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Being single does not mean people don’t have intercourse. Along with globalization many single guys feel attracted to the lifestyle of sex tourism. Prostitution is legal in many countries, in others it is widely tolerated. Rich and well developed countries like Switzerland, Germany and Holland offer competitively priced, cheap sex with beautiful women. Handsome, charming and gym-fit guys don’t even need to pay for hookers. They can travel the world and get laid every night by another chick, but the territory comes with dangers such as unwanted pregnancies, crazy girls who wanna kill you, big brothers that wanna kill you and occasional drama.

To avoid all the issues relationships bring into a man’s life becoming a sex tourist is one of the options to consider. Of course you need to have time and money and be open minded. Not everybody likes the idea of having sex with escorts and other sex workers. There is this stigma, all hookers carry diseases and are dirty. Well, it’s not true. Most hookers are very well aware of the downfalls of their profession and they take very good care of themselves. They undergo more frequent health checks and practice safe sex. Some of them are pornstars. Yes, you could end up dating a well known pornstar in a brothel or while booking an escort online in London or Prague.

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Location independent people can work while traveling. I.e. doing quality control for an international company, foreign representation or even working for governments and agencies as happening with CIA officers in Cartagena, Colombia suggest. Another possibility to travel comes with sports. You may be too old to become a athlete yourself, but you could coach others or become a helper for tournaments and championships. The opportunities to travel while making a living and having fun are plenty.

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Line-up in a popular German whorehouse under the FKK brand.

The other day a British patron posted on an expat board for Thailand about his exploits in Bangkok. He spams websites with comments for 2 or 3 hours a day with backlinks to his doorway pages. Those are landing pages on websites that are designed to generate sales for others and he collects a shopping 50% commission as an affiliate. His websites are pretty crappy, but he does well. The rest of the day he spends barhopping in agogo bars drinking and staring at naked dancers. He hires them to come back to his apartment and he picks a new girl every day.

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Another guy I met is a decent photographer. While he travels around the world he snaps images and writes posts on his blogs with useful information. He makes money from ads and receives a lot of perks from hotels, airlines, restaurants and tourism related businesses who wish to be reviewed or featured on his travel blogs. Every two or three days he browses escort malls and order a chick for incall. He spends most of his time in Europe and South America, in both regions prostitution is legal and cheap compared to his income. He samples a lot of different, high quality pussy. About 100 to 150 girls a year and he does that since 1996. That means he had sex with around 2500 different girls over the past 20 years while traveling the world. He has no intention to settle down, yet.

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From frequent internet searches brothels in Nevada and Amsterdam seem to be the most sought after sex venues, but most casual travel sex friends and sex tourists prefer Germany’s FKK clubs. Those are clothing options clubs with generous wellness and hotel facilities. All women working in FKK clubs are naked. Patrons get what they see. Most of the ladies are in excellent shape and well versed between sheets. Well, there ain’t no sheets, but you get the idea. Other popular sex tourism destination include Dominican Republic, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil and Canada.

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