The Last Lawless Area In Tokyo

Tokyo has many red-light districts, each of which has their characteristics. One offers lower price because of easy access from other prefectures by train. Citizens in Tokyo earn a lot more than those in others. In another area, herusu clubs, where penetration is prohibited, provide full sex at a rate of 100 percent, because of a soapland-packed area nearby. Soaplands are called “the king of the sex business” and give penetration or full sex every time. There is also a district which houses a lot of adult movie companies. You encounter porn actresses most often there than anywhere else.

1 A neighborhood is called “the last lawless area in Tokyo”: Kamata in Oota Ward. The most distinct difference is pinsaro clubs, which usually offer blow-job alone for a cheaper price in a private space partitioned by curtains or something. In Kamata’s pinsaro, you can get penetration. It’s not exactly full sex. Female workers sit on the lap and let you in. The price doesn’t differ from other ordinary ones. I have a strange feeling, wondering how staff keep on hiring female workers.

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You can’t operate such clubs in different areas. If you did, police would arrest you in a minute. I guess part of the reasons why Kamata keeps the current position would be a backstage deal between police and gangsters. There should be special routes to keep on attracting women. I don’t know a lot about them. However, it may not be long before the pinsaros are cleared out, because the Tokyo Olympics are coming up in 2020. It’s not unusual in Japan that international events tighten clampdown on the sex industry.

The Olympic Games draws great attention, maybe the greatest. A variety of people will visit Tokyo from all over the world. Sex establishments might give them bad impression, damaging the image of the whole Japan. The government will never tolerate it. It’s thought that not only Kamata but also Tokyo’s sex business could face a big change in the near future. I believe the sex industry won’t disappear, and that the market will shrink gradually.

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