Central America
Costa Rica: I am hoping that some of you out there can help me with suggestions and/or recomendations for an upcoming trip. Here is a short report based on my visit to San Jose with a buddy from 8-3 to 8-11. 1. New Fantasy. Still closed. First visit, Let me begin by saying that I probably evaluate the quality of a mongering destination with a slightly more critical eye than most. I think I make evaluations based upon the availability of romantic opportunities. My fellow TSM members. I know the vast majority of you view consider Costa Rica as a total waste of time. Not having anything close to your collective travel experience I respect that opinion. I have just returned from a seven-day visit to San Jose.

Cuba: I was in Cienfuegos about 4 month ago. It is still a lovely town and the police? No problems at all! The best places to go at night are. I have been to Havana, as well as Santa Clara, Varadero, Cienfuegos, Pinar del Rio and a number of other places. I was not able to go to eastern Cuba. Iím American and speak some Spanish. Generally
Dominican Republic: Last night I set the alarm for 3am. I can’t seem to stay up that late but I can get up that early. A friend and I wanted to visit the Frangancia bar on Av Colon in Puerto Plata. At 11pm it is empty but at 4am it is a shoulder to shoulder crowd. This is last part of my trip report for myfirst trip to Dominican Republic. This part is my conclusions and lessons learned. I made some mistakes and hope others can learn from some of my poor choices. I’ve been traveling the world for 20 years now and have bought homes in my favorite two destinations — Cartagena (Colombia) and Sosua. I live in S. Calif and try to visit each place every two month. Yup, I got a lot of FF miles. It would be interesting what you find Mr. Tsm. From the looks of the website, my guess (and it is a guess) is that it is an American run business. Most likely, a member here and a few other boards. If you were to post any private info on the girl. Curacao: went to Curacao on a Batch party with a total of 4 friends in March. We went for 4 days and had a great time. This place is a great spot for a Batch party for several reasons. It is off the coast of

Cabarete (norht coast of the DR, 20 minutes from Sosua) has become one of the hotest destinations in the Caribbean. Yesterday (Sunday) took me 30 minutes to drive to the end. Full of the “young & sporty” crowd it is a happening place. If you go to Boca Chica it’s maybe a good idea to combine your trip with Santo Domingo. There is a guide in Santo Domingo called Mr.Particular. Colombia, Baranquilla: I totally disagree. I feel that the girls of Barranquilla alone more than make up for the ugliness of the city. The club/bar scene is hot!! and I would say this is my favorite place for non pro action. Personally I think CTG is a waste of time IMHO. Cartagena: Beavis arrived after a very no-so-exciting landing on Avianca from Bogota. The original flight was at 0700 this morning but after talking to Avianca in Miami. Cartagena: OK fellow inmates, I want to provide a brief trip report to CTG last week. Here were the takeaways. 1. Overall: Best place to party in the world. I went to Rio last month and this place is still my favorite. Yeah, it’s true. There’s much to do in Cartagena thatís not directly related to the pursuit of smooth, brown skin and charming, toothsome smiles. So far not new to report except an ever-ending supply of girls. Now I know why they sell Viagra (and Calais) downstairs :-). As you know this is my type below. Flakita (skinny) and nice pop-up tits (got her on the beach a few days ago). Few questions about getting into Cart, planning a early May trip… What are the best east coast hubs to use to get to CTG. What airline is best (is there any other than avianca, because I would like to upgrade my US leg using points). A storm just went through and today was a ?? PERFECT DAY?? in Cartagena. The beach was amazing and the sunset ….I love this place

I arrived in CTG via COPA after a couple of dayís worth of stupid mistakes on my part concerning airline connections. I remember being relatively tired from the ordeal, but also very excited by the prospect of visiting a land that promised such blissful returns. I am a newbie here but I have been to Barranquilla and am planning to go to Cartagena in October. I guess I was tossing around the idea of what it would be like to live down there. I have moved around a lot in my days and would consider something crazy like moving to Cartagena. Sorta getting bored taken pictures of naked women? and some “nice girls” (although the last one is not so nice anymore? Tomorrow what I found downtown in my secret place (3 dates in 30 minutes). I have been to CTG many times, but I am willing to try out for non-pro actions in Medellin and Pereira. I hear the girls in Pereria are famous for taking. Cartagena: Yes I love Cartagena. I usually leave the country from there. Even though I live in Los Angeles I love that CTG-Miami flight. Your back in the states pronto. Ahhhhhh Medellin. Only other Americans I met was on my last night except one friend from Miami.

London: I lived in London for about two years before returning home some ten years ago. I don’t know whether what I have to say will help, but here goes anyway. The dumbest, best looking and most available girls. Romania: Not so much updated information about Bucharest, so I have collected some information about escort sites for your travel planning. If you have not been to Bucharest yet – can recommend it. Iceland: Ok, any one proffer an opinion on this one…I heard that its relatively easy for an American to visit Rej. Iceland, cruise the bars and pick up and lay a beautiful tall blonde for whats the real scoop? France: The French aristocracy has always known how to live well. The food the royals and nobles ate became the envy of the world, the love affairs they conducted turned into legendary tales of passion, and the castles and palaces they built were some of the most beautiful in the world. The stunners 8-9 that you are looking for were usually in Moscow at Nightflite. 3 years ago they were $150-200 and the prices probably have gone up because then the Euro was $.86 today it is $1.24. Poland: Prices go up since they joined the EU English seldom spoken,hard to have a dinner in a restaurant so,in the old-town all menues in English also girls are gorgeous in Poland.

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