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The following report details adult travel in Israel. It includes information about prostitutes in Tel-Aviv and many other places. This report was originally submitted to World Sex Archives. If you would like to see all the pictures included with the report, please visit World Sex Archives.

The Israeli \ Tel-Aviv paid sex scene is divided up into four major categories

1) Escort agencies
2) Massage parlors \Health clubs (Machon Breut in Hebrew)
3) Private apartments with one or more girls sharing (but most are owned and run by pimps.
4) Street prostitution

I am going to try and give my personal view of all of these as detailed as possible so that my fellow hobbyists will be able to use it as a guide and as a starting point. I have not made any reviews of the girls as due to the fact that there is a very high turn around of staff and even though I am a regular customer in some of these establishments this review is meant a major reference so I don’t believe that this is the right place to post my recommendations of the girls .I will post my reports on the regular message boards from time to time But by no means is this report meant to be a complete (an impossible task) I hope you all enjoy it?

Group 1 Escort Agencies (My favorite)
Most of the escort agencies are in Tel-Aviv there are also quite a few in Haifa and Eilat and in Jerusalem recently some have started up

Tel Aviv incall

I have dealt with quite a lot of the Israeli escort agencies and have found that all the ones I have used generally offer good service with 95% eastern European girls practically all Russian or now independent ex Russian states. And recently some Asian girls from Korean Filipino’s and other Asian countries are being offered locally. But surpassingly there are hardly any Israeli girls plying their trade these days. And from what I remember from the old days (when they were available) as they are usually very spoilt and unsympathetic nature and are a big disappointment. Most of them if not all were just a waste of time any money as they all suffered from an attitude problem and offered terrible service very mechanical and couldn’t wait to get it over with as quickly as possible. I know that at least one agency still advertises local girls but you’ve been warned. In my opinion don’t bother their worth it.
All the agencies offer young girls aged between 18 to 27 they all state that all girls give full service and some will do more for extra payment i.e. anal etc but make sure that you stipulate one hour and not just one sex act (if you are up to more then why not within the hour limit. Longer periods are available at lower rates per hour. Most girls give oral sex some allow French kissing but its all up to the girl, the going rate at present for the agencies dealing with the local Israeli clientele. The rates for one hour in your hotel room ranges from 250-400nis ($50- $80) per hour a two girl session is usually can be had for a bit less than double, as they only have to send one car to pick up the two girls also an extra hour is also a bit less than double for the same reason about 450-550 Nis ($90-110) for 2 hours. If one wants a lesbo show it can be arranged but it’s a lot more expensive and usually a waste of time and money, As only if the girls are really into one another and enjoy this action all you will get is a act and a poor one at that. If one wants a 2-girl session (non-lesbo) one should make sure that the girls are happy doing it together with another girl and feel comfortable in each other’s presents. Its a great treat having 2 girls at once and should be tried by all! The girls are generally very attractive Slavic types but you should ask what is available when you call up .the telephone receptionist will have a description of each girl and if you explain what your preferences are they can usually find a girl to meet your fancy. The tourist escort agencies that advertise in the hotel magazine charge a lot more per hour and to my experience the girl they offer are no better in looks or offer better service. Here the motto “You get what you pay for” doesn’t come true as what they have in looks they don’t make up for in sex .I think one is wasting one money on these more expensive tourist agencies. I myself have often had some top model material with service to match all at the bargain basement prices that I am accustomed to from my favorite agencies. Some of them also provide a 3 star hotel room (Ophir or Sea Side for the same price) so if you don’t have your own accommodation this is a real bargain.

Group 2: Health Clubs

The so called Health club’s (which is really a pretty name\disguise for what these clubs really are whore houses) In Tel Aviv there are about 4 major areas where these clubs exist plus a few in out of the way places and the prices range from about 100nis to 200nis per half hour for one girl ($20-$40 1$=5 NIS) depending on location and décor of the establishment. Area 1 is in south T-A between Hamasger and Yisthak Sade here you can find about 10 clubs of various sizes I will name the most popular among the locals. Aquarius on Chensino 4 cr Bet Alpha top floor. This place is a semi strip joint /brothel here you will have to pay an small entrance fee and will get to see a mediocre strip tease show by one of the girls every half hour. Here one can sit around and chat and flirt with the staff of about 5-10 girls who charge 200 per half hour It is only open late afternoon (after 18:00) till the early hour of the morn they usually have some good looking girls. But the service is only OK not as good as Banana or 101.sometimes you can get lucky in this place and its worth a visit.


Banana club is on Toshiya 9 and has the biggest and possibly the best selection. This club is also the most well appointed and luxurious of all they usually have between 15- 20 girls on offer pricing the same as above. Almost all the girls offer kissing, uncovered BJs and anal is also an optional extra as is BBBj. But also have a VIP service that is about 650 Nis for an hour in a deluxe room with and including a Jacuzzi bath. (When I say about is because I have never tried this service myself but only from hearsay). I personally prefer to do more girls for less than blow it all in on a one time expensive session. 101 Club at 36 Yisthak Sade street (entrance on the left side of the building)

This is also a very popular club also open 24 hr or nearly with at least 10- 20 girls available some real good lookers and I have read many reports on the local Hebrew posts that some very good service can be had at this club for a very reasonable price 200nis per 30 minutes. This club and Banana I believe is owned and run by the same people. Bangkok 32 Yisthak Sade just before 101 on the second floor it has a big sign outside an older club that I once use to frequent a lot but it has gone downhill they usually have only about 5 girls and I cannot recommended it. There are two more clubs on the corner of Chensino and Ben Avigdor as well as a couple on the latter street itself .One can easily notice them as the have lights and signs outside. I have not tried any of the others but you are welcome to try.

Area 2 is around the Diamond exchange in Ramat Gan here I believe there are now only about 2 or 3 clubs left. This area has gone down a lot recently and is not known for good value for money. I am not familiar with there names or addresses at this time but if anyone wants to know I can find them here the price is a bit cheaper at around 150 nis per 30 minutes but the girls and service is not of the highest quality. Area 3 around the Old Central Bus Station in all the side streets here the prices are in the 100 NIS range but these places are very grotty and full of foreign workers and I wont venture into this area so I cant give a first hand report in these two areas.

Area 4 is in the streets south of Yafo St and Ha aliya here the price is also only 100 nis for 30 minutes and two girls can be had for 200 for 40 minutes these places are not very nice
But I have tried Nahalat Benyamin 100 I cant say that I would recommend it but it is cheap and the girls are quite pretty but the walls are thin and you can easily hear what is going on in the next room. Reshit Hochma 12 is popular with the locals and there are two more on Ha Alia and Wolfson St All these clubs now are frequented by Chinese and foreign workers. I wouldn’t recommend that these places are suitable for tourists. Other clubs in other areas with good recommendations. Ben Shemen St NR the Ailon highway and Yigal Alon they ask a membership fee of 50 nis and they charge about 450 per hour I have not had the chance to visit this place myself yet but from what I have read it offers a similar service to Banana. But not such a big selection. Another club I used to frequent a lot is Emmanuel on Ben Yehuda St 38 they used to have a big selection of about 10 –15 girls. But since the police raided them and closed down for a few months it has never been the same again .It could change and I will continue to look in and check the place out from time to time. The price here is 200nis per half our. Bugrashov 10 is also close by and it is different in that it claims to be a strip tease bar and a 30 nis entrance fee is charged, You can get to see the girls dance and strip as well as the opportunity to go with one of your choice to one of the back rooms for a 30 minute session for another 200nis. This is no way a complete list but just my preview of the general lay of the land

In general they all have the same theme in common there will always be a male manager present one enters a lounge area where you will find sitting on couches spaced around the room scantily clad girls who are available you will take a seat and look around and admire the merchandise if you see a girl who you fancy all you need to do is give her a small nod and motion her to ask her for details (yaash pratim) If you don’t like what you see you can sit and wait for some more girls who might be busy working to appear or you can leave without any obligation if you find a girl who meets your fancy she will invite you to go to a room which are all very small with a bed and in the better clubs have their own shower and a small dressing table often a mirror but that’s just about it. Most of these girls only speak Russian or a very little pigeon Hebrew very few know English

She will tell you the rules and the cost if you agree after you have told her what you like and if she agrees you will pay her in advance and she will either leave you to undress and shower or she will take you to another room where the deed is to be carried out. You will have about 5 minutes to shower and prepare for the girl to return usually you will wrap your towel around your naked waist and await her return once she does the clock is running and she will either take a shower herself (to waste a bit more time) or she will motion you to the bed to get started.
Now depending on the girl you can expect different action but uncovered Blow Jobs are very common and going down on her is very common practice but you should ask first if you like this sort of thing. She might start by giving you a body to body massage and a good tonguing and how it develops later it all depends on you and the girl .It is normal that after you cum once the session is over but in some clubs the girl will continue till your time is up and there is either a wrap on the door or a buzzer sounds then you will have about 5 minutes to clean up and get dresses unless you want to add the same again for another session. A word of advice you will find that during the peak hours (early evening till midnight) if you want to have the more popular girls you will expect to wait around till they come available. During these times you will have to compete with more customers than girls. As I stated in my previous post these health club place are not really my scene but I do sometimes frequent them when I am in a hurry and want a quickie and don’t have the time to use an escort agency and spend a whole hour in a hotel which means more or less and hour and half till the girl arrives and leaves.

Group 3 Private apartments.

There lots of ads in the Israeli local press of girls working privately in apartments. While the advertisements and the girl answering the phone in most of these places claim to be totally private. But I have found that practically all of them are run and owned by pimps \ local Mafia. Often you will have the phone answered by a sympathetic well-spoken Israeli or Russian girl who will lay on the sauce thick with a nice description of what you should get if you decide to visit the apartment. They often promise up till one hour service others only 40 minutes prices range from about 150 to 250 Nis mostly dependant on beauty location and décor. I have no idea of the exact number of these places but I guess there might be something like 20 or possibly more in the Tel-Aviv Dan region. They are mostly flats in normal apartment blocks and most of them are have girl answering the phone in a side room (this girl is not available for sex) and between 2 and 5(working in shifts) or more girls working in two or more rooms in the flat .The normal procedure is for one the of girl mostly ex East block Russians etc to take you to one of the rooms and will tell you what she offers and how much if you don’t like what you see you can ask her if there are any other girls available and she will send you in the next one till you find one that meets your fancy .One good thing about these places is that they try to give you a bit of anonymity and your presents is not seen by the other customers and visa- versa not like as in the Health clubs.
The service from these places varies from one to the other and it’s a lot to do with the girl of your choice. . A word of warning from my personal experience with these places is that even if you are offered one hour and unlimited acts. It turns out that your time is up either after you blow your load once or you get a rap on the door after about 20 minutes. These places are just knocking shops and have a big turn around of clients and if there are more waiting for a free room they will try and get you in and out as quickly as possible.

I have described the norm but there are many exceptions to these general rules. I am not going to try and list and review all the apartments (its impossible task to keep track of all of them but I hope my efforts can be used as a useful [reference) but just the ones I have visited at one time or another or have read about on the web from the Hebrew forums on this subject.

Ester Hamalka St 8 near Dizingoff Circle maybe 5 or 6 Russian girls 200nis for 20 to 30 minutes max in the room I believe that there are now two different apartments in this same building. Frishman St 7 near the Dan Hotel 2 to 5 girls working shifts 200 nis for 20- 30 mins The guys from the Hebrew forum seem to like this place Others think that its bad calling it a shit hole. Have read some good reports of an Ethiopian girl from here. Trumpeldor St 10 flat 4 Tel  3-5 girls 200 for 20 – 30 mins There use to be three or more apartments in this building but now as far as I can make out only this one is still working .I am not familiar with this place but it has some quite good write ups, Frishman St 41 flat 5  top floor corner Dizingoff 4 girls 200nis for 30 -40 mins even thought their ad reads one hour no act limit they use to offer a two girl double act 40 minutes no lesbo for 300nis.The girls are ok 6-7 service quite good for this type of establishment. Barkochva St 46 first apartment  this place is run and owned by an ex whore Tania she has retired and only has two working girls this place as far as I know is private and not run by the local mob price here is 200 for 40 mins 300 for a two girl orgy no lesbo. Reines St 24b here you will find two one room apartments side by side occupied by one girl each these girls are what can be described as big about 30 ish cost 150 for 30 mins, Mediocre service for a low price. Pinkas St 13 side of the building the words Shiatsu & reflexology massage on the door one room one Israeli girl most mornings Russian after 17:00 cost 200nis 30 minutes if the phone is busy it means the girl is working. The Israeli girl is very friendly but other than a half decent oiled massage the action is not to my standards. Though she did try and for an Israeli girl this is rare.
Arlazaroff St 97 Ramat Gan I here there is only one or possibly two girls working shifts price 200nis for 40 mins. Some good reviews from the Hebrew forum. Arlazaroff St 100 Tel-Aviv 2 to 4 girls working shifts 200per half hour. Mixed reviews from the local forum. Nes Ziona St 2 corner Hayarkon next to parking lot side entrance 2 to 4 girls price 200 for up to 40 mins. I once visited this place had a look around dint like what I saw and left .It looked like a rat hole to me .I also have not read any positive reports from the boys either. Idelson St 20 near the corner of Pinsker one or two girls 200 nis for 30 mins have not any good reports from here till now the girl on the phone is very nice and offers a great service. Ben Gurion Blv 53 ground floor one young Romanian girl I have not read of any reviews or visited this place 150nis for 30 minutes.

Group 4 The Tel-Aviv street scene: The street scene is now limited to areas one on the Tel Baruch beach north of Tel-Aviv behind the Dov airport and all along the road leading to the Mandarin beach. It’s a very popular with lots of cars just cruising window-shopping. The girls stand around along the roadside plowing their wares you can usually find some older ones a near the entrance to the Tel Baruch beach some more on the road leading to the army base on the hill and more at the road that leads to the Tsuk beach and Mandarin beach. The cost is low about 50 – 100 nis for a quick suck and fuck 10 minutes tops don’t pay any more what ever she promises, If you find one that you fancy she will get into your car and direct you to a dark turn off where the deed is done usually on the back seat of your car. The other area is around the Diamond exchange (buorsa in Hebrew) and only gets going after 21:00 on the streets in this area the deeds is done in dark parking lots etc.the price is the same as above

But just a warning a lot of these girls is drug addicts and a lot of She Males and transvestites plow their trade in these places. This section of the industry in the lowest of the low and while the price is low but one can expect a very short and mechanical service at the best and getting ripped off or getting ones money stolen should not be ruled out .If you like the excitement of Wham Bang Thank You Mam. And doing “IT” in the car Is what you like (I don’t) and are looking for. Then this is Where it’s at.

Well that just about concludes my complete review of the Israel Tel-Aviv paid sex scene other than I would just like to add two new additions, which don’t really fall into any of the above categories. One is a new service run by some type of agency they have some kind of deal in which they keep a number of girls in the four-star High rise Optima hotel. This place had some very good write ups. I tried it myself once but found the quality of the women was not good and from what I could gather from other reports they were all of more or less the same quality. I have just heard that they have opened up another branch at the Ami hotel along the Tel-Aviv seafront. The way this works is you get to the address call the phone number either you tell them what you are looking for or they tell you what is on offer, then you are told a room number to go to if you are not satisfied then another call and the girl will send you to another room on one of the other floors. This company only rents a few rooms in this hotel the rest of the hotel is used by regular guests. This is definitely something different and new. And is due to the fact that the hotels have no or very little income from tourists, and are looking for other ways to keep the rooms occupied and make some money .I only hope that the quality of the girls will improve over time.
The second new type of service, which is possibly so far unique to Israel and that, is the Internet sites. Which post real pictures of 25-75 girls and all one has to do is surf the site and browse the pictures if you see a girl you like you can click on the picture and see more and enlarged pix with personal details and prices etc. Most of the sites the URL are also the phone number so all you need to do is call the number and the girl of your choice will arrive at your location within 30 minutes. These sites are mostly middlemen for a number of escort agencies and possibly health clubs and charge a commission on top of what the agency is asking mind some of the girls are exclusive to the site. (I am still trying to work out which girls are from what agencies so that I can get the same girl for a lot less for myself)

These places charge 400nis per hour (some plus taxi fare 50nis in T-A) two hours works out at 600nis some of the better looking and performing ones are more expensive some girls do kinks like anal for extra payment. All these sites are in Hebrew but some also have an English section were tourist can get the same girls for much higher $ prices. Some of you may notice the same girl on different sites this is common for them to be listed in multiple sites also it is possible that the site owners have a number of sites under different URLs.

The information is outdated and solely deals archive purpose. Images are for illustration only.

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