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Here is Persia Monir; she’s a model, realtor and nurse from South Florida and she just might be the most drop-dead gorgeous 50something we’ve ever featured. Let’s see her in action. Persia goes to a guy’s house to audition for a job as a stripper. After inspecting Persia’s body, the horndog of employer decides he wants to stuff his cock in her mouth. Since she’ll do anything for the job (and loves to fuck), Persia goes along with that part of the tryout. Calling this scene hot is the understatement of the century. Persia really is an exotic dancer. She says she became one to support her golf habit. “I give topless golf tips!” she said. “I’m going to make a nude golf video. I’m combining my two passions, golf and sex.” She can’t say which she enjoys more. “I’m just as horny as I was when I was younger. My orgasms are bigger, and as an older woman, I’m not afraid to say what I want.” Tri Sexual? “I think once I have the cock in my mouth I’ll be much better,” says Taitum Reed when the Loser asks her if she’s nervous. Now that’s the kind of answer we like to hear. Some people chew gum. Others eat to calm their nerves. Taitum sucks cock. Actually, she licks it first, teasing the Loser before taking his cock into her mouth, and you can just see the nervousness leaving her body. Taitum is 22 years old and from San Francisco, California. She has brown hair, blue eyes, and enjoys traveling, shopping and writing. She likes to have sex in public and is looking forward to her first gang bang. We’re sure that can be arranged. Oh, and she’s bi. She likes men and women. She even seems to like the Loser. Does that make her tri?

Natural wonder woman Christy Marks and her pride. Image courtesy of

You know, going to the Loser is like going to the doctor. He doesn’t ask the girls to do a slow, sexy strip. He doesn’t ask them to leave anything to the imagination. He just has them strip naked as quickly as possible so he can, as he says, “get down to business.” Is this hot? We don’t think so. Is it any way to treat a lady who wants to be a slut? We don’t think so. But if the Loser knew what we wanted, he’d be rich right now, right? And he isn’t. Believe us. Phone Slut: Picture Christy in a seedy motel room on the side of a highway somewhere. She’s already naked except for her slutty thigh highs and her heels and on the phone with a stranger. “Hello? Is this Ben. I’m just someone who is lonely in a hotel room wondering if you wanted to have a conversation. Well, what are you wearing?” she asks while playing with her pussy. What are you wearing the words that have launched a million boners and initiated a million phone sex sessions. Watch Christy get super-sweaty as she gets off a stranger and diddles herself to orgasm with her legs thrown over the arms of a chair. Daddy’s Little Girl is a real Whore: Daddy’s little girl just can’t seem to get along with her mom, so she goes to Dad’s house to live. Well her step-dad’s anyway. She doesn’t say why she can’t live with mom, just that she is a real bitch. I wonder what this hot brunette teen did to get her mom so pissed she wanted her to leave?She meets her step dad’s roomie and she finds him totally hot. He really likes the look of her big tits overflowing her push up bra. She definately doesn’t need a push up bra! It isn’t long until he has her taking off his clothes and feeling his very hard and hot cock. Step dad walks in and finds them getting hot and heavy and sees that sweet teen pussy of his step daughter and decides this is a yummy pussy to tap into.This is one hot and heavy affair with both of these hard cocks tapping that teen pussy and wet hungry cock gobbling mouth. She loves every hard inch she gets in that tight pink pussy and moans and cries out for more.

Fucking Her Way Out Of Foreclosure: Bad news for Margo Sullivan. The bank is foreclosing on her house. Most people would panic. Not Margo. When the bank shows up at the door, Margo’s wearing a little see-through number that her tits poke right through. Hmmmm, maybe Margo can work on an extension. Before long, Margo’s got her mouth wrapped around the guy’s nut sac and her tonsils are massaging his cock. But Margo knows it’s going to take more than oral to hold off the bank. It’s gonna take her pussy and her ass. Her secret weapon! Will Margo’s master plan succeed? You’ll have to wait for the video to find out. But for now, we’ll tell you that Margo is a 49-year-old divorcee from Tampa, Florida (born in Washington, D.C.), and she’s a poker dealer. Clearly, she knows how to win with a losing hand.

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