Cuban Hookers


Fellow mongering companeros, I have good & bad news from Santiago. First the bad news: chicas are quite scared of police in SdC right now. (Yes, can you believe it? Has the final fucktier gone to shit now? god I hope not). Most avoided eye contact with me, no sticking of tongues out either . I was hoping the scene would be better than my last visit last Xmas break, but alas, it was not. There were only a handful of available chicas in Parque Cespedes – Park Delores areas. And the worst: chicas are scared to go to Siboney Beach w tourists, one day, I counted 4 police there, notebooks in hand, scanning the scene!! There are still pro/semipros on Ave Garzon – Las Americas traffic circle, about as many as before. But the non-pro chicas for the most part were not eye contacting, either in my car or walking on the street. There were some monger touristas, mostly italia, not as many as before, I am thinking (hoping) when the tourist season ends, the pros will get off the street & the normal chicas will be interested again. I know some of you were as little as 10 months ago portraying SdC as a chica paradise where all you needed to be doing is breathing & the women would practically mob you & fight over you to fuck them silly, I’m sure that was the case then, I do believe you & most definately envy you, but what I have seen, in Dec, Jan, & April it has not been the case. The good news: the girls are still as hot, sweet & accommodating as ever, GFEs are available, but you may need a little more patience & determination.


This debriefing I will attempt to pay back some of the help I have received on this board. I owe a lot to many of you, your reports and help with my questions have pretty much changed my life. For this I am extremely grateful. The vets will most likely be bored with this report so I will try to make it as succinct but informative as possible.

A little about moi: I am 37, US citizen, speak very little Spanish, live in Ohio. Took Spanish 100 conversational at local community college last quarter & have vocabulario of maybe 250 words but I’ll be damned if I can understand one word of these cubans in their rapid fire stacatto. This was my 2nd trip to Cuba & I am a relative newbie at mongering with a little exp in US & Canada. Not the most aggresive guy with the ladies I’ll admit. My greatist asset is I look about 25, one chica thought I was 20, I am a fucking health nut, don’t smoke or drink & lift weights regularly. So with my pretty boy looks & newbie spanish I look like a juicy target for the chicas & their games, which I of course play up to & take advantage of when possible. alt=”:)” src=”happy.gif” width=”15″>

I was planning to make this trip a combination of quickies with the hottie pros/semi-pros, maybe a la Maison try, followed by some quality time GFEs & a little sightseeing. I got to Cuba via driving to Montreal this time, Mirabel airport. I had business in Montreal, I am relocating there in the fall & needed to reconnoiter there for a week first. Sampled 4 escorts in Montreal, so by the time I got to SdC, the little guy was a bit more satisfied than normal & I was ready to take my time with GFEs. I did look for pro hotties but this time the selection was simply not as good, mostly 6s-7s or if they were gorgeous they were fucking underage. I ended up seeing only six girls in Cuba in these 2 weeks, but unlike my first trip last Xmas break, which was for the most part a hot pro/semi-pro fuckathon, these girls were mostly non-pro, spent all night & nearly all day with me, & I took them to all the sightsee spots, falling in love with nearly every one!

For you fellow yanks out there: My car was searched semi-thoroughly by the Canadians coming into Canada on Sat April 5, ~9 pm. Lots of questions. (What’s with all the food? the lady asks me [?!?!] For eating, I told her src=”happy.gif” width=”15″>) Mirabel is relatively small, it is a “vacation airport”, when I went there a few days early, midweek, to pick up my tickets, it was totally dead & mont royal travel agency was closed! Took Air Transat flight, $383 US, leaving at 8:30 pm Sat night, 2 hour stopover in Veradero, arrive in Santiago at 4:30 am. Rented Havannautos economy car, some french model I forget, this was the logo “>>” & then a toyota after problems, 2 weeks for $478 US + 140 insurance, unlimited miles (give Nick in Ottawa a call 613-799-8991 or 613-257-1496). Coming back, flight left at 3:30 am Sun, arrive at Mirabel at 7. I did not see or hear a single american on either flight. Drove straight home afterwards (on 2 hours of airplane sleep!), took about 20 hours, about 7 of which was spent at rest stops eating, catnapping & taking stretch walks. Arriving at the US border at 12:15 am Mon morn I have my winter parka on fully expecting every inch of my car to be searched, while I wait out in the cold for an hour, my Cuba articles to be found & then to get interrogated. A guard in fatigues shines a flashlight in my car while the customs guy is checking my birth cert & drivers license. To my surprise the guy waves me on without asking a single fucking question!!!! Fuck, I mean I could have had a dozen boxes of cohibas, bottles of Havana Club Rum, Cuban artwork in my trunk & would not have made a difference!!! So driving to Mirabel may be an option for you fellow yanks out there who don’t mind the drive & dont want to put up with the computerized passenger manifest sharing BS at Toronto.

US: I don’t recall the customs guy typing my name anywhere or even swiping my passport. He asked me one question, how long I was staying in Canada. I told him 1 or 2 days, to drive home. He nodded in a positive knowing way & waved me on.
Ana: Seems there were no more cops on streets than in Dec-Jan, but there were more at Siboney beach. Before there were 0-1, now there were some days 2 & on the friday before I left there were 4. But mostly it was what the chicas were saying to me. We can’t go to this or that place because police are there, or, too many people there, or forget Syboney, police there, lets go to the beach 15 km further down. And a couple of girls would refuse to talk to me from my car, and one cutie refused my note, and I got it to her later, but then she didn’t call me! Another girl whom I thought was coming up to my casa (for lecciones de espanol) once I got to my driveway, says goodbye, looks very nervous & leaves, presumabely because a bus had just stopped & there were about 50 eyes in the vicinity watching us. And many women I would walk by would not look up at me or acknowledge my presence, and I was beginning to think I was back in the states!!! Having said all this, my first full day in Santiago, after I had slept 4 hours after the red eye flight & casa check-in, I was driving maybe 1/2 hour looking for hitchikers, about 2 pm, & on avenida de las americas, the very first cutie I stopped to ask directions is willing to “show me the way”, asks her mother for permission, turns out she just turned 18 a month ago, we get some helado & for the next 3 days I have a very nice gfe with her! But other days, shit, I would drive for 4 hours straight, all over santiago & to the beach & back, before I would find an attractive chica who would help me “find” a place or give me “lecciones de espanol”. What I am getting at is I had to look for the chicas, they weren’t coming to me, & in all that traffic, 90 deg heat & a/c that barely worked, those crazy motorcyclists with those fucking annoying siren horns, fuck it was a bitch. But when I found a girl, it made it worth it, and I now have 10 new names and numbers in my little black book for my next trip in late June!! And yes, Bisdell, I am banking that it will be an improvement! Cervesa, if that was you that posted Nick’s number muchas gracias, it was cool working & talking with him, you are correct-he is one of us, v. knowledgeable, got a great car deal for me & I will likely do all my cuba reservations with him from now on.

Here is the first portion of my daily details. This is a work in progress. It may take me a week or more to to complete it. I do have some photos but shyed away from the nudes, being that porn is a serious crime in Cuba. Maybe next time I will be more bold. I was planning to spend most of my time in Santiago, from reading all the reports, this seemed to be where all the action is in “Oriente”. Plus I really like the scenery here: the mountains, close beaches, historical sights. And this time I wanted to do sightseeing with my novias. I did have a semi-firm plan to visit Holguin a few days my second week but this did not happen.

Sat April 13 Mirabel: For this trip I went all out with gifts: parfuma (25 botelas) ladies underwear (30 pcs, mostly thong panties, some bras) cosmetics and candy. Also brought 3 boxes of clif bars, some vegetables and kiwi fruit for myself. 15 cassettes I recorded of Shakira, Bob Marley, Brian White, Thalia and Brazillian tunes. Recorded MP3s of Marc Anthony, Enrique Eglesias & Ricky Martin in Spanish. Do a search for “Spanish” on Bearshare & you will find lots of American Latin artists w songs in Spanish. Anyway, at airport check in my shit weighed 52 kg, 30 kg over the limit! So I had to pay $150 CAD extra!

Sun, April 14 GFE!: Arrive in Santiago at about 3:30 am. Cuban customs makes me open the heavy bag & I have to give up the fruit. But they don’t search anything really. I had hidden the lingerie in all my pants pockets though just in case. The perfuma was not really hidden, it was in a plastic grocery bag with the boxes partly visible; I even think they saw it but did not seem to care. By 5:00 am I am cruising the quiet dark streets of Vista Alegre for Luis & Raul’s Casa, the two brothers with the gym in their place. I had made reservations with them just before leaving for Montreal but hadn’t confirmed it in the last week (dumb) so they had rented their rooms to a bunch of Italians. But they helped me find another place. It was “Elsa’s” casa, located off Av Raul Pujol nearly across from the El Rapido (near Parque Zoologico). The place is only fair, a/c barely works, not really worth $20/night but I’m so tired & hot at this point I stay there for a day. Sleep a few hours till about 11. Hit the roads at 2 & it isn’t long before I see this really hot looking chica in a swimsuit & short shorts crossing Av de los Americas with her mom. Soon “Lidia” is eating ice cream with me, then giving me “lecciones de espanol” in my casa room. She has just turned 18 & is attending “pre-universitario”. She seems like a non-pro to me and I take things slow, after an hour of “pronunciation” I ask if she would like a back massage. Its not long before we’re fucking like rabbits. She is attractive (9 face & bod), sweet, but a little inexperienced. For the next 2 days I hang out quite a bit with Lidia, she speaks a tiny bit of english, & understands my tiny bit of espanol quite well. I meet her mom. They have 2 nice, brand new wood rocking chairs, a color TV and a small stereo in their front room which I am wondering about but not too much as I am having a nice time (you know how it goes). Her mother is not real talkative. Seems preoccupied. That night I take Lidia to an El Rapido. She spends the night. Here she is next morning, next to my casa.

Mon, April 15: That afternoon I move to another casa particular in Rpto Sueno, “Florindas”, recommended in my Moon Cuba book. That night I take Lidia to Santiago 1900 restaurant which turns out to be very nice: full course meal which actually tastes good, wine, live piano & violin music in a great hall, v. romantic, $5.70 for all!! I take her home, shave her pussy for 45 min for which she is totally patient with (can you imagine even asking an american woman to shave her) Lots of hot sex. She spends the night again, but needs to get up at 6 for “escuela” at 7.

Tues, April 16: I decide to move again, the room is too small, bed not real comfy, it is noisy with the kids playing ball right outside my window. Also the monkeys want $2/night to watch my car. So I end up moving to the same place I stayed in Jan, a casa in Vista Alegre with a garage, large room, nice family, $20/day breakfast included, a/c that works good. That afternoon I take Lidia to playa siboney. In the evening we go to a paladar which ends up having lousy food & costing me $19.00! src=”sad.gif” width=”15″> The place had a lit sign out in front, probably need to pay big bucks for it to Habana. Then we go to this place with a live band playing salsa. She does not want to leave & we stay there for 90 minutes.

Wed, April 17 La Maison: Lidia leaves for escuela again at 6 am. I gave her about $15 per day + some cheap gifts. She was so good in bed, so accommodating & sweet it was hard to give her less. She would have stayed the whole time with me I think for less, but it was time to move on… I hit the road scouting for hitchikers. I decide to take my time & look for 8s & above. Practically every day I was in Cuba I spent at least 2 hours total looking for hotty available hitchikers. Today spent about 3 hours driving around, later mainly looking for that scenic Sierra Maestra road for biking. It is harder to find than I thought. After awhile I give up, had to get to that university near tropicana disco for the 6:00 “viewing”. At 6:05 I get there, two truckfuls of students are pulling out but I see no walkers. A car with Italians in it was also there. Later I checked my notes (Gracias Bisdell!) & realized it was 5-6 that the students are supposed to come out. At 9 and then 10:30 pm I hit La Maison. Talk with 2 girls for 5 minutes but they aren’t anything special. I see the fashion show for the first time. The girls are typical “models”, snobby & expensive looking. The scene seems so un-cuba like, I feel I am in Paris or something. I had dressed up pretty nice, hair slicked back, was looking good I guess & one of the girls was checking me out. I get bored after 15 minutes & leave. Go to other side with the tables & bar & spot an attractive chica sitting by herself in one corner. She looks every bit as good as the models, a 9.5, full figured tho, not waif-like–just my type (& for me btw, full figured does NOT mean fat!!), very sophisticated & sexy looking. I introduce myself, her name is “China”, at first she kind of ignores me with my weak Espanol but I persist, buy her a drink & with my 250 word vocab & trusty pocket dictionary make headway. She tells me she is a dancer or model or something at Melia Santiago but injured her leg & hadn’t worked there a few months & put on a little weight. Looks fine to me. Has family in Miami & is making efforts to join them, legal route. I ask if she wants to go to a club & dance. She asks if I have a car & seems pleased when I answer yes. We go to club 300, and surprise suprise she knows the 3 la maison girls arriving there just as we are. One is the girl that was eyeing me. China introduces me to them. As we get to the entrance China asks if I will pay the entry for her 3 friends. It caught me off guard & everyone was watching me. I shell out $10 for us all. I am kind of overwhelmed at this point, I’m sure you spanish speaking veteran fuckers could have had one of those modelas in your car at this point, but I am a newbie & didn’t want to get rejected in fucking Cuba. I take China off to one side at the bar where she soon asks if I will buy drinks for her friends. I’m like, wtf, these are high end sophisticated, $100/hr modelas, & they can’t pay anything themselves? So I say no & fuck if China doesn’t turn into an instant bitch. She presses & I say no again. Presently she asks me “how much?” in english. I am like “excuse me?” & she repeats herself. So I am going from a 3 day gfe to hardened pro bitch, & I am telling you my heart just sank at this point, I had higher hopes for this girl. I tell her I don’t have a lot of money. Wrong answer! & normally I might have blown her off right then & there but she is just too hot. I offer her $25 she says no. We go to my car & I offer her $25 again + parfuma & lingerie if she performs well. She is just balking, no, no, I think she wanted like 50 for one hour. I drop her off at the club. If it was my first day in Cuba I might have offered 50 for three hours but I was not so desperate & her attitude really sucked. On the way home, not seeing good prospects. So I slept alone that night!

Thurs, April 17 To fuck or not to fuck? Today I am determined to find that Sierra Maestra hwy. I hit the road, pick up a few hikers. One mullata is not too bad & she tells me she needs to go that way. I am really not considering her as she is about a 6.5 for me. Not a bad figure but a little flabby. 23 years old. “Nelkis” asks me what I am looking for & I tell her girls. Big mistake! She starts flirting with me big time. And now started a problem which I would continue to have on this trip. Meeting girls whom I was not super attracted to but who would be so fucking nice and sweet to me, which I am not used to at all, & it is like impossible for me to tell them I am not interested. What a big problem! 🙂 I find the scenic road & stop every 10 minutes to take a picture.

About the third beach down we stop. I am planning on ditching this girl as soon as I see someone more my type. But there aren’t even many young women there. I get my trunks on, Nelkis already has hers on. Jinateros are there to meet us with pina, cervesa & dinner offers. I tell them maybe later. We get in the water & she is all over me. This is the girl that thought I was 20. We french kiss & I play with her pussy awhile before heading off on my own to snorkel a little. Cuban girls do not seem to like to swim much! When we get out of the water an hour later I’ve got such a stiffy I have to wait 5 minutes. The beach folk have a nice dinner waiting for us. If we had been close to my casa I might have invited Nelkis in for a quickie but we were at least an hours drive away & I had to get to the universidad near the Tropicana for a 5-6 pm pickup attempt. So I take her home. She lives in a shanty a few hundred metres from the road, maybe 8 km from the beach. She is very sad & doesn’t want to go, gives me her direcciones & make me promise to visit manana. In my notebook this is what she wrote below her direcciones.

At 5:00 I’m at that universidad, the same italians are there. About every 5 or 10 minutes, a student walks out of the gate. Some are walking in! This totally sucked. Bisdell, I guess the time you were there & saw hundreds of students walking out, it was a different schedule or different classes or something. I left at about 5:40. Later I cruise the streets some more for hitchikers. I think I stopped at La Maison again to check out the restaurant area, the same 2 chicas I talked to yesterday are there. About 8 pm I am driving in south part of Santiago when I hear a hiss & it is coming from a few young girls sitting at their front door. I stop, back up & ask for directions. Everyone talks for 2 min & I understand nothing! I ask the cutest girl, a light skinned young looking blonde with dark tan if she can come with me & show me the way. She is reluctant & has been trying to ignore me, keeping her back to me. But her friends are shouting go! go! egging her on. She hops in & is very cute. I invited “Andrea” to give me Spanish lessons for awhile & showed her the dictionary. She asked if I would meet her mother first. We drive a short distance & meet her mother. There is no new looking furniture in sight in their casa–a good sign she is non-pro. Halfway to Las Americas for ice cream I find she has no carnet & tells me her 18th birthday is May 8, about 3 weeks away. I drive her back home. Back at her casa everyone including her mother is swearing she is 18 & her birthday is May 8. I am like, OK, they probably wouldn’t be lying she is 18, 3 weeks away is close enough for me & I take her to my casa. There my casa owner says since no carnet, she cannot spend the night & must leave at midnight. Cool, we have 3 hours! src=”happy.gif” width=”15″> After 45 minutes of “pronunciation” I have my arm around her & tickle her a little. Soon we are making out & she is frenching me like crazy. Wow have I got a hottie here!! Presently I am taking her top off & she has beautiful C+ size breasts, the largest I had encountered so far in Cuba, & do they look good! We make out some more, but when I try to remove her shorts she stops me and starts to babble which I cannot understand one word of. I get out a notepad & paper & here is what she wrote (sic):

After taking Andrea home, I head to the El Rapido at end of Avenida Cespedes. It’s maybe 11:30 pm. As usual, not really any chica prospects here. There is a group of 6 cubans of all ages, a family, on the other side of the dining area. Maybe I am just too damn picky but it seemed to me there weren’t a lot of real attractive women, single or with friends / family, in Santiago this time. Maybe all the Italians have gotten to them. I take a seat to munch on my hamon y queso bocadito. If you take a seat near the windows beggars outside will stare nonstop at you. Presently this mullata sitting with her family walks over & asks for a light. Sorry, I say, no have. She gets it from someone else. This chica is not the bomb or anything. Plus she smokes too. src=”sad.gif” width=”15″> She looks about 20. Yet the more I watch her the more I see something appealing about her. She carrys herself well, there is an air of confidence about her, an honest confidence, not vain or narcisistic. I assume her request to me is a hint, but I am in no hurry… A few minutes later, this other family is like partying or something, right outside the rapido. They are drinking rum, playing music loud from their beat up Lada and dancing…like they just suddenly decided to have a party in this parking lot! LOL It is one of the members birthday, & they invite me to join them, handing me the rum bottle & introducing themselves. I am practically joining them when the mullata chica walks out with her family. Time to make my move! I forget if the girl came up to me or vice versa but I am suddenly meeting her whole family. I ask if she would like to go with me for a drink somewhere. She asks me if the other family I was partying with were my friends. No, I just met them & they wanted me to join them. Her decision seemed to rest on whether those guys were my friends or not, as if, if they were, she would not go with me! I assurred her, no, I don’t even know them. Then (and her family is maybe 3 metres away now) she tells me she is not a jinetera, she is a good girl, I tell her that is perfectly fine, I would like to talk somewhere. src=”happy.gif” width=”15″> She goes & asks her mother who is on a motocycleta now with her boyfriend if its ok, then comes back & we get in my car. Oh, & then we decide to have the drinks in my casa. src=”happy.gif” width=”15″> So about 12:30 am this girl sits on my bed, again letting me know she is not a puta, to which I say no problema, please, make yourself at home. src=”happy.gif” width=”15″> I don’t think we studied spanish, but turns out she likes to talk! She is 19, speaks a little english, & again, with my tiny espanol vocab, 100,000 word pocket dictionary, notebook & pen, we are able to carry on a substantial conversation. She loves politics, and so do I, but even so for the next 2 hours I am fighting to stay awake, I am fucking tired but I am really getting into this because the more we delay the inevitable the hotter I am getting for this chica sitting on my bed across from me. She is dressed actually pretty hot, this is another thing that attracted me, not sleazy like, but stylish, in this shiny black coordinate outfit that matches her dark hair & features well. Nice make-up. The jacket portion is now off, & she has on this tight fitting white top revealing ample D cleavage. src=”happy.gif” width=”15″> We talk a little about Fidel, the states, etc, she seems pretty smart. & we are talking about how the main reason Fidel has been in power so long is he is pretty fucking intelligent. She tells me this story about when Fidel was in some foreign country & this smartass reporter asks him, You think you are so smart. If you are so smart, tell me a word with 5 “I”s in it. Without pausing, Fidel puts a hand to his chin in a thoughtful way & says, Es dificilicimo…” (!!!!) I asked her if she was a communist party member. No. Damn, I really want to fuck a communist chica! src=”happy.gif” width=”15″> So it is about 2:30 in the morning, & FINALLY Julie sees a) she has convinced me she is an intelligent, articulate, nice girl of substance. OR b) me falling asleep. Because she stops her lecture, says something I don’t understand, moves some of the books, maps & notes a little, lies back on the bed, & looks at me intently. I move all the junk off the bed, light 2 candles, turn off the large fluorescent light (leaving the small incandescent one on) lie down beside her & kiss her. She slips me her tongue, pretty much turns into a nymph & we get it on. Julie has a pretty nice bod. I am usually into the petite girls, she is more full bodied, a real woman, no underdeveloped teen here! I explore very inch of her awhile. I also go down a little but she has possibly the hairiest bush I have ever seen and can hardly find her cunt! (note to self: SHAVE JULIE’S PUSSY! alt=”:)” src=”happy.gif” width=”15″>) But she has virtually no hair anywhere else, has exquisitely soft skin, I’m fucking getting off moving my hands all over her legs & ass. When she is naked & on top of me, I feel I am with a playboy playmate. She moves over me, her tongue & nipples tickling my chest, working her way down. She gives a good BJ. Then mounts my pole. After a few minutes, I fuck her doggy style. This has got to be my favorite position, I never last long at it & after a few minutes gotta stop. I let her on top again. I like to lie back & let a girl simply grind her pussy into me, and watch her have her way with my dick. I think all women love this, & odds are cuban chicas don’t get it too often. But Julie goes fucking wild, & sometimes I have to shift my pelvis to keep her from snapping li’l Roger in two. She keeps going for like 10 minutes after I come, thanks to vitamen E I stay hard. When she finally dismounts, her pussy pulls the condom off & it is still inside her! She freaks out. I guess she thought when I went doggy I secretly pulled the condom off or something. I am very firm with her I did no such thing, I am like, what do you expect the way you were riding me? Anyway she doesn’t believe me, at least at first & writes this in my notebook: yo no puedo confiar en ti si no te conozco (disculpe), pero asi opino. I cannot trust you if I don’t know you (sorry), but I think like this.

But she doesn’t leave. She covers up in the bed to sleep. No more fucking that night! 🙁 At about 8 am I wake up to pee then put an arm carefully on her back. She responds by snuggling up to me. God I am so fucking in love with Cubanas! So we do the deed again, half asleep. Research says a guy is most horny first thing in the morning. src=”happy.gif” width=”15″> We sleep a few more hours. Today I am going to do something I have waited 3 months for: explore an authentic 400 year old castle fortress overlooking Bahia de Santiago, digital camera in one hand & hot chica in the other. In my prior 9 day holiday fuckathalon I did zero touristy shit, & I now have 2 weeks & my Olympus 3040! The castle is fucking awesome, Julie gets into it too. She told me she had never been there before, I really don’t believe her, she speaks a little Italian & today she is acting more like a semi- than a non-pro. Not that I’m surprised or anything. Non-pro, semi or puta? You be the judge:


Fri, April 19 (cont’d)

After visiting Castillo del Morro Julie & I went to an outdoor cafe in central Santiago, a few blocks from Parque Cespedes. We talk for over an hour. She is a big bullshitter. She tells me about her italian boyfriend. He is like 55 & I think she said a rental property owner in Italy. Rich? I ask. Not very she tells me. But she said he treats her very well, is very nice, etc etc. I show her some pics on my camera & she sees the ones of Lidia. I tell Julie she is better in bed than Lidia (she was), that I like her company & want to spend another night with her. We go to her house, which looks like she shares with about a dozen family members or friends. Presently I meet Julie’s gay brother, Alexander. Wow is this guy ever a flaming faggot. Man I fucking lost it laughing (to myself) more than once watching his mannerisms & the way he walked. He is feminine like hell, would not last 1 hour in the redneck town I live in in the states. But he is pretty nice & his english is better than Julie’s; apparently he has some regular butt buddies from New York who visit him. And he is moving to Austria soon. Soon Julie informs me her Italian boyfriend’s flight has been delayed, & he won’t be in Santiago until Sunday. If I want she can spend the next 2 nights with me. She and Alexander want to know if I want to get high with them. At first I say no to this; I am immediately thinking of dank dark cuban prison cells. I explain to Julie that I would like to (I have never been high while fucking; it has always been a dream of mine) but I don’t like prison. She & Alexander then explained to me that there are prison terms only for traffickers or smugglers, buying small amounts in cuba for personal, discreet use is permitted. I am skeptical, because it seems I heard otherwise from the wsa board. But the thought of getting high with Julie & then fucking is irresistible. I was never a big marijuana user, I sometimes got high maybe once a week with roommates & friends in college. Pot never did a lot for me, but I had always wanted to get stoned & fuck. So we agree to do this later. Julie also asked me if I wanted to get some crack. I was a little shocked at this. I told her that shit was fucking dangerous & I would never touch it. As you can imagine this revelation was a big strike against Julie for me. She probably didn’t use it a lot since she didn’t look like a crack whore but still I was bummed. Soon it is about 4:30 in the afternoon & I still wanted to take Julie to the beach for a little surf frolicking & swimming. With no weight room I was having to resort to other libido heightening methods. Julie wants Alexander to come with us. No. After 15 minutes of begging I finally give in. He knows english a little more & might be able to translate. We go to a beach about 30 minutes past Syboney after driving past the “castillo beach”.

Castillo del Morro from below

Julie is afraid of the cops at Syboney and the oily water at the castillo beach will stain her white swimsuit. The drive to this other beach further east is pretty awesome: it gets more & more mountainous. The scenery is beautiful; goats, sheep & horses all over the slopes, a cloudless sky above. And then Julie proceeds to unzip my pants & give me a BJ in the car. Not very good as she has been drinking. I probably would have cum in her mouth if fucking Alexander wasn’t in the back seat. She stops after 5 minutes. There are 0 cops, 0 tourists at the beach. Don’t drive your car on the sand, it will get stuck like we did. You may need 4 big guys pushing, and trails of rocks placed under the drive wheels to get you out, like we did. So we walk to a remote location. Julie wants to fuck on the beach. Yeah gay Alexander is with us, I know what you’re all thinking, but he is actually pretty cool & keeps his distance. We get naked. Julie is starting to make out with me when we realize we have no condoms. So she just gives me a blowjob until I come. No, she didn’t swallow. It is dark when we head home.

Back at Julie’s casa I am waiting in her “family” room, watching her TV while she takes a shower. I actually have been watching 0 television since I first started going to Cuba, and now it is equally difficult for me. When Julie’s sister moves the curtain to go into her room, I catch sight of a beautiful topless women. It is Julie, I did not recognize her at first & fuck does she look good showered up and with make-up. She sees me watching her & invites me in. I step into her tiny bedroom which she shares with her sister. It’s not even 3 x 3 metres. Twin size bed. But it is awesome to be in a hot women’s private bedroom, when she is dressing, with her sister right there, I don’t care how simple it is. They are totally at ease with my presence. It’s like I am part of the family.

We look for the weed. The first attempt is a pretty small amount for 10 dollars, 8 of these tiny little paper cups, folded in an ingenious way to each contain a small amount of herb. Looks like enough for only one joint. I reject this deal. The next one, a few blocks over, is 12 of the cups. I am no expert on cannabis but it smells good I guess. Alexander tells me it is Colombian. So we get it & head to my casa. There I set aside 5 of the little cups for later & Alexander rolls up the first joint. We smoke 2 or 3 thin joints from this (we couldn’t roll them too thick, we were using notebook paper, no JOB rolling papers here). Alexander sucks it in thru his nose. I had never seen anyone do that before, I try it & get pretty high. We also eat some of it. Never did that before either. I was very sleepy & this shit wakes me up & I am ready to party! Wow! We start gettin down around the room, me & Julie grinding away to the music, probably Thalia, these two really liked Thalia. On the way to take Alexander home, two cops at the side of the road waive us down. I wasn’t speeding or anything, just a routine check I guess. The three of us & our car must have been reeking of reefer. But the cop just waived me on after checking my documents. I think I will be getting high in Cuba more often.

Big Day: When we get back I get out the razors & get to work on Julie’s muff. She is so hairy, her bush actually extends inside her outer labia! There are practically hairs on her clit! So it takes me at least an hour to get her bald, sticking the razor into the folds of her pussy. But she is patient, it is a fucking turn on for me, & when I am done voila! there is revealed possibly the prettiest pussy I have ever seen! Small for her size, her lips aren’t protruding out everywhere. Beautiful. So it’s not long before we are getting it on again. Her pussy is delicious, doesn’t smell bad at all. And now here is something that totally fucking blew me away. I don’t know if it is the weed or that Julie cleaned up real good, probably it is both. But her skin feels so absolutely fucking exquisite it is fucking unreal. I feel I am with a nymph love goddess. Anyone who has never fucked while high should try it at least once in their life. We fuck like it is our last hour on earth. After I come, I change the condom this time so she can ride me some more. She must have had multiple orgasms because when she finally gets off my dick, 20 minutes later, my pelvis & the bed is all wet from her pussy juices. She seems embarrassed like she did something wrong! I try to tell her just the opposite, that this is an ultimate turn on, & kiss her repeatedly. I continue to caress her all over. Soon we go at it a second time. Unfortunately, I have let Julie ride me a little too hard. We fuck in several positions, but I am unable to cum, even in doggie style! My dick just hurt a little too much I guess. Finally I fake an orgasm. I don’t remember if I came with her again later or not. But when we were done screwing, I’m telling you I lay next to her & ran my hands across her naked curves for two fucking hours. She seemed so shapely and smooth and lovely I simply couldn’t stop! If you look closely at her pictures maybe you can see the nice sheen of her skin.

Sat, April 20: Julie leaves at about 7 this morning. She had asked me if she could be with me another day; her “novio” didn’t get in until Sunday. I said maybe but she wanted a definite answer. Cubanas really hate when you tell them “maybe”! And either it was all day & night or nothing. When I asked why, she said she would be looking for another tourista, & wanted to get an early start if I was not interested! Well, at least she was honest with me! I told her no, not because of this revelation though. The second day Julie had worn my patience. Not only did she like to drink & apparently do crack, she was a little bossy & pushy at the beach. & she did not handle her alcohol particularly well. But I still liked her. She was nice, her attitude in bed was good, she was an awesome fuck and in these ways still came across as a non-pro. She probably was a lot more non-pro a year ago. In 5 years she will probably look like shit. I got her address & might see her when I go back in the summer. I gave her a total of $30, a $1 bottle of perfume & a matching bra & panty. She was content. I probably treated her a hell of a lot better than most italians. Throughout this trip I could not stay with any one chica more than 2 or 3 days. I think this is mainly for the language barrier. But also they would start getting attitudes after the 2nd day. But also I never really found “the bomb”, well, until later.I basically had not slept any that night, went back to bed & slept till 4 pm! Shit! By 6 pm I am cruising the streets once again.

I could not find a set time when the chicas would come out of the tropicana universidad. There were often a few chicas hitchhiking back & forth from there to the big antonio maceo monument & back all day long & soon this was my favorite scouting route. About 9:30 pm I pick up these two light-skinned chicas on carretera El Caney near the las americas traffic circle who want a ride to the universidad 2 kilometers down. One of them is not bad, they are both from Holguin, are asking me a million questions & by the time I drop them off at the guard shack near their dorm they want to go dancing & make me promise to meet them back there at 11 pm. Jana y Yudy, both nursing students. I am sick of driving & Jana is kinda cute & very sweet, & lots of energy. To fuck or not to fuck? Well, at 11:30 we are at Club Iris and Jana & I are dancing on the floor, Jana has her back to me & is grinding her ass into my crotch. She is a pretty good dancer & told me she used to be a professional. She has a very high energy level, a high spirited chica. By 3:00 I have taken Judy home & start to get it on with Jana on my bed. She asks me if I had condoms, & if I used them? I told her siempre, siempre (always). My opinion of this girl instantly rose about 2 points. She is another animal. I let her ride me on top for 15 minutes, she is groaning a little while trying to rip my dick off with her pussy. She had some developed pussy muscles & would grip my dick with them pretty tight. My dick was fucking blue again when I finished with her (or should I say, when she finished with me?) She tells me she came twice! We fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Sun, April 21: Jana & I get up at about 1 pm. We were screwing until 5 am the previous night + a session at 10 am. Jana is my first Cuban university student. She will not be the last!!! She is very sweet, maybe even a little overboard on the attention. Bubbly & spirited even for a Cuban. Jees, these gfes just keep getting better. It is beach weather. I take Jana to her dorm to get her bathing suit. While I am waiting for her & Yudi to get ready I make a petrol run. I spot 3 cuties crossing Carretera El Caney. Not too many other people around. Do a u-turn & give the cutest, a tall slim blonde, a note with my name, address, & telephone #. She called me the next day, but was only 14 years old!!! So not all of the girls who look like 16 are 19 or 20! After getting gas I stop back at my casa to get the beach towels & my mask & snorkel. I swore I had left them in the back seat of the car. They are gone! Stolen from the back seat. I know it wasn’t Jana or Yudi, the last time I saw them was Thursday night. I think back to some cubanos I had picked up to show me the way to Andrea’s house Thursday night. Mother fucker shit lowlifes! I am really bummed because they were nice beach towels, gifts from my best friend & my mom, 10 years old but in good shape & I paid over $100 for the mask & snorkel. Well good thing I had kept the bookbag with my $600 camera in the front seat.

I take Jana & Yudi to a beach maybe 15 minutes past Siboney. This one is also free of cops and tourists. We swim a little. Cubanas are always cold in the water, I don’t care if the water is 90 deg F, they snuggle up to you & wrap their legs around you, & pretty soon are sticking their tongue down your throat (Note to self: next trip: saltwater fucking!) Ahhh life is good.I take the 2 estudiantes to el rapido & then to my casa.

Hoy culo-lindo! Yudi is not real fuckable for me, but she is cute, funny, is good with english & I have no problem with her being with me & Jana. Since my Spanish isn’t the greatist, a girl might get bored more quickly without her best friend around. That night is the last I plan to spend with Jana. In bed (in Jana!) I cum relatively quick. I don’t want blue balls again. Jana is peeved: why so sooooon?! Thats the problem I had with giving these nymphos what they wanted: It would nearly put me out of commission for the next day! Not tonight! I had told Jana I would be traveling to Holguin tomorrow & would not be able to see her until possibly just before I left Saturday night. She gives me her direcciones in Holguin (when she is not in classes).

Mon, April 21: In the morning I give Jana a perfume, panties, a few gifts for Yudi, and a pocket dictionary with $20 folded up in it. She is happy, but sad to depart & wants to see me again. I drive her to her 9 am class at the hospital. Today I am all over Santiago hitchhiker hunting. The residents are beginning to recognize me, I am probably getting known as “that gringo taxi driver for students”. Hehe thanks to me a lot of young estudiante chicas, as well as other Santiago residents have their transportation needs filled for two weeks. The local officials should set me up with a la maison cutie for the much needed service I am providing.I call Andrea, the 18 old blonde/redhead to see if she had gotten her carnet from her uncle in Holguin. No. I am not surprised. I decide to leave for Holguin if I don’t find a new novia soon. Maybe I will have better luck finding my 9.5 non-pro there. I am still really bummed about the theft of my towels & mask & snorkel. I have an idea. I write up a note in spanish that reads: “I want to buy a mask and snorkel for scuba diving. And 2 beach towels. I will pay $50. Can you help me?” I cruise the neighborhoods where I think I picked up those lowlifes & show the note to people. If someone has my shit to sell me I will grab it & they can talk to the police if they have a problem with it. After about 2 hours of this I quit. It was worth trying anyway.

6:00 pm: Sitting in car at Frank Pais Universidad near the Tropicana disco. A moderately cute slim but shapely mullata walks by my car. Hola! Perdon! I say & motion her over. She walks over & I show her my map. Por favor, puedo que decir donde es esta gasoline station? (Can you please tell me where is this gas station?) She opens the door & gets inside. Up close she doesn’t look quite as good. & she is quite flaka. But when I say muchas gracias, yo tengo que ir ahora, te gustaria un paseo alguna parte (I have to go now, would you like a ride somewhere), she goes into that damned irresistable cubana charm mode, making her moves on me. & after 5 minutes I am fucking in love. FUCK!!! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!!She is adorable, I want more. Her name is Nana & she is a second year nursing student. I take her to her dorm, not far from Jana & Yudi’s dorm, & promise to meet her there at the circle at 8:00 pm for a dinner date. I hit the road, desperately looking for better options. There are none. I give a few rides and at 7:30 I am taking a shower in my casa. At 8:12 I head to the universidad. It is dark now. I catch glimpse of a very pretty mullata in a black dress walking up Carrera El Caney. Wo! Is that her? no can’t be…a second option maybe…but I can’t stand Nana up… She is not there at the circle. I turn around & there is that mullata in the black dress running towards me! It is Nana! She looks sharp! I take her to my casa & my casa owner takes this picture:

Why did I wear jeans for this date? These university students are the best. Unlike Lidia (whom I soon find out is a young semi-pro) or Julie, it is apparent they do not date tourists often. They aren’t necessarily better in bed but they are more appreciative & eager to please & have more innocence. I take Nana to the restaurant above the Gaviota hotel. This is the perfect place to take your chica(s). It is discreet, quiet, not too expensive, almost nobody there ever, food is ok, most chicas have never been there before. Nana is simply in heaven, like she hasn’t been in a place like this with food like this in a long time. Back in my casa, I take it slow with her. She is great in bed. Does everything for me. In between fucking she helps me with my pronunciation. We take a shower together, & she wants me to wash every inch of her, including her long hair. NO PROBLEMA. Then she lathers me up. I decide to stay in Santiago for now. alt=”:)”Nana will take very good care of me for at least 2 more days, & then I still want to see Andrea again for a daytime encounter my casa owner will apparently allow. I will need to fly into Holguin from Montreal in the summer since there are no Canada to Santiago summer flights. So I will check out Holguin then. Thanks for the casa info Shaggy!

Tues, April 21: After a luscious morning encounter & breakfast at the casa, Nana & I decide to hit the beach and then drive up the 1,214 metre high Gran Piedra. She has no swimsuit. We go to the Supermercado Vista Alegre. No bikinis. We go to a store near Plaza Marti No bikinis there either! So she picks out a blue & white striped one-piece. $8.00, actually cheaper than comparables in the states. And they had panties for $1.00! We go to Playa Syboney for an hour, sitting together in the sand as the surf washes in on us. At 4 pm we head to the mountain. This is a very scenic route & I had to stop for pics constantly: It takes an hour for us to get to the top. At times, the French rental car can barely make it up the steep grade & many times I had to put it in 1st gear. There is a large flower garden, “Jardin Ave de Paraiso” off the beaten path near the top of the mountain. My Moon Cuba Handbook raves about this & it seems the perfect place to bring a well deserving chica. We drive down the single lane bumpy dirt road. There is no one there & the gate is locked. It is after 5 pm. Darn! Here is a pic from over the thick hedge wall.

We head back & on the main road go another kilometer or so to the restaurant from where it is possible to climb 454 steps to the Gran Piedra (Great Rock). This literally looks like a boulder the size of a large bulding at the top of this mountain. Soon the clouds are beginning to roll in & the peak is getting shrouded in mist. Nana looks half asleep & wants to stay in the car. But being the adventurous dude that I am I climb to the top anyway. And no, these are not from the Myst computer game they are genuine!IMAGE

Ninety minutes later, we stop at the El Rapido at the end of Ave Cespedes. It is about 9 pm. Nana misses her Mother & sister. They live in a small town called Mella, about an hour’s drive north of Santiago. Can we visit them tomorrow? I want you to meet my mother. It is very scenic there also, she says. Maybe, I tell her. When was the last time you saw them I ask. She says 4 days ago. LOL Cubans have strong family ties. We get back outside but when I try to open Nana’s door, the key won’t go in. I try the other side. It won’t fit there either! Someone tried to break into the car. Both front door locks are mangled, as if someone forced a large screwdriver in them! Fortunately they were not successful in getting inside, as I did not remove the detachable face from the car stereo. I get in thru the hatchback & we drive to my casa. Soon I realize I better get a police report for the damage. There is a $200 deductable on my insurance, & I almost don’t go, I’d rather be with Nana & It’ll probably come out of the deductible anyway. But I go to the police station anyway. It is the one on Ave de las Americas just past Universidad Oriente, on the first floor of some 20 floor building. For ten minutes I try to explain what happened to 3 police. Soon 3 other police are there. The 6 police talk with each other about 30 minutes, I’m like what’s going on, I just want a police report. They seem about to take some action when all the power goes out! It’s about 11:30 & I’m like fuck this, I’m going home. I take another relaxing shower with Nana and we have more awesome sex until the wee hours.

Wed, April 24: First item on agenda today: get a new fucking car! Nana & I go to Havanautos on Av Jesus Menendez. A mechanic looks at the car. While we were waiting we meet 2 girls from Belgium also with car problems. One has a Belgian accent I guess & the other an English one. They are not real attractive but it is nice to speak english & hear their sexy accents. They are in Cuba 3 weeks, their first time, they are driving all over the entire island, have come from Havana. Their car looks more beat up than mine. They are cordial with me but not overly friendly. Did you come alone? Yes. Is this your girlfriend? Yes. I figure I’d have twice the chance of scoring with them as american women, if I’d been interested. Maybe 1 in 10? I like the 50/50 chance with cubanas mucho mejor!! 🙂 The rental people inform me they have a new car for me at the hotel las americas office, but unless I obtain a police report I will have to pay for everything anew. Sigh. We are directed to a police station near Parque Cespedes. As we pull out, I wave to the 2 euro chicks. Was that a “oh, how do we get a hold of you?! look on their faces? I don’t care if it is!!God I love blowing off western women!Now I did not want Nana with me at the police station, wanted her to wait at my casa but she insisted she come along, that it would be no problem. I am dumbfounded. Nana does all the talking for us. The cop talks to her like she is dirt. Apparently cops treat all cubans this way. After 1 hour of talking & waiting around we are directed to the same police station I had been the night before! ARRRGH! After 60 minutes at this station, an apparently high ranking officer takes a sheet of paper out of a legal pad, writes a 20 line paragraph, stamps it hard with an ink stamp & hands it to me. We take the report to the las americas office. The lady there tells me this is the 4th accident/theft report she has processed today! 90 minutes after arriving we pull out of the lot in a brand new shiny red compact Toyota. I don’t remember the name of this one either, all the logos have been removed & the model is not on this paperwork either. Wow getting in this car I feel like driving to fucking Baracoa, and I might have if I had more than 3 days left. The a/c & radio work great. Now this is riding in style! 🙂 The other car had only 50K kilometers on it but looked & felt like it had 200k.

By now it is about 5 pm, the day is pretty well shot, but I have a good excuse to not take Nana to fucking Mello. With this new chick magnet I am ready to hunt for fresh pussy. But it is hard to let go of Nana. She has been sweet, but has been a little too assertive today. She has a sixth sense & before I even have said anything has written this in my notebook:

Cuidate. Mucho. te Deseo
Suerte, Salud, Love, y que
seas Feliz. Un beso
de tu. Nana.

Rough translation:
Take care. A great deal. you Desire
Luck, Health, Love, and that
be Happy. A kiss
for you. Nana.

She gives me her direcciones. I give her a $1 bottle of perfume, thong panties & a pocket Spanish/English Dictionary with a $20 bill folded inside. She is beaming. I drop her off at her dorm, 50 pairs of eyes observing us. Nana seemed to be the only chica this trip that didn’t seem concerned about being seen with me in public or by police. I may see her again. Went hitchhiker hunting again tonight for about 3 hours. Gave many rides. See a lot of so so chicas but am looking for beautys, especially if she is a pro. Fuck when I was with Julie I had seen a drop dead gorgeous, looked to be a 10, chica standing in a doorway of the Parque Cespedes Cathedral. So I knew they were around, I just had to find them when I was chica-free! When I drive past Club Iris I see what appears to be a fucking penthouse pet. Long golden blonde hair, tight shimmering blue dress revealing an incredible figure. I weave around the block, pull up next to her & ask for directions. It was not a mirage, I’m telling you this girl is about a perfect 10. In 30 seconds she is in the front seat with her mother in the back & we head down Av Garzon. Presently I ask the girl’s age. Dieciseis. 19. Fuck. I drive around the circle & drop them off at Club Iris! In retrospect I wish I had gotten her contact info fuck she’ll be of age in 2 years or less!

At 10:30 I pick up 2 chicas at corner of Garzon & ave los libertadores. They agree to $40 for three hours. Plus a parfuma for each if they are “muy buen en cama” (very good in bed) src=”” width=”15″>. One of them is very hot, asian looking but with dark skin (indonesian?) young, 8.5 face, 9.5 body. But back at the casa, she is the one without an id!! AARRRRGH!! It’s after 11:15 (casa owner won’t let id-less stay past midnight)! So I take her back. But first, while we are still sitting in the garage, I want to preview this hotty, & see if she kisses as well as she looks. Besame, I say, & she gives me a tender, erotic, slow, wet kiss that gives me an instant woody. Wo!!! I get her telephone # before taking her home. In bed with the other girl, she at first seemed like a good catch but the more I observe her I sense an aura of sadness, hopelessness & disinterest. When she disrobes, her body is quite emaciated. Very skinny arms, sagging tits, kind of skinny & saggy all over. I give her a chance, but she is not into it at all. Completely uninterested, just going thru the moves to get her $20. She starts to give me a very uninspired BJ. This girl needs a new line of work. I felt sorry for her. I slip her $5, she cheers up immediately and I take her home. I go home & go to bed.

Today I drove at least 200 km, all over town, to Syboney & back two or three times, just everywhere. One young hitchiker is fucking hot like hell, simply radiated sex appeal, in jean overalls, & red lipstick, long brown hair & dark eyes. I went real slow with her, are you a student? where do you work? etc. but as I neared her stop & asked her for lecciones de espaniol she was not interested & told me she was 18! She sure looke slutty for a 18 yo. This was the day I saw 4 cops @ Syboney. Didn’t even bother getting out of car. One girl I remembered, walking w a friend on ave garzon, I smiled, she gave me a very sexy glance. She looked too young but I u-turned anyway & tried to pass her a note but she just refused. It is very difficult to tell cubanas age just by looking at them imo, esp from a distance, I have found it can vary -3, +4 years that they actually look! Another girl, a dark blonde beauty in same area looked of age but she still completely ignored me. I realized it is impossible to communicate with the girls if there are lots of people around. I have better luck with hitchhikers. They at least have reason to get in my car, so the rest of the trip I was simply giving rides. Anyway, 20 minutes later I pick up three girls & one woman at the Antonio Maceo Monument. One of them is the cute dark blonde I just saw, she recognizes me but still gets in. When I drop them off at the Frank Pais Universidad, I slip her one of my notes & she gets a slightly annoyed look on her face. She did not call me. Right after I drop them off my luck changed. I drive slowly to the top of the hill where is maybe 20 students waiting. Four girls waive me down. Pile into my car, giggling, laughing & trying to speak all at once. They’re like “what do you want to do?” A cute mullata, cute redhead, & two equally cute but not as attractive negritas. I don’t think they were thinking about sex bexause when I showed them my casa they did not want to go up. To many anyway! I am fucking exhausted at this point from all the driving & am unsure what to do next but I’d been wanting to see the Mancado Barracks. This is where Fidel & 100 or so guerrillas first attacked Batista’s army in 1953 and the revolution started. I take the two negritas home, then take the other two to the barracks. It is a pretty cool museum, the outside of the building still has dozens of bullet impacts all over it. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me. The redhead is impressed that I actually know a little of the history of the place. She is very sweet, speaks a little english & (!!) understands me & when I drop her off is practically asking me to marry her. But she is seeing family that night & then travelling to Guantanimo tomorrow! I get her direcciones & promise to call her in June. The mullato, I had thought was going to give me lecciones de espanol. When we get to my casa & pull up the driveway, there are like two buses unloading right there. She looks very nervous, says muchas gracias y bueno, gets out of the car & is out of sight before I can say vive le revolucion! Sigh. My casa has many good things about it but the location is not one of them. There is a bus stop 3 houses down, always with cubans waiting there, buses loading & unloading, only way into casa is the front door.

I call the hot indonesian looking girl. She is not home. I call Andrea. She is home & is dying to see me. Te quiero, she keeps saying (I want you).Fuck. One hour later I am at her door, she gets in, giving me a nice wet frenchie with her strawberry flavored lips. She looks fucking hot, I mean ravishing, & the first thing I do at my casa is take her picture: Now I thought Andrea would only be able to stay till midnight, she still had not gotten her carnet from her uncles house in Holguin. But my casa owner mistakes her for the pro the night before who had her id! But also he might have just said this because I had spoke with him earlier that day about my bad luck with the chicas, & how I might not come to Santiago anymore after this trip, what with all the fears the chicas had of police & being seen with tourists. Him & his wife like me because I don’t drink much, my room stays clean & I don’t cause them problems, they probably want me to return (apparently 3 nights of pot smoking didn’t bother them). I told him it wasn’t his fault, but he still wants to make things easy for me I think.

I want to shave Andrea but she is reluctant. After much coaxing, kissing, & reassurances, I get started. She is not real hairy. Her bush is as blondish red as her hair. It only takes 30 minutes to shave her bald. I lead her to the shower, she was already showered up so I just lathered her pussy & ass up real good. She is totally comitting. After finishing I light up the remaining joint & we get good & high. I think this was the first time she ever smoked. What followed was probably the sweetest tenderest lovemaking of this Cuba trip & my previous (first) trip combined. This girl had to be about a 1 on the “pro, non-pro” scale (10 being a pro). She was just so affectionate, tender & sweet, I thought I had died & gone to heaven. When I return in June, this is the first girl I will call! Hell I may even call from the states before I go. When we are taking a break we communicate a little via my handy Hot! International dictionary. I give her some compliments in spanish. After perusing it a minute, she points this one out to me: Ha sido el mejor polvo de mi vida, that was the best sex I’ve ever had.Now I know from you guys & do believe you, that cubans tend to tell you what you want to hear, but I couldn’t but half believe I was her first tourist & she was being truthful with me. There simply did not seem to be one ounce of con in her, compared to the 4 other cuban girls I had had on this trip. If any of you fuckers meet her please treat her well as she is my new novia & I am going to marry her someday.

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