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Singletravel was better know and TSM, but what was TsmTravel? It was a website labeled as the ultimate non-commercial, members-only, adult travel club for single guys of all ages who enjoy erotic travel around the world. With over 20,000 members since it’s conception (in business over 10 years), almost evey spot on the planet is covered. Founded by the author of the LA Times acclaimed travel book, Travel & the Single Male! Isn’t it time you started enjoying the good life.

Start enjoying the good life! Their exclusive private and discrete member travel forum with personal email boxes — the online lounge of the adult travel world. Meet the experts and discuss your most personal adult travel questions and read their reports (with photos, of course). Thousands of detailed, first-hand account travel reports covering 75 countries including Russia, Thailand, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Prague, Rio, Costa Rica, Tunisia, China, New Zealand, Brazil, and much, much more. First-hand accounts by our own members covering almost every corner of the planet and updated daily!

Special multi-media section with real movies (over 70) of close encounters (you know what I mean). Detailed newsletters of over 60 romantic travel destinations. Plus over 4,500 photos from our Women of the World travel collection. See what you can expect before you get there. These are photos from real member’s encounters! Reportedly the best adult amateur travel photo collection on the Internet! Over 10,000 photos in all. Comprehensive trip planning resources including the exclusive “TSM-friendly” searchable hotel database with hundreds of detailed listings from around the world. The “Zagat Guide” to adult travel lodging. Everything you need to plan your next erotic travel adventure! Check out our hot vacation planner (you don’t want to go to the wrong place, right? :-)).

Interactive events calendar “see who’s where, when and doing what”. Discounts on hotels, bar fines in Bangkok, books and videos and more. Annual photo model contests with cash prizes for the photographer or girls. Regularly scheduled chat events where you can converse with other members real-time. Custom search engines and country libraries to quickly find what your looking for. Some of the secrets you read about and learn! Why you should Why you should NEVER go to Rio if you are considering a long-term relationship with an American woman
Why Costa Rica is now over-rated and over priced, learn about the new hot spot in Central America

Why you should visit 1273 Almagro the moment you land in Quinto, Ecuador and meet Annabelle. Which city in South America is the new hot spot for single men — hint, five members have married women from this country and the owner of TSM has bought a home in its tourist capital (and you can rent it at a discount). The most beautiful and amazing city in all South America. Detailed reports on this secret unknown destination (well, not if you belong to TSM). Which Caribbean Island is for female sex-tourists (we recommend you don’t go here). The hottest city in Brazil (sex of course) and it starts with a “R” and is NOT RIO! Which two islands off Singapore that are even better for easy girls than Thailand. Why Fidel has ruined Cuba for the single male. Sad stories for a wonderful country. The latest on the crack down in Angles City and the best unknown city for wife hunting (or lusting) in the Philippines. The new hot spot only 90 minutes form the U.S. and recommended for the guy who likes to explore while having a harem by his side. Going to Europe for some site seeing (or business) and don’t know what FKK stands for? You better join ASAP And much, much more!

You have a great site here! This is the first (and so far, only) internet site that I have paid to join, and I really think I’m getting my money’s worth. I wanted to tell you that I am having a ball on your web site. I am new on TSM activity and I can say that your service has been really useful to me to get the information I need for my trips. Also, I think your TSM photographs are great. Just wanted to let you guys know that I joined up a week ago, and am happy I did. The discount at the Presidente hotel in Costa Rica more than pays for the membership. Great site, extremely informative. Have not gota (sic) lot of sleep since :-). Btw,  just signed with your site about three weeks ago and I am convinced that this is one of, if not, the best site on the Internet for a single male.”

Let me just say, Tsm, (after a review of what the site has become) that I knew when you launched the thing back in September it had the makings of an excellent upgrade — but NOW: …BRAVO! The new site has morphed into a SUPERB resource and great all-around environment, information- and entertainment-wise. Rich with new features and great highlights that point the reader in lots of interesting directions. Quite simply, a FUN place to hang out as well. Way to GO! Over 11,000 reports, photos, movies and more comprising 40 gigabytes of data! Editors Note: We are a responsible media travel publisher dedicated to the independent single male.We gather our information (we are “not”a travel or tour company) from many sources including our own reviewers and writers.

Although adult travel can be considered risque by some people,we feel (as any good reporter) obligated to tell and show all. We do not publish any material that is illegal, offensive, abusive, pornographic, lewd or sexually degrading. We work closely with the legitimate & concerned adult orientated clubs of the world in correctness, If you feel any material at this site is not appropriate, please feel free to tell us immediately. We will review your request and take action accordingly — using good taste and the spirit of”adventure – travel – romance” as our guide. We hope you enjoy this adult travel preview and feel free contact us about this site for additions, compliments (or complaints).

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