Only Silk and Satin

Those of you familiar with the ‘Only’ family of sites, which include the standout lingerie site on the net Only Tease, will regard this one as a logical sub-niche for them to tap into. Although the site is still quite new, Only Silk and Satin already features approaching 150 models, more than 75,000 images and in excess of 200 videos. This lot really do operate an amazing production line of quality erotica, and in this case it already gives the site an established feel.

Satin is commonly associated with nightwear, of course, and there’s no shortage of that here, but the site also showcases an incredible range of other silk and satin lingerie of varying levels of skimpiness (I defy any red-blooded male to deny that there’s something truly wondrous about satin panties). The great thing about these sites is that they never lose sight of the value of keeping things simple and sexy – there’s definitely a ‘girl next door’ feel here, even though the girls are red-hot glamour models.

Secretary Stacey shows the top reason why she got her Mayfair London office job.

In keeping with its sister sites, there isn’t a great deal of nudity here. There’s a fair bit of toplessness, but most of the limited full frontal stuff is provided by the stock Euro-models rather than their core staff of sweet British lovelies. The usual tease style is adopted, with sensual posing followed by gentle undressing for most sets, and thanks to the stylishness of the attire you definitely know you are in the company of some seriously high class erotica.

Photo options are good, with three resolutions and a very high top level option of 3,000 pixels. There are quite a few outdoor shoots, and I’d say the technical quality of these is perhaps even better than the indoor work. The videos are no less impressive. This company has moved into high def with some seriousness, and there already over a hundred HD clips on this site at a mouth-watering 1280 x 720 resolution and unusually high bitrate of 8,000 kbps for perfectly smooth playback. Updates are pretty spectacular for a niche site too, with daily additions of new content.

British XXL model looks adorable from behind.

As with all of these smaller sites, the big question is whether it is really worth the extra spend to get just silk and satin stuff when there’s quite a bit of that at Only Tease already. If you love this sort of thing, then undoubtedly the answer is yes, because this is all exclusive and it’s such amazing quality. Only Silk and Satin is clearly another winner – in fact it’s one of the best niche sites around full stop.

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