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Geylang Road is a trucking road joining Singapore’s business district with suburban areas close to Changi airport. Both sides of Geylang Road host low-rise houses utilized for great restaurants and service shops protected statutorily from urban redevelopment in keeping with its history and old urban heritage. Geylang is famous for its history of prostitution as it’s known to be it’s prime RLD. Each side street (Lorong) had female prostitutes catering to a specific niche in terms of their language spoken, nationality, age, experience and sexual position according to Wiki Pedia website and other history resources. For example, each street would be filled with Thai, Filipino, Macau, Kantonese prostitutes, and another with Korean, Japanese ones. This is still the case today, while most present ethnic minorities are Chinese, Thai, Indian, Indonesian and Filipino. Other groups include Russian whores and Sri Lanka hookers. In the past one street would be for virgin prostitutes and another for virgin customers. Red neon lights light up in the night in pristine mansions discreetly announcing they are brothels.

Normal clients can only afford working women on Talma Street corners. Mansions are for exclusive business or corporate staff as the fees charged are beyond financial resources of working-class individuals. Geylang is targeted towards heterosexual male clients from all over the world. However, there are some dark street corners where transsexuals from Thailand and Philippines solicit for customers. It’s note-worthy to mention non-Asian customers are charged 100% higher prices than compared to locals. If a Chinese man was supposed to pay 50 SGD for a service, an American or European would be charged 100 SGD. Foreigners are not considered ‘brothers’ in this Singapore red-light district.

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Chinese street walkers prawl between luxury cars.

Prostitutes of many different ethnic background can be found in Geylang RLD. Normally, they are not mixed like colored balls, but each ethnic group has a certain place. Indian prostitutes are located in a connecting alley between Lorong 10 and 12, just around the corner of small houses where Thai girls can be found. Indian whores sit outside small shacks where they wait for customers. From what I noticed, there was always a guy around who would talk and negotiate prices with Indian customers. It’s not as clean cut as German brothels. The women themselves did not talk to customers aT all. Indians were dressed rather traditional, unlike Indonesian or Chinese hookers that were dressed in skimpy shorts and skirts with revealing tops.

About two years ago a sniper photographer rented a hotel room in one of the Geylang midrise hotels on Telma Road and made photos of hookers and cars passing by at night. The images revealed highend cars and their license plates. Aston Martins, Jaguars and Mercedes limousines with VIP numbers were revealed on a blogger site for all to see. Obviously, some of the cars and license plates were owned by VIP customers who were found in Singapore’s executive society. A big scandal broke out and the blogger was quick enough to make his blog private so only an elite club of Geylang brothers was able to see his photos and how VIPs would negotiate prices with Chinese street whores on Lorong 8. I will need to investigate this sex scandal a bit deeper and bring you up to date in my next post. Hope you won’t take your own car to this RLD. It’s much safer to use a taxi or MRT to get there and walk around by foot.

One of the many OFW from The Philippines from Orchard Towers.

Massage parlours in Geylang offer various ethnic nationalities like Indonesian, Indian, Sri Lankan and Chinese ladies, but what about prostitutes from the Philippines? There are very little Filipino women available between Lorong 4 and 12. Filipinas are not fond of working for brothels. They prefer to offer services as freelancers according to local boards like Laksaboy forum and Sammy Boy’s bbs. The best place to find Filipinas according to these sources and International Sexguide is at nighttime in Orchard Towers along Orchard Road. Orchard Towers are a two highrise buildings with shopping area. After sunset retail stores close. Pubs and discos open their doors while the towers are converted to “The four floors of whores” until 6 am in the morning. Discos appear like regular pickup places, but most of the women don’t come here for dating, but to put their bodies to work in private rooms of nearby Singapore hotels. Many Filipina women who work here have a track record as bargirls in their country or as Asian chat girls who are to shy for doing similar jobs in the Philippines.  The crowd at Orchard Towers is more western expats and tourists. There are also African, Vietnamese and Korean women present. Obviously, western crowd prefers more curvy merchandise for rent and booze to bridge waiting time. Upper floor bars are devoted to ladyboys for lovers of the third gender, many of whom are post-ops. Not too many local Singaporeans come to these hunting grounds. They probably prefer Desker Road and Ethnic Quarters.

A side alley with female providers of Indian heritage in Geylang.

At night Lorong 10 is filled with people. It’s pretty much should-to-shoulder sidewalk standing of Chinese dolls looking for customers. Traffic is bumper-to-bumper and lot’s of people walking on crowded streets/ At daytime, most hookers are sleeping or waiting inside hotel rooms. Afternoons are dominated by freelancers from Indonesia who do their “Psssst” routine on Lorong 10 and 8. You can follow them around the corner and listen to what they have to say. They are very secretive.Sometimes there are older gentlemen coming outside of massage shops and hotels to ask you to come inside. They will lead you to a selection of their female employees who are available for massage. Unfortunately, they do charge non-locals twice the rate of Singapore brothers. Too bad, they destroy their own business by discriminating against other races.

Right along Telma Road, Golden Star hotel would offer some of the cheapest rooms in Geylang enthic quarters. It was a great place for shooting veuyeur photos at night of what was going on outside on Lorongs as long as the RLD was bustling. It was always difficult to shoot photos on the streets as pimps and their bothers did not like that and one had to hide cameras. Another alternative was to cruise around in a limousine and shoot from the inside, but for that it was too much traffic on Lorong 10.

Well, Golden Star hotel is still around and the reception staff speaks English according to not so great reviews on Tripadvisor website.


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