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The ultimate guide for adults who desire the best erotic and romantic adult-only vacation destinations around the world. Discover Where Only Adults Play and how you can join them. Adult Only Travel guide is the ultimate guide in finding erotic and romantic destinations. Be it a large scale resort that are adult orientated (you know, swingers and those nude hot tub parties) to the small scale Inns and Villas were discrete privacy and anything goes is the norm. If you have a partner try one of our romantic interludes (how about an erotic cruise) or a experience the sexual art of Oceanic Tantra. Have you ever done it 20,000 feet up in the air (what a high 🙂 or under the water club exotic resort (yes it is true)? A favorite of ours is the recommended exotic nite cruise with exotic dancers (now that will get your partner smoking :-).

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For those without partners how about a single nude cruise or visit a nudes-A-Poppin show where everything is over-exposed. Did you know there is a naked city (over 40,000) hidden in Europe or how about inside look into sex on the strip or visit an adult only trade show where you can learn (and see) what the hottest places on the planet are. Of course there is a full disclosure of those Super-Clubs were meeting singles and having sex is included in their “all-inclusive tariff” — but not for the shy :-).

Here’s more of what you’ll find: 2 little known tropical resorts where you can live your lifestyle at full swing… leave the commercial hedonistic resorts behind for the masses and really enjoy yourself here. The top nude cruises on the planet – 24/7 sailing au naturel hoist the mainsail and sail towards the sunset! 25 of the best erotic events you must attend at least once in your lifetime. if you really want to experience true excitement. A very exclusive tropical Caribbean island paradise where erotic pleasures await. It’s an adult fantasy resort for singles and couples and includes some of the most beautiful exotic women on the planet. Believe it or not, it’s also reasonably priced. And when we say all-inclusive. Some of the most Romantic Resorts in the world that want nothing more than to cater to adults exclusively. They actually encourage intimacy and pleasure. No children activities found here. A hidden Hawaiian retreat where you can discover and experience the sexual art of Oceanic Tantra. This is the type of place most people only dream about.

Find the absolute best places to join the Mile High Club. Exclusive charters that offer couples the opportunity to soar to new levels of sexual adventure. The premier honeymoon company that provides you with the ultimate honeymoon experience. Anything from bungee jumping to saying “I Do” in the buff is possible here. Start your honeymoon with a splash 21 feet underwater in an unbelievable deep-sea resort. They even have their own “Mer-Chef” that dives down to create a very memorable private dinner just for you. Don’t want to book your trip? Use one of the top 16 recommended travel agents that cater specifically to the needs of adult travelers. If things start heating up a little too quickly…try cooling down at a hotel completely made of ice. Snuggle under a cozy pile of deer pelts and visit the fully functional ice bar. Get wild and experience the thrill of dancing on water without getting wet at one of Miami’s most exclusive nightclubs!

And much, much more… “All the contact information you will need is provided saving you endless hours of research and dead-end searches. Websites, phone numbers, addresses, it’s all here for your use.” Everything from romantic resort hideaways to nude cruises to some very naughty erotic events is included. If you are seeking a porn guide, where to find escorts or something along those lines, you will be disappointed. Adults Only Travel – The Ultimate Guide to Romantic and Erotic Destinations is much more than that. It’s a very tasteful yet provocative guidebook that really has something for all lifestyles and budgets. The only thing all the destinations have in common is they are all for adults only. “You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time.” It’s perfect for those planning a honeymoon who want someplace really unique or even a little bit naughty that will cater to their every desire. How about bungee jumping when you’re tying the knot? And if that’s not exciting enough, you will even find a company that will let you do it in the nude! “Everything from romantic to erotic destinations is covered. Whether you want more romance or something a little naughtier, this is great for getting your partner more interested in letting loose and being more adventurous.”

This guidebook is also fantastic for someone like myself, who was at one time trying to get my wife more interested in some of the sexier trips and events I saw available. I wish I had something like this back then to expose her in a tasteful way to all the great opportunities out there regarding adult travel. It would have been nice (and much easier) to lay in bed and look at a guide like this and plan our different dream vacations. “All destinations are for Adults Only so you’ll feel confident no children will spoil the fun times you’ve been looking forward to.” We packed this guidebook (304 pages) with 152 destinations and over 160 photos so you have a very wide choice of places to check out. Each destination has their website address and complete contact information provided, so it makes it extremely easy for you to get more information about the places that interest you most. “If you’re single, you’ll find some special spots that you can meet others just like you who are ready to party, and maybe much more.”

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So whether you want to do something really adventurous like join the Mile High Club, go on a clothing optional cruise, attend a very erotic event, or maybe just find a perfect romantic resort that is so private that you can let your fantasies unfold on the beach at night with your partner, the Adults Only Travel Guide will give you an abundance of choices. “Over 152 destinations available around the world with plenty of US and Canadian choices.” Think about it, you could keep doing your own research trying to find the best “adult only” spots for your next trip, or you could order your copy of the Adults Only Travel Guide today for only $21.95 and start planning your next exciting erotic and romantic adventure.

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