Where to find Japanese Prostitutes in Tokyo


Tokyo, Roppongi – This is mainly where my experience has been in Tokyo, since the hotel I usually stay at is in Akasaka which is a short walk from Roppongi. If you go to Roppongi crossing (the main intersection, right on Roppongi-dori, near the exits of the Roppongi subway stations), there will be tons of hot girls dolled up soliciting every guy that walks by. They all say “massaji” (thats massage). You would think that by the way the whole situation is set up that there would be a lot more than a massage at stake. Take my word for it – don’t go with these girls (unless you actually want a massage, which is actually pretty nice but not what this list concerns..). I have tried on a number of occasions, but the most you can score is a really expensive handjob. In Yokohama I once blew 40,000 yen since the girl giving me the massage said what I thought meant she would go all the way, but then after I paid her she would only take off her top! So anyhow, there are also tons of foreign guys trying to get people to go to clubs, mostly big African guys. You can go to a strip club with them, but not much more in my experience. I have also tried hanging out in Motown and Gas Panic and a few others, mainly on weekdays, which totally sucked since there was barely anyone there. What to do is stroll around and look for some really old lady or man hanging around. They will probably approach you after a while and ask you if you want a girl. Then they will show you to one of these girl clubs which would otherwise be impossible to find unless you already knew where to go. Once there, you probably have to buy a drink for 2,000-5,000 yen and can check out the girls. I have done this three times now and I have not ever been able to negotiate a price less than 30K yen, which is really pretty damn expensive. Furthermore, you will have to pay for a love hotel room, which will run another 5,000. Fortunately I could just take a taxi with the girl back to my hotel, and give her cab fare afterwards. Last time I was in Japan, the girl I took out was totally awesome and we got along famously. She was half Japanese half Thai and lived in Yokohama with her mom. After an awesome session which included lots of great kissing and an unforgettable shower, we parted, but she gave me her number and email. I called her the next day and she visited me at my hotel again before she went to work at her club. Later on we corresponded by email, but she just moved out of japan so I couldn’t see her this time. Anyway, suffice to say that so far as I know finding sex in Roppongi is pretty difficult and will be really expensive when you can find it.

Misa Terada from Toyko Hot plays an Japanese escort.

Yokohama, Koganecho – Hit this place this time after reading WSA, and let me tell you it is like a dream come true! Absolutely incredible! Really mouth watering girls in sexy attire lined up practically shoulder to shoulder, for several blocks on either side of the tracks in the narrow pedestrian roads that run parallel with the tracks. Not sure how many are actually Japanese, but there are tons of excellent looking asian girls. Many of them are Chinese, from the mainland, which is actually pretty nice for me since I speak mandarin. So I don’t mind hooking up with the Chinese girls and don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out if a particular girl is Japanese or not. I would say most of the girls tried to reel me in, so apparently its not a big deal to be a Gaijin here. There were girls for every taste: short, tall, thin, plump, no boobs, big boobs, school uniforms, etc., with a couple foreign girls too. The little doorways they stand in are the doors to these little fuck shacks; tiny buildings which seem to have been constructed for just this purpose? So after cruising around once, blinking my eyes and thanking the gods, I tried out a spunky looking young cute girl with bleached hair in pigtails. Turns out she was from Shanghai so we had fun chatting in Chinese. The system is as follows: you go in to the little doorway, they close the sliding door and take you to a tiny room with a futon on the floor and with the requisite supplies. She had a timer for 20 minutes, but I didn’t mind since I ususally don’t last more than that anyway. She gave me decent head with a condom on, and then enthusiastically fucked me in several positions. It was super. Price: 10K yen. Excellent, especially after making little headway elsewhere and paying huge prices to get anything at all. Too bad I leave tomorrow. Getting there from tokyo is really easy; just go to Shimbashi or Shinagawa station and get on the JR Keikyu line. You definitely want to get an express or limited express (red or green letters on the signs above the platforms) since there is about a million stations between tokyo and koganecho. Get off the express at Yokohama station, and wait for the next local train. Three or four stops down is Koganecho. Keep in mind that the last train for tokyo leaves koganecho at around 12:30 pm (check the schedule on the platform when you get off). Also remember that the tokyo subway closes down at about 12:30 too. Just for reference, on my return trip I took local train to Yokohama station, regular express to Shimbashi, then the subway for a couple stops, which took me one hour all told.

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