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Some fun Asian pussy poems for the Asia whoremaster who told her a nice sexy joke about Living overseas, some info and talk. The public perception of mongers was of concern before my first Tsm vacation: where to go? As they say in Tijuana’s Zona Norte “Women have choices, Men have responsibilities”. Let’s come down to tidbits of recent mongering vacations:

Maxican ladyMexico: Hey there fellow travelers and punters. I haven’t seen much on TJ here for a while, so I thought I would post a report on my trip there this weekend. This was my friends Sam and MikeCC and I recently took a quick overnight trip down from LA to San Diego and TJ to celebrate my birthday. We thought Beavis left his Karedo house Friday afternoon at 2:00 PM and handed key to realtor who will either sell or rent the Beavis castle. Beavis had plans to go to Houston but knows better than to arrive in Houston at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon. Therefore he flew to Mexico City: I had the good fortune to have to go down to MC for a couple of days and decided to stay over and see the sights. Business Wednesday and Thursday so took the Friday off and then off to Puerta Vallarta. I spent a couple of weeks in Puerto Vallarta in early April. The first week mostly went by watching beautiful girls from the

Russia: Moscow and my fifth trip to the Russian capital. Russia over the last three years and these are my thoughts and opinions. Unfortunately, inflation and the Euro are taking their toll on the cost of the single adult traveler. I just returned 4th time from Russia within three years. As I said in previous posts I was trying to meet a Miss right.

Meet Orientals: Asian Bargirls

South America: From Chile here is my review of Santiago. My aim with this review is to provide a sort of comprehensive guide that I did not have going in. Guayaquil: We started out at a couple of the locals clubs where they have chicas standing in front of doors waiting for the drunken patrons to give it up. The quality of the chicas was amazing. Peru: I recently had a good time during a recent 1 week trip to Lima, Peru. This was my first visit to Peru. The city of Lima does not possess the great beauty of Buenos Aires, but does have a number of clubs with a good music system. I had two days in BA recently, and wanted to make the most of it. A few emails and phone calls with Aby of

North America: Best places for pros in the U.S. I have a couple of friends, one Spanish one Brazilian, who want to start in the business in the US. Where is the best place right now (January-March) for prostitution from the prostitutes perspective? Montreal: I just got back from Montreal, here is my review: Luxure, I used them when they first opened, and had Karine. Had a great experience. This time however I was sent over to the cozy corner with red carpet in front. Houston: After having a bad start to what should be a good day Beavis called up his buddy Chalino. He explained what had happened and asked him if he could fix me up with something very special for his day of the year. He asked where I was and how long before I could be there. Tons of Miami Beach Skin, why I love this beach.

Newsletters: Reports with photos – I was in Rio in Jan 04 and stayed at the Brazil Specialist Apartment. I didn’t post anything then because I wasn’t a member at that time. Now it is pay back time for all your help. Dominican Republic bikini’s: On to Costambar and Black Beards Adult resort. Black beards is nice resort near the beach. Great room with room safe installed in closet. King size bed and huge shower. Nice and clean with tile floor. Welcome drink from Dave McBride and get run down on hotel and resort. Cartagena insights: This was my first trip to Colombia. I have been to Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana in South America, most of Central America, and Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia in Asia.

Indonesia’s Batam island: I finally took the plunge and visited the vice den of Nagoya on the island Batam Indonesia, and it was so good and convenient that I went back again the following weekend. Philippines: Lust and Diving, It all seemed so simple and easy but, without my knowing exactly when, it all got pretty crazy. It was only because a friend, Al, had just arrived from the world and pointed out that, a) a nympho who you’d think butter melted in her mouth. Need more, look here for parties: Filipina Bargirls Party.

Colombia: I thought I was going to Bogota on the last trip so I had asked for some info on TSM. I didn’t get there except the airport. I hope to explore the north of that city soon. It’s been awhile since I posted so I have wanted to return some of the hello’s. Dominican Republic — Been in the DR for a few days now and while there is no sun (rain is following me) have had lots of fun. More girls than ever (disco is jamed and around 11.30 they line up at the Menregue bar to get in and you can easily pick one out for an early evening.) The only problem is the peso is now 27. Argentina: Had two days in BA recently, and wanted to make the most of it. A few emails and phone calls with Aby of platynum.com.ar (also Satin of http://www.area-vip.com.ar) had her set for my arrival on a Sunday around noon. A few days before she asked if we could make it on

Philippines — Last visit to Manila before the new year. Stayed in Makati and you should see the two honies I met and the photos will rock you 🙂 Colombia: Cartagena , how to tell good girls from bad girls with lots of beach photos (good girls of course). Back to Santa Marta. It is still fun and a great diversion from Cartagena and the perfect beaches and girls.

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