Lia 19 Tantra

Well it just came in the mail! Which means I am has ready to jizz all once more it…. Wait let me back up. I am talking nearby my new favorite chair / sex toy! Nope it is not the sex swing this is by far classier. Its called a tantra chair and I have had my eye on one for a long long time! I can’t believe it is eventually here. It cost once more a 1000.00 dollars so you know it has to be go or nevertheless it better be lol. I lover how it has curves just like me. These pics give you all the lovely angles as i try to find just the right spot for it and just the right position for me on it.

couch lia 19
Seductive on her couch: Model Lia

Alison Angel Pink Girl Stands Out In Public: One of my dear members from the message board sent me this outfit and asked if I would take a few pics of myself wearing it, nonetheless the incredulity is that I did an entire shoot of me in it! I personally am not a heavy Gators fan, I am more of an Ohio state fan! Go Buckeyes! But for the sake of making a member happy, and because I LOVE pink…I am wearing this just for all my Gatorsfans! Alexa: Turned 18 just a month before the shoot, she’s had the craving to shoot nudes but had to wait until she was legal! She is supercute, with a small body and perfect, hard bosom and the ultimate toned curvature. Following her through a mall, we encourage her to flash her breasts. Very shy, as it is her first time, she exposes those perfect naturals, after that videotapes herself in the womens’ change room at the mall as she gets undressed. Even starts playing with herself… after that she poses for the camera, stripping down, after that masturbating with her fingers outdoors! Going home, she uses a vibrator, and has one fit orgasm… but that’s not enough, she wants a second! We discover how much she loves masturbating and the fit orgasms that come with it. Later, in the bedroom all naked, she rolls roundabout it the bed, positioning herself in doggy style, so we can fantasize near here it all… and after that brings us close so we can see her private parts in extreme closeups. Rubbing her clit, she gets turned on again, and after that puts on a suggestive cutoff shorts and top. Posing outdoors, she strips in the sunset, and starts fingering herself deep. Then its on to a suggestive black dress & heels, trying to look more ‘mature’, and she parades roundabout like in a fashion shoot, after that pulls the panties aside, and masturbates again. Its another orgasm — one that totally wears her out! Late at night, she massages her bosom and butt, letting us enjoy every detail… and after that goes to the pink room to talk slightly near here her sexuality, after that masturbate. Teasing herself in doggy style, after that turns to the vibrator, and masturbates hard until she has one final, startling climax. A totally gorgeous, appealing but suggestive first-timer for FTV!


Jade: This girl is totally new… comes in and is definitely excited roundabout shooting today! She strips down naked for us, showing off her body, next goes straight to masturbating! She admits to masturbating every day, and enjoys it sometimes more than sex?? Once she has her orgasm, she next goes outdoors to show off her flexibility. A ballet dancer in the past, she does some moves in the middle of the driveway outdoors! Well she gets all out public at this waterway/park area… people biking or jogging by get to watch this girl masturbate with a vibrator. Completely naked and pounding herself hard with her pink toy, one of the people on a bicycle stops and sits down to watch! After her orgasm, she poses some more until she starts has too much attention. More flashing at a restaurant next back to has all naked. She tries something she’s never done before: Fisting! Starting with a few fingers, she manages to get her whole fist in, and pumps herself hard. Then moving to hard rubbing, she ends up with another, final orgasm. Lots of charming photo’s, who knew this aged dress would make for such a charming outfit to shoot in? Couldn’t you just imagine yourself un-tying the back of it and slipping it off me? He he, I could! I am feeling quite sexy today, feisty, playful…I am a bit of everything today! One last place outdoors that catches out eye as we are leaving is the bridge yet again the new shopping area with water, very appealing place for photos and some of them I might actually look like I am kneeling on the water! The heavens sing down!

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