Girls from Ipanema (Girls From Ipanema) was one of the best erotic Latina sites on the net. It was not the biggest, but almost every single girl they picked out looked fantastic. Many other Latina Brazilian sites show pretty women, but there must still be alot of GFI exclusives here. Rio de Janeiro

A short list of everything they got on the site right now reads as follows: Modelos (Models): 40 models, sets of 15-20 pics in each. Casais (Couples): 17 hardcore sets, preview thumbs of whats coming in the next months. Catinhas: 16 sets, preview thumb of upcoming 8 months additions. Bi-lus (Lesbian): 8 small sets, hot stuff. Daily Girl: 1 pic added for (surprise surprise) every day of the week. Carnaval: Some samba babes pics shot at the carneval in Rio. They know how to have a good time down there, that’s for sure. Bikinis: Needs no explanation. More babes, also some short video clips. Movies: A few misc DivX clips. Live Feeds. All the additions of recent months are in this section. Dont miss!

There you have it. A big part (like 90% or more) of the photos are shot outdoors, which is cool since you don’t really wanna see all these incredible babes locked up in some studio. Wouldnt be doing them justice. The above mentioned fantastic models. Whoever picks them out has excellent taste. Updates with new model every 5 days. Every model is presented with only one small photoset. AJ AJ AJ. I wanna see alot more of nearly all of them. The photos are all 600400 or 400600 pixels, a bit small. Normally nobody wouldn’t mind but some fullscreen pics with these beauties would be cool to have similar to Naked By. And finally I wish there was more to see. This site used to have alot more girls, they were pulled off the site now for some reason. (Lack of hd space I suppose), if they added an archive section the rating would be approaching Silver. Even if youre some kinda Latina connoisseur, you probably missed this site, the guys behind it do little or no advertising, (I was lucky to see a pic with their site tag on usenet) and I cant stress enough how excellent a site this is. If youre into Latin pussy this is a must.

Unfortunately, GFI magazine has closed its doors for good. One fan was so kind to share his saved files over at Imagefap.

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