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Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s very possible that you disagree with me; but I think these women are extremely hot and generally very sexy in appearance. I have never seen women in a porn movie who are so inherently attractive – even clothed – as these.

Mainstream movies are better made
A typical porn movie is shot on a single handheld prosumer video camera – something like this is a common choice. It does a pretty good job for a camcorder, but ultimately it’s a camcorder. There’s usually not a lot of attention paid to lighting, or to set decoration, or to color correction, or post-production generally. The result is a product that generally looks worse than real life. Mainstream movies on the other hand, even low-budget ones, tend to be shot using equipment like this which will typically cost more to rent, per day, than the above camcorder costs to buy. Generally these movies are made by people who know what they’re doing. They have been to film school to learn composition, lighting and post-production. The result is that mainstream movies generally look better than real life. Film school students learn more than the mere mechanics of operating cameras and light of course; they also learn how to assemble a narrative and emotionally involve the viewer through good editing. So you care more than you would in real life; and if they decide that a particular scene should be erotic and arousing, the result is sexier than it would be in real life.

Mainstream movies make us care more
When you’re watching a porn movie, there’s no moment when you forget that you’re watching a porn movie. You never find yourself lost in the world of the movie. You never feel as the characters feel; you never care about what they care about; you never believe in what they’re doing. Mainstream movies, on the other hand, thrive on this kind of thing. Every mainstream director wants to make you forget who you are, and let you escape from your reality for a little while. Let’s imagine that two movies are to address the subject of a young man who has his first sexual encounter at college. Here’s the porn version.

Obviously that was a little longer. But I sure hope you found it a lot sexier. Even just from these brief notes on the plot, we care about the characters, we identify with them, and we see that this is (at least nearly) a believable scenario.

Whatever a mainstream movie chooses to be, it tends to be very much. If it is a horror, it tends to be very horrific. If it is a comedy, it tends to be very funny. If it has sex in its story line, it tends to be very sexy indeed. Beautiful actresses and talented, artistic film makers combine with involving plots to make mainstream moviemaking the source of some of the best and truest erotica around. That’s why on the average lonely Friday night, my choice of viewing is likely to be some well-made Hollywood movie with a great nude scene, rather than Busty College Girls Three.

I do very much enjoy my work sometimes. Saturday’s job was to photograph Zoe here for a computer game. Since the pictures are for an in-development adult computer game, and not for general web consumption, I can’t post any that are too identifying. Still you can see she’s a very nicely put together young lady. I have received a few suggestions for sites which do offer well-made hardcore, in response to my previous blog entry on the topic. I’m particularly interested in – not because it’s so good, but rather because they own site echos some of the complaints I made. They claim to have great sets, photography, costume etc; and they may well have, but to be honest I can’t see any evidence from the free preview material on their sites that they’re any different from the regular run-of-the-mill cheap crappy hardcore sites. I guess what I’m looking for could be described as “artistic hardcore.” Please, if you know of any websites which fall into that category, leave a comment below with your suggestion. I might agree or disagree, but I’m interested in your suggestions either way.

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  1. I came across the site years ago and had forgotten what a treasure trove of erotic material it contained! Thanks…

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