Japanese videos: It should be noted right away that JP18 was different from other Japanese video sites. In terms of quantity it does not compare very well to other huge sites. Its by no means small, only you wont be seeing anywhere near any thousand(s) of movies to choose between here. Yes quantity is important but we want more from a site than a gigantic pile of porn thank you very much. If 1000 videos is the only reason you need to join somewhere, you might want to stop reading here and perhaps take a look at some of those other Asian sites we’ve covered instead. Anybody who is a little more selective and requires the highest possible video quality and bitrates and such ought to find JP18 very interesting however.

For top quality Asian mpeg videos, JP18 was one of the best options available out there. Heh, as always I make no claims of having seen everything available, but from sites Ive been to so far, what JP18 provides must rank right up at the top. You might be aware of how almost every site prefers the windows media platform to mpegs, that’s because file sizes become that much larger with mpegs, and bandwidth bills for the owner shoot up as a result. JP18 had circa 140 scenes in its member area, some rather expected categories plus a surprise or two like public nudity (another of my many pet fetishes), only 4 movies in this section now but they’re long (full 20-30 min) and plenty exciting too. Considering the amount of Japanese public nudity material out there, I don’t know if these are replaced regularly or if this section was created more recently. Btw, one of the videos sees a couple parked right outside a gas station getting down to business while people walk by or chat outside. Lovely. The One on One hardcore pages lists the largest amount of movies. Every one comes in both MPEG and AVI formats as far as I can see. An average-sized thirty minute scene can mean up to 400 megabytes to download here. With any larger full-length movies you’re looking at an even bigger download obviously, so a substantial amount of free disk space is required too then. The AVI format files are smaller (only slightly) and both formats have also been split up into smaller chunks to make downloads easier for members on slower connections. Id say a reasonably fast line and a big hard drive are both a must in order to take full advantage of this site.

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Here’s some of the smaller details that earned jp18 a high rating and silver award (for now): A lot of the movies are subtitled in English. Kind of rough translations though as you will see. A small amount of the content is censored (genitalia blurred with mosaics). They say 10%, and due to members who (no big surprise) have requested harder type fetish material, anal and more which apparently isn’t available uncensored anywhere. They support the use of download managers such as Getright, there’s even a How To for it on the FAQ page, this might be the first time Ive seen one.

We tried hard but could not come up with anything serious to whine about, nothing bothered me much, and I’m unable to put together any list of things I’d want to see improved. Its just a very well maintained, top quality video site. Really thought-through design and easy to tell a lot of time is spent on pleasing subscribers. Maybe they should try find some more full-length movies of one hours playtime or longer. More big boobs and public nudity would be nice too. The ifriends live chat links first thing inside the member area felt a bit desperate to me, gonna cost them a point. Must be something better that spot could be used for too.

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To sum up; beautiful young models doing hardcore, only high quality exciting videos and no old lame why-was-this-included junk. Unlimited downloads yes you can download a couple gigabytes in an evening then come back and not find your acct shut off the next night. Transfers are fast too btw. Both full-scene/split in smaller files options, a decent price tag what more do you need from a video site? Exclusive stuff perhaps, if you’re a serious hard core collector who’ve seen everything already. Personally I didn’t recognize any of the movies and scenes inside the member area, their FAQ page is kind of vague on the whole subject though. I’d guess they’ve got some deal to distribute stuff from certain Japanese companies or something like that, what I viewed seemed to be of a consistent very high standard. I mean besides only looking sharp. Preview pages show a lot of whats available, some short preview trailers are in there too.

Updates were daily, bits from two separate movies are always added one part per day. As with many other sites that did not update static content, JP18 went out of business. They just disappeared and dropped off of the web in 2011. Rest in peace.

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