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No Escorts for Japanese. fuzoku It seems that the most popular kind of sexual service worldwide is “escorts.”  Searching the web in English, I’m surprised at how many escorts are in operation in Japan. This is the most basic knowledge. No escorts exist targeting Japanese customers. They are for non-Japanese. It’s very important. Whenever you find websites of sex establishments written in Japanese, remember that they are NOT escorts. Not Recommended escorts I don’t recommend using escorts in Japan.

1. Legal Concerns: Prostitution is illegal in Japan. The current law doesn’t punish Japanese customers for buying sex at Japanese places. When it comes to escorts, I can’t promise you anything. To run a sex business, you have to be certified by the authorities. They provide a special number. Either mention of certification or the number must appear on the website of legitimate establishments.  I haven’t found any escort agencies that have them. That means more than likely they run illegally. Some escorts even use pictures of famous Japanese celebrities on their websites. I don’t think I need to explain about it.


2. Too Expensive The counterpart of escorts in Japan would be “deriheru.” Japanese escorts cost a lot more than deriheru. I was actually astonished when I found out the jaw-dropping prices. Money should be used wisely. At a lower cost, deriheru offers you sexual satisfaction which I believe would be deeper.

3. Number is Low Over two thousands of sex-related clubs exist in Tokyo alone. Japanese escorts are just dozens. Number isn’t everything. Multitude could lead to difficulty in choosing. On the other hand, larger numbers mean more competition and more effort to attract customers, resulting in greater satisfaction and better service. The more people involved, the higher the level, I think.

4. Poor in Diversity Escorts end up in sex, am I right? That is the finish line. It’s where everything closes. In Japan, sexual service goes beyond intercourse. Oily massage of soaplands is fairly well-known. What do you think is happening at service with “no penetration”? The words represent “there is no putting your dick into the pussy.” Here, emphasis is put on something different. There are many specialty shops offering big boobs, taller girls, teenagers, costumes, and more others. Fuzoku, or Japan’s sex industry, meets the needs of more people than escorts do. There is no way for me to choose escorts.

When you’re in Japan, I’d like you to experience the true local quality. The decision is yours.

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