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Sure they’re all sluts. And I’m sure they’re all from the suburbs. That being said, the original content on this site is pretty impressive. The models fulfill all the essential criteria of British Porn: schoolgirl outfits, slim big breasted women, lingerie, footwear, ass and leg shots. Pretty decent age range too (18 to 39), with no apologies. And subject matter is a nice mix of softcore and hardcore, although those searching for m/f stuff might be disappointed. Then again, most aficionados of this genre aren’t really here to see cock sucking and fucking. Or they’ve been conditioned for years by “Men’s World” and “Razzle” not to expect to see it.

Almost 70 exclusive models. You get a preview shot of the models listing before you join: Number of sets/pics, types of photos (i.e. Softcore, fetish), videos etc. A shocking, brazen display of unmitigated HONESTY. Shame on this guy for showing you exactly what you get as a member. The pic previews are merely a really good picture of the model, right next to it is all the “JOIN” stuff. A few small preview mpegs for downloading are also available, gives you an indication of the quality contained therein.

I was more than satisfied with the photo quality, very professionally crisp, clear and non-redundant (Hey Webmasters! No added value to me if the photo set is 100+ pictures of one… little… tiny… movement… after another). Oh, one other thing. Just because the set is “Solo” and has a title like “Panty Strip” don’t be surprised if you discover dildo/sex toys/masturbation pics in it. We dig that shit, and was pleased that it wasn’t held up like some huge treat to be heralded as some major event on the amateur site. I’ll ballpark a figure here. Nah, you know what? Fuck it. I’ll count them all for you…one sec…okay: 36,278 original photos. Actual count. Now tell me how many other review sites do that? That’s because we’re such a…aw heck, you know (rhymes with “Odd Friend”).

Now to the part of the site that gave me more boners than you could shake a stick at: Videos! Holy crap were they good. Mostly solo/stripping, some lesbian and a few hardcore. But the most awesomely cool part of the solo videos was the TALKING. I hate all those mechanical, bored, with a vibrator sawing in and out videos you see on 75% of the sites out there. They might as well be asleep; I know I soon am after watching them. These ones are all “Would you like to see my firm breasts? I know you would. I know you’re watching me, I know what you’re doing. Should I pleasure myself? Would you like to see that?” all delivered in a sweet Limey accent. Hardness! Turgidity! Engorgement! All the vids are available as 1-2 minute clips, and again kudos to this guy for offering them as one big file, zipped. Hey man! Most other webmasters don’t do this! Stop it! Trying to do a good job and make them look bad? Now I know I did you solid with the pic numbers, unfortunately there’s no “Videos” index. Here, I will ball park: About 75 videos, 7-25 minutes each, all WMV (mpegs). And the bigger ones have a little 30 second preview.

Now usually the “EXTRAS” are huge lumps of shit, these fellows have two we really like here: UK Amateurs (searchable database, movies, 2+ years of updates) and the venerable Viv Thomas videos/pictures. We dig Viv. Any guy named Viv kicks ass in our book. Our silly, personal book. The only crappy part of the “EXTRAS” is the lame-ass “Amateur Index” that has pictures we’ve all seen before, unless you recently had surgery to restore your eyesight and just started surfing porn at 5:00 p.m. tonight. Then they’re a bloody revelation!

Okay, here are a few things that got on my tit:

1) There were a few models that had a “Video” symbol and when you click on it you go to the video page for “Anna”. I think that was on about 3 or 4 of the models tabs. And one of the zips for a big movie was empty.
2) I’d like resizable pics (most are about 600800, pretty small for these parts) and a zip feature would be nice.
3) A video index would be good.
4) That “Amateur Index” is pretty bogus. Kind of brings down the overall quality of the site.
5) My numbers for pics/videos don’t match his. Of course, most field mice and ring-tailed lemurs have bigger brains than me, so my math skills may be suspect. Oh, I drink a lot of Nyquil too.

Cost is $29.95 per month, and I think you’d be pretty happy here for a while. Guy updates weekly (big ones too, like 5-6 new sets, 1-2 movies) and the Viv stuff+ UK Am is updated weekly too. A nice find.


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