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So you wanna go to TJ, this simple guide with photos will give you an idea of what to expect. Is it safe? Do I need to speak Spanish? Is it hard to find the brothels? These are all questions the first time visitor asks. Some guys never attempt to visit Mexico as a result of these questions. It is safe if you take a taxi after dust. Many of the women speak English while others at least know enough to understand the basics. You walk in, pick one and they understand “go to the room” or how much. So speaking Spanish is not mandatory, many guys who frequent the Zona in TJ speak little or no Spanish. Almost every taxi in Tijuana knows where Adelita Bar or Chicago club is. The Zona is only a few blocks from the main drag Revolution where the party bars are. So don’t waste your money paying some fool that advertises tours to the Brothels in TJ. Save the $60-$100 dollars for your first party in TJ. Should you want to get more up to date info on particular girls or find other guys who you can tag along with for free visit the discussion board here. The info below supplies you with all you need to know to go to TJ yourself. You can also contact the author by posting here. Have fun

This guide is for those of you that already know how to get to the border crossing in Chula Vista. There are several parking lots to park on both sides of the freeway. The west side is closer when you enter Mexico and the price is for 24 hours which ranges from $5 to $7 depending on the day of the week. Its more Friday to Sunday. Parking on the east side has the advantage of being closer when you return at the end of your visit. If you plan on staying longer then 8 hours its more expensive. They charge between $4 and $6 for an 8 hour period. If you park on the east side walk to the end of the Red line stop and there is a walkway to the Pedestrian bridge (PB) located to the left of the customs exit. Follow it up the ramp and over the freeway. Once on the west side of the freeway you can enter Mexico via the revolving gates. You may already be on the west side of the freeway if you parked in the lots directly off the exit ramp of the 405. Once past the gates you will have to travel down a long corridor with the Mexican customs on your left. They have an odd system for inspection which is more random then anything. You’ll notice a signal lamp like those found at intersections with one green light and one red. If the red light comes on as you are passing you will be asked to stop at which time you will be searched and questioned. Its never happened to me but I’ve seen them stop locals who are returning with luggage.

If you make it past the customs area you will pass a set of signs. If you turn right at this point you can walk to the Zone. (WARNING) this is dangerous after dusk and not recommended. People are often jumped, mugged or robbed as they pass through this area on the way to the Zone. However I’ve taken it many times during the day when the stores are open and many tourists are present. Its still a good idea when you visit TJ to stay away from the alleys and un-traveled areas. once in the Zone I recommend you always walk in the street next to the cars out of the way of traffic. Most of the time when a mugging takes place you are jumped from behind and dragged into an alley or passage next to the sidewalk. So keep an eye out behind you and stick to the streets.

I recommend you continue straight ahead to the Taxi pick up and drop off area. Tell the taxi driver you want to go to Adelita Club. The standard rate to the Zone is $5 regardless of how many people are present. The drivers will ask for more but offer $5 and most will accept it. Some drivers will go for as little as $4.00.

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The cab driver will drop you off in front of the Adelita Bar. The Hotel entrance is to the right of the Bar entrance. You have to climb the stairs to get to the office to check in. If you decide on a lady she will show you the way, either take her by the hand or follow her. In between your trips to the Hotel you may want to enjoy a few tacos. I’ve been eating them for about a year now and have never gotten sick. The stands in front of the Adelita Bar charge $2.00 for 3 tacos. I recommend Taco El Primero next door to the Chicago Club. Reynaldo the owner speaks a bit of English and you can choose between flour or corn tortillas. The Taco’s are almost twice the size and only .50 each, you can also get beans on your taco if you wish. Taco Primero has seating and a walk up window, why not get a shoe shine while you have a few taco’s.

Adelita Bar is a good place to start your hunt for some TJ honey. You can either have a seat and watch the ladies walk by or stroll the floor until you see something that you like. I prefer to walk the club, make sure you take a stroll around the dance floor in the back. The women’s room is located to the right as soon as you enter the club. Not a bad place to sit because every girl will either pass you on her way up to the room or on her way to the restroom. The best girls are usually always working so if you don’t see what you like when you first walk in wait a bit and take another stroll. Most ladies will be up in the room for about 30 minutes. Another great place to really see the ladies is outside in front of the hotel entrance. You can usually find a spot on the sidewalk in front of the hotel and watch the girls walk the men up the stairs. This has many advantages, first the lighting is better and often they look different outside then under those dark red lights in the bar. Second you can take note of the minor things like the guys expression when he comes back down. Time them and see how long she spends in the room. Some girls average 12 minutes and some then others stay longer then the 30 minutes. I think a girl that walks you back down the stairs and sends the guy off with a kiss is a good sign too. Alejandra the dancer who is pictured is also rated with several other ladies on the RATINGS pages. She id firm about $60 which is about $20 higher then most of the other girls. Remember she is the dancer, has a great body and actually is very friendly. The downside is that she does not perform oral and she’s not the most passionate lady there. Looks often don’t come hand in hand with performance, Check out the ratings and spend a little time before hand getting a feel for a girl. Many girls accept $40 and the most expensive will ask for $70 without the room. Remember to always ask what that includes, such as oral and if the oral is with a condom. Often the price she quotes does not include the $10 for the room, so ask if her price includes the room. They do provide condoms, not the best ones so I suggest you stop in San Diego at a Longs drugs store and get some Kimono condoms. They are some of the best, great fit and pretty durable. They also make a Micro thin model which is only recommended for the little guys, they are more apt to break. The lovely Alejandra the dancer at the Adelita Bar has one of the best body’s in TJ.

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Chicago Club: The Chicago Club is across the street and around the corner from the Adelita Bar. The hotel entrance is to the left of the entrance and up the stairs. The rooms are a bit better then the rooms at the Adelita Bar but not that much. The Chicago Club has a more upscale lady, I won’t say they are better looking because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Myself I prefer the ladies at the Chicago Club who I feel are more of the college girl look and often model material. With this comes a higher price I might add, $50 is the average starting rate and I’ve heard as high as $100 but usually $60 is accepted by all the girls. I’ve read some reports by others who talk about having to buy the girls drinks and tip the waiters, this is really not necessary. Its very possible to walk right up to a girl and ask price and then head for the room.

Inside Chicago Club: There are other clubs that have ladies that visit the hotel, Hong Kong Bar which is on the same block as the Adelita Bar. The HK is located on the other side of the block in the alley where you will find the street girls. If you plan on trying a street girl then remember a few tips. They may offer you sex for about $12, it usually does not include oral sex and they may not take off all their clothes. They usually will limit the time and rush you. Most of them don’t speak a word of English and you don’t have the security of the hotels at the Clubs. Buyer beware and make sure its clear what your getting before you handover your money.

There are several other clubs in the Zone, your best bets for action are the Adelita Bar, Chicago Club and the Hong Kong club in the alley. The Tropical has a Hotel attached to it that is about the best for those that want to stay close to the action. Rooms come with TV, Telephone and a fan all for $24 a night. You won’t find this stuff at AB or CC. The alley behind the Adelita Bar is busy 24 hours a day lined with street walkers and bars. If you try to cross the border back into the US intoxicated be prepared to be stopped by customs and then again but the local police. There is a chance you might be arrested for public drunkenness. So take care and don’t get smart with the officials at the border they enjoy messing with people who don’t show any respect. The Jack in the Box is open 24 hours except on Friday and Saturdays from 3am to 4am to avoid the crazed drinking crowds that cross back to the US during those hours. You can expect lots of border patrol and police on the US side when you return on weekends. Besides going by car, the border is also accessible by the red line trolley car that runs south from San Diego. If you parked on the west side of the freeway then you will have to now find the Pedestrian bridge and walk it back over to the west side. The entrance is a quick right as you exit US customs.

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