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In February and March of 2002 I spent no less than five weeks in Thailand and Cambodia. I had a great time and I fucked a lot of women. Here is my report. Of course, my report includes a lot of pictures. I intend to split these 5 weeks (or 34 days) of sheer sexual orgy and pleasure into three parts: Probably I will be flamed for having done this or having said that, so in advance I will tell you that you are entitled to have your opinion that I am a worthless piece of shit, etc, but don’t waste your energy to tell me: I don’t care and I intend not to respond to it. I know that my postings are, for example, not very feminist-friendly, so if you feel warm sympathy for feminism and feel that everybody should feel that way, I suggest not to read this report at all. BTW, I don’t have a clue how to spell the names of the girls correctly, but who cares?

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BANGKOK: Day 1. I arrived early in the morning in Bangkok. I spent some time in the Cambodian Embassy applying for a visa for Cambodia. The application is straightforward, but you have to wait in line for a long, long time. Visa fee is US$20 or B1000 and the application procedure takes 3 working days. For only B200 extra you can pick up the visa on the same day. Later I discovered that you don’t have to follow your answers you filled in on the application paper anyway. Late in the morning I went to massage parlor Annie’s. To my surprise Annie’s was already open and there were about 8 women available. I felt somewhat kinky and I asked for a woman who was willing to swallow my cum (willing to “eat” as they say). I was suggested one older woman who would be happy to “eat”, so I was told. She wasn’t very attractive but I decided to take her for the B1000. She did a good job. She sucked my dick for a long, long time in a very pleasurable way. I also fucked her for a short time, for I got so aroused that I couldn’t resist putting my dick into her cunt. She didn’t allow anal though and later I found out that she didn’t swallow either. She asked for a big tip, but I gave her only B200, because in contrary of the deal she didn’t “eat”. It was a satisfactory session though. In the afternoon I went to the Bier Garten in Soi 7 (Sukhumvit Rd). I picked up 22 year old Wan for B500 (ST). She didn’t give BJ and her body wasn’t very good looking, but I think I shouldn’t expect a lot for B500 in Bangkok. Here she is:

Bangkok freelancer

At night I wandered around in the Sukhumvit area. I discovered a number of beer bars near the intersection of Sukhumvit and Asoke. I also had a look inside the “artist bars” in Soi 33: here I was shocked by the ridiculously high prices (barfine B1500, ST B2000, LT B3000!) and the low quality of women. I found both the women and the prices at Soi Cowboy more attractive (usually barfine about B400, ST B1000/B1500, LT B2000). For a short time you can go to one of the ST-hotels around Soi Cowboy (B300). I couldn’t find one girl of my liking though: almost none of the girls would allow bareback sex and furthermore some of the most pretty ones already had a baby or only were available for ridiculously high prices.

Day 2. In accordance with my previous trips to Bangkok, I found Bangkok a particularly bad place to execute the hobby: Bangkok prostitutes are very hardcore and usually charge ridiculously high prices for very low quality service. Of course, this is only my experience and opinion: I know that a lot of whoremongers, including some people on this board, love Bangkok. To each it’s own. Mine is Pattaya. I had been in Pattaya one time before and I had a great time there. So I decided to get out of Bangkok as soon as possible: early in the afternoon I took the airco-bus to Pattaya for B90. I can tell you right now I had a ball in Pattaya, just like I had four years ago. BTW, on a positive note about Bangkok: to my surprise all taxi drivers in Bangkok were polite, used their meters and the meters worked well. In my previous trips most taxi drivers acted like scum, didn’t want to use their meter and if they did the meters were obviously corrupted (the meters kept running even when the taxis were standing still). The honesty of the taxi drivers combined with some of the new features like the highly clean and modern skytrain running above the city of Bangkok sometimes made me feel like I was in Singapore instead of Bangkok. Oh well, I never liked Singapore as well…


When I arrived in Pattaya in the afternoon I asked a bargirl whether she knew a cheap and good hotel in the neighborhood of her bar (the beerbars in and around Soi 7 and 8 are my favorite places in Pattaya so I preferred a hotel in this area). She knew some good hotels and because she happened to look damn good as well I asked her to come along with me. She complied. This way she could easily direct me to the right hotel. And this way I had a great fuck immediately after I had checked in. This is the girl that was so kind to direct me to a nice hotel:

Pattaya bargirls

Costs: only B500 (no barfine!). After Lao had left I saw a lady with some big boobs in the internet cafe of my hotel. I immediately got a new erection when I saw her sexy body, so I got in contact with her. She was very willing and because she was renting a room in the hotel next to mine she invited me to go to her room. In her room we had great sex. Her name was Phun and she was a little old (27 years), but she still had a great body with great ass and big tits (no baby) and she was obviously very experienced. The sex was almost ecstatic and I had a very strong ejaculation inside her cunt. She asked for only B500, but I gave her B600. At night I wandered around the beerbars. I was amazed about the huge number of beerbars in Pattaya. Every corner of the city seems to be full of them nowadays. Most of them only have a couple of girls though and – to be honest – the great majority of the bar girls are not very attractive. But because there are hundreds of bars and a multiple of bar girls, it isn’t too hard to find one or two attractive ones. In fact, I found the bar scene in Pattaya quite similar to the one I encountered four years ago (in respect of both the quantity and quality of bar girls). This night I picked up a 21 year old girl from a beer bar in Soi 7. Barfine B200. In my hotel she gave a very long and decent BBBJ, then I fucked her in several positions. Finally I even managed to fuck her ass and in there I blew my load. She wanted to go back to the bar and I gave her B600.

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Day 3. Early in the afternoon I strolled down Soi 6. Most of the ST-bars in this street open at about 2 p.m. Fortunately a lot of the working girls spend a great deal of time sitting outside the bar, so you don’t have to go inside every bar to be able to see some available women. Unfortunately attractive girls are rare in this type of bar scene and I also found out that girls who were willing to have bareback sex are particularly rare in this type of bars in Pattaya. Finally I found one girl who I thought was ok-looking and also agreed on bareback sex. Barfine B250 and ST B500. She gave a bad BBBJ and uninspiring sex. I believe she worked in Dollhouse. At night I had a very hard time to find an attractive girl. This night I especially looked in all the places in South Pattaya and every time when I saw a pretty girl she was already accompanying another farang. I’ve heard many times people say that much less farangs have come to Pattaya this year, but I found that because there are not a lot of very attractive bar girls in Pattaya, even a small number of farangs present a fierce competition, because we all want to fuck that one very good looking girl. So one of the more frustrating experiences in Pattaya is that when you walk around in daytime you see a lot of very good looking girls walking with ugly farangs, while in the bars at night time you see only ugly girls! It seems that a small number of ugly farangs keep all the pretty girls occupied all the time here! So I think it should be illegal to barfine a beautiful girl for more than one day! Also in the Marine Disco I found no attractive girl. I even had a look inside one of the gogo-bars. One girl in here looked attractive, but I disliked her pushy, hardcore attitude. Furthermore the prices couldn’t compete with those of the beerbars. Finally I barfined a 25 year old and reasonably good looking girl from a beer bar near Soi 13. She turned out to be very sweet and a good lover. She gave a good, long BBBJ and she allowed bareback sex. Nevertheless she reacted somewhat strangely when I blew my load inside her. First she seemed to be shocked, telling me she had to leave immediately to go to pharmacy. But then, for some obscure reason, she decided to stay in bed, went to sleep and didn’t say anything about it anymore.

bikini girls

Day 4. When we woke late in the morning, we had another (bareback) fuck. She even allowed me to fuck her ass this time! I alternately fucked her cunt and ass and finally came inside her ass. She was happy with B1000. In the night time I met Lao again. She wanted to go to my hotel again and I couldn’t resist her sweet smile and kisses. So we had another fuck in my room for B500. This time I had to pay her bar B200 as well. BTW, I found that all bars indeed close at 2 a.m., that is: at 2 a.m. the light and music are shut off, but the relevant business, the girls and the drinks, continue. But it is hard to distinct between the pretty and the ugly girls when the lights are off and a lot of the atmosphere is gone when the music is off…

Day 5. In the early afternoon I went to the BJ-bars at Soi 13/2. In Pumpstation I found an attractive girl who was willing to provide BBBJ. I had to pay the bar B370 (!?). We went upstairs where I had to sit down on a bar stool. The girl went inside the bar, opened the curtain at my legs and crotch and sucked my dick. I was glad that I was the only customer at that time, because I don’t think I would have felt very comfortable when there would have been other men around. Some other girl kept walking in and out of the room though, but I did find this stimulating in some exhibitionist way. When I finally came I was glad that the girl let me blow all of my load inside her mouth. She then spitted it out. I gave her B200 as a tip which she apparently found a bit disappointing for a bareback BJ.
Then I went to Jomtien, because I still have very good memories about a particular girl from KR-bar I met four years ago. I was happy to find the KR-bar to be still existing, but the girl I was looking for didn’t work there anymore. But I found two other attractive girls there and because one of them had quite a hardcore attitude I decided to pick up the other one: 19 year old Oy. I had to pay a relatively high barfine of B300. In the bar she acted very sweet and kissed a lot, but in my hotel her attitude changed 100%. She didn’t want to kiss anymore, she immediately put a condom over my dick (she insisted on it) and then, to my utter surprise, she wanted my dick inside her ass! So I happily obeyed and fucked her ass. But then she started to act like a bitch again and told me to hurry up. When I didn’t obey to that command, she astounded me again by suddenly ending the session, putting on her clothes and leaving the room. I hadn’t paid her anything! Oy had made me horny, so I had to find me a woman in who I could blow my load. I went to the girl in the hotel next to mine. Fortunately she was in, so within minutes after bitchy Oy had left I already had my dick being indulged inside a warm and willing mouth and pussy. At night I picked up a 20-year old girl from a beer bar in Soi 8. Like a lot of beer bar girls she preferred ST (especially when they are picked up early in the evening), which is no problem with me. She did a good job and I withdrew before I came, blowing my load all over her, because she didn’t want me to come inside. Unfortunately she didn’t want me to take pictures of her good looking body.

Day 6. I went to the ST-bars in Soi 6 again. This time I picked a very good looking girl of 19 years old in Red Point Bar. Barfine B250, the girl B500. She had a very good looking body with quite big hooters. She french kissed a little and gave a decent BBBJ, so I was a bit disappointed when she insisted on condom for intercourse. I complied and although I had a pleasant time fucking her and playing with her magnificent tits at the same time, I decided it would feel better to come while getting a BBBJ from her. She complied in return but when I finally came she immediately rushed into the shower, leaving me ejaculating with no girl around! Some days later I took a picture of her. She didn’t like that because she was afraid I would put the picture on the internet, so I think it would be immoral to post this pic (Note: Yptoor seems to have some morals after all!). Early in the evening I ran into a girl named Aum on the street. She told me she was a new bar girl. I took her to my hotel where we had a nice sex session. She didn’t give a blowjob, but she was very sweet and had a nice, warm and soft body which I found very comfortable. She didn’t want me to take pictures of her nude body, so this is all I could get:

thai dancers on stage

When we were done it was already 11 p.m. I decided to have a drink at her bar, so together we walked to her bar. This day all bars were closed because of some Buddhist holiday which, as explained before, means no light nor music. It also means no selling of alcohol (although a lot of bars cheat and provide beer and other alcoholic beverages in disguised package). Aum’s bar was strict though and didn’t sell beer. So I decided to leave again, but not before making an appointment with Aum that I would call her tomorrow to go to the beach together. Well, to be honest: the next day I didn’t feel like going to the beach so I didn’t call Aum. Furthermore, I have never paid Aum one Baht! I am still not sure why Aum never asked for any money. Then I went to a bar, which for some reason is very popular by German tourists. BTW, for some reason German tourists seem to make up the majority of the sex tourists in Pattaya anyway (I myself am not German). Anyway, several good looking girls work in this “German” bar. The first two nice looking girls I laid my eyes on didn’t leave the bar for some reason. Here is a picture of them:

But my disappointment rapidly vanished when I met 19 year old Eh in this same bar. She was willing to go to my hotel for B1000 (all night) (and B200 for the bar). She didn’t suck dick and didn’t want me to come inside as well, but she cuddled a lot and had a nice body:

beerbar soi 6

Day 7. I fucked Eh another time in the early afternoon. This time I shot my load inside her pussy (usually girls don’t seem to mind that anymore in the morning in contrary to the previous evening…).
At night I picked up a girl from a beerbar in Soi 8. She was disappointing: she didn’t kiss nor provide BBBJ. I gave her only B400 for a ST which was OK for her.

Day 8. In the afternoon I found a sweet girl in a small bar in Soi 6/1 (this is a Soi very near and parallel to Soi 6). She gave a good and long BBBJ. I fucked her in several positions. Costs: B200 for the bar, B500 for the girl.
At night I barhopped again in the area of Soi 7 and 8, looking for some hot babes. Please note that before I barfine a girl she must meet several standards besides having a cute face. Unfortunately a lot of women working in Pattaya already have a baby (read: ugly stretch marks), including some pretty ones. Some other good looking girls only want to go when condom is used. I don’t take these women.

Also I have met several beautiful girls in the bars who said they never go with men. Sometimes these girls are referred to as babies (but most of them are not underaged). This night I finally barfined 22 year old Pom. She isn’t very pretty, but she had really big boobs. You also should understand: I definitely have a big-boob-fetish and because I hadn’t had a girl with such big boobs yet I decided to take her. She wasn’t fat, in fact she had a very nice body besides her big tits. Unfortunately she didn’t allow nude pictures. The sex was OK: she french kissed, gave BBBJ, etc.

Day 9. Around dinner time I was eating some noodle dish in my favorite restaurant when I noticed a sexy girl. I asked her if she wanted to accompany me to my hotel. She happily complied and in my hotel we had great sex. First of all, she had very big boobs and they felt extremely nice too. She didn’t suck dick, but she did french kiss and when I was fucking her I found out that she allowed me to penetrate her ass as well. So I started to fuck her hot, good looking ass and then alternately her ass and pussy. I finally ejaculated inside her ass. Total costs: B500. Here are some pictures of her:

a gogo bar

In the evening I barhopped for only a short while. In one bar I ran into a girl I met in Jakarta who was on a holiday in Thailand! I said goodbye to my friend Lao with a lot of kisses. Why? Because the next day I was going to Koh Kong, Cambodia!


Day 26. I had to get up at about 5.30 a.m. At the airport of Phnom Penh I found there were only four more passengers. Two of them were Norwegian Hell’s Angels (but very friendly). It took about one hour for the little propeller aeroplane to get to the U-Thapao airport, which is about 50 km from Pattaya (at the airport you can take a minibus to Pattaya for B150: don’t believe the taxi drivers who will tell you the minibus service is out of business).
After I’d checked in at the same hotel as before I decided to look for two of my best fucks of the first 9 days (see PART 1): Phun and Booh. First I visited Phun. She was in again, but this time she was feeling a little sick (sore throat and she “kinda” had her period). We had sex nevertheless, leaving my dick covered with blood. I asked her if she had ever taken a HIV-test. She told me she regularly had a HIV-test and that she always tested negative. I am not telling this to suggest everything is OK, I’m just telling what happened. BTW, you can get a HIV-antibody test (EIA) for B520 in Pattaya Memorial Hospital. You won’t need to consult a doctor and the test result is available within half an hour. The costs are lower when you allow a couple of days before getting the result. If you’re curious: I had my blood tested in Pattaya for HIV-antibody and the test showed up negative…
At night I went barhopping again. I didn’t notice much difference from the first week I was in Pattaya, although high season should be over by now: the quantity of girls and farangs as well as the prices were about the same. I didn’t feel like barhopping all night and I decided to stay in one beerbar and enjoy it’s live music. I loved the combination of (Singha) beer, live music and the good taste of the cheap meat with hot chili, which is sold on the streets and to which I really got addicted. BTW, unfortunately another favorite of mine, “fruit shake” (fresh fruit, ice and some other minor ingredients mixed together in an electric mixer) is very hard to find in Pattaya.

Day 27. In the morning I went out on some sight seeing trip. In the afternoon I tried to buy some Kamagra, but I found out that none of the pharmacies in Pattaya sold Kamagra. One sold Penagra, another Indian substitute for Viagra, but Penagra was about as expensive as Viagra. Usually I don’t use any of them, but I find it comfortable to have some on me in case of an emergency… BTW, I saw a lot of men buying Viagra in the pharmacies of Pattaya. On the street I saw a pretty girl with big boobs, so I invited her to come to my hotel. She was 20 years old. In my room she insisted on use of condom. I played some time with her boobs and then I decided to let her go. I called Booh (see Day 9 in PART 1) who arrived at my hotel in 20 minutes time. We had good sex again, but this time she didn’t want to get fucked in the ass. When we were finished I fell asleep. When I woke up a couple of hours later I was still laying on top of Booh! I didn’t feel like going out anymore, so we crawled under the sheets to sleep some more.

Day 28. I had another sex session with Booh in the early morning. After I gave her B800 she went home.
I started to barhop early in the evening. Quite soon I discovered a girl with a very big rack in a beerbar in Soi 8: Fai (18). She turned out to be a very sweet girl as well. They made me choose between paying B300 to the bar or buying the girl a drink for B85 and paying B200 to the bar. I chose the second option. In my hotel she turned out to be the best fuck of my entire Thailand/Cambodia-trip! She was sweet, passionate and french kissed lustfully all the time. She gave a very good BBBJ and she didn’t stop sucking my dick until I said she could stop. And of course I loved her giant tits. I remember that one time I said on this board that I have never seen a young Thai girl with really big boobs. Well, I will never say that again:

Soi Cowboy barfine

She sucked my dick in several positions and I fucked her pussy in several positions too. I could have easily come when I was fucking her tight, wet pussy while french kissing at the same time, but I decided to prolong the session. When I was fucking her from behind I noticed I could easily put my finger and even my whole thumb in her asshole. At first she refused somewhat to my anal advances, but soon she acted completely submissive. Now I could shove my dick easily into her ass. When I was fucking her ass I felt her pussy which was soaking wet. I put two fingers into it. I fucked her cunt and asshole alternately, first from behind in doggy style and then in the missionary position, sometimes grabbing and playing with her huge tits. I came while my dick was deep inside her ass. I didn’t want her to stay with me, because I had to go to bed early, so I gave her B600 and told her that I would like to see her again tomorrow.

Day 29. I got up at 4.30 a.m.(!) for another sight seeing trip. When I returned to Pattaya early in the evening I picked up Fai again and in my hotel we had the same kind of great sex as the night before. Again I also fucked her ass in several positions and this time I was able to add some perverted element to it: she was willing to suck my dick again after I had been fucking her ass for some time. Nevertheless I finally blew my load in her ass again.

Day 30. After having breakfast I had another hot and horny fuck with Fai. This time, after I had let her suck my dick for more than 15 minutes, I pushed my dick inside her ass before even touching her wet pussy. Then for about 30 minutes I alternately had my dick inside her ass, her mouth and her cunt. In all of them it felt great. With this girl I felt all my sexual fantasies were coming true. When she returned to the bar in the afternoon I paid her B1000.
At night I met Mon (19 years old) in one of the beer bars. She wasn’t easy-going: she only wanted ST (because she wanted to go to Marine Disco later that night), she wanted B700 for bareback sex and she wanted to see my test result on the HIV-test. The sex turned out to be mediocre: she wasn’t a great kisser nor BBBJ-provider. She had a great body though – in fact she told me she wanted to become a model in Bangkok -, but unfortunately she didn’t allow nude pictures to be taken. When I had released my sperm inside her pussy she acted a little paranoid about getting pregnant from me as well. Here is Mon:

At about 2 a.m. I had a brief look at the beach to see if I could find some attractive hookers there: one bargirl had told me that there were some very cheap hookers at the beach to be found (B200-B300), but she also warned me about AIDS in case I should decide to have sex with one of these hookers. I didn’t find any hookers at that location near the beach. In daytime I’ve seen some hookers near the beach though, but none of them I thought was attractive.

Day 31. When I was having lunch in my favorite restaurant I met Booh again. So she accompanied me to my hotel again where we had sex for the 4th time. It was very hot that day, so I was happy that she liked to go to the beach with me afterwards. All afternoon we spent at the beach. A couple of times she bought some beverages or fresh fruits for me. At night I picked up Sa in a beerbar near my hotel. Although she was already 22 years old she acted very shy and the other girls in the bar cheered a lot when I decided to barfine her. She must have been very inexperienced. When I inquired about the price for one night she replied: “Up to you!”. In my hotel she turned out to be a very good BBBJ-provider, so I let her continue her magnificent blow job for a long time. Then I fucked her in different positions. She moaned loudly when I fucked her and I liked that. She didn’t allow anal. She had a very soft and warm body too, so I had a good sleep holding her tight.

Day 32. We had a decent morning fuck. Again she moaned when I fucked her. When she returned to her bar I gave her only B600 and somewhat to my surprise she was happy with it. I wonder how low I could have settled the price for this all-nighter… Here is a picture of this sweet girl:

Then I met a gorgeous girl on the street. My dick got very hard looking at her and I tried anything to get her to allow my dick to penetrate her sexy body. But she told me that she wasn’t that kind of girl. Yet I’ve seen her sending E-mails including nude pictures of her to farang men in an internet cafe, so I wonder what kind of girl she actually is (BTW, she happened to work in an internetcafe). Finally I managed to get her to my room for some pictures. This is one of them:

She didn’t want to take her clothes off and although I would have liked to have torn her clothes off, I kept behaving like a gentleman and I let her go. Early in the evening I picked up a girl from a beerbar near the Second Rd: Again B200 for the bar and B500 for the girl (ST). She had a very good looking pussy and she also allowed me to put my whole thumb inside her asshole. But unfortunately she didn’t allow my dick in there. Day 33. After all this fucking around I was getting a little tired actually, but then I met 19 year old Yaya from Fuck You Bar in Soi 6/1. As you can see she is a beautiful girl:

next morning

Again B200 bar plus B500 girl (ST). She agreed on bareback sex if I promised not to come inside her. We had great sex. She french kissed, gave BBBJ (in a moderate way) and because the bed inside the room was quite high it allowed a sex position I’ve seen many times in porn flics but is often hard to imitate in real life: the girl is lying on the bed on her back with her cunt and ass at the edge of the bed (with her legs wide open and into the air), so you can stand in front of her, have a good view on her pussy and are able to direct your penis easily into her cunt and while fucking her your hands are still totally free so you can play with her tits freely. Fortunately Faya has quite big tits, so I had indeed some nice tits to play with. She told me she didn’t want me to take nude pics, because her farang ex-friend had posted some of her nude pics on the internet.
At night I was again drinking in a beer bar and listening to a band playing music. When I saw a guy selling meat I couldn’t resist as usual, so I went to buy me some. At this food cart a very sexy and beautiful girl happened to be waiting on her meat as well. I believe her name was Pom:

She was kind of a mysterious girl: she was accompanied by an older Asian man, she wasn’t a bar girl and she told me she liked Phuket and Bangkok more than Pattaya. She obviously had some experience in this business somehow. I guess she was some kind of freelancer who traveled between Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. At first she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go to my hotel and then she wanted B1000 for ST. But before we arrived at my hotel she already agreed on B600. In my room she turned out to have a wonderful, perfect body with big, perfect boobs and a perfect, beautiful ass. So I was very disappointed when she didn’t provide a blowjob and insisted on use of condom for intercourse. Because she was so beautiful and such a passionate lover I complied and we had some covered sex. She reminded me of some of the best prostitutes in Europe as these kind of professional prostitutes also can be very beautiful and act very passionate, but they always refuse/avoid any intimacy and real sex, giving it all some fake flavor. But I don’t think you can find such passionate, well-performed fake/covered sex with such a beautiful woman as Pom for only US$10 in Europe. For that is what I paid her: B500 (about US$10).

Day 34. As a conclusion to this magnificent trip I visited Yaya one more time. Again we had great sex. Afterwards we cuddled some time. Her soft and beautiful body felt great against my body. She didn’t know this was my way of saying goodbye, not only to her but to all of Pattaya. In the evening I was picked up by a minibus which drove me and some other farangs to the international airport of Bangkok. Another great holiday had come to an end.

Sometimes I’ve heard people say that the girls in Pattaya are very hardcore nowadays. I don’t understand that: as you can read in this report most Pattaya girls still go with you for little money (sometimes they don’t ask for money at all!), they are generally sweet, willing and quite a lot of the girls even allow anal sex! At night they all cuddle up against your body, giving you all the warmth and love they can provide. Most of the girls are happy to spend the afternoon at the beach with you and instead of charging you they buy you beverages and other stuff. They love to engage in romantic relations as much as they like to send and receive love (electronic) messages. If the Pattaya girls are hardcore I definitely would like to meet some girls who aren’t hardcore! Anyway, I surely love the Pattaya girls ”too much”!

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