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Amateur reality porn cliché at its best: there’s something very exciting about the idea of a down-on-her-luck woman who needs to have sex on film to make ends meet. Pay rent and bills, maybe tuition fees. Broke Amateurs treads this familiar territory. Let’s have a look at the action and if the girls can breathe some fresh life into the exploitative genre. The site adopts very simple set-ups. All of the scenes laid out on pretty much one page. The only links are to videos, indicating there are no pictures to be found here, and that is pretty much true. It is a shame, but not a fatal problem in view of the style of the material.

Start of an audition for a broke amateur on casting couch.

Filming has a very raw feel, with the non-professionalism showing through in the limited range of locations used (they must have a discount at that hotel). The scenes usually starts off with an interview – sometimes with the girl undressed, sometimes not – before the serious business begins. The sex itself is nicely varied, featuring plenty of titjobs, lots of lengthy blowjobs, facials, and some anal sex in there as well on occasion. The scenes often don’t close with the cumshot itself, instead ending with some post-coital chat or footage of the girl cleaning up or showering. In a bizarre but enjoyable twist the guy frequently gets the girl to do star jumps at the end!

Much of the filming is in the close-up POV style, with the dude’s face rarely or never in shot, and the filming in general takes a roving approach with lots of different angles employed. The proceedings are generally unhurried (scenes last about half an hour on average); in fact sometimes a break is taken during sex. There is a smidgen of masturbation, but it’s not something that is frequently asked of the girls here. A few lesbian scenes are available, and the first FFM scene was slated to go live shortly after the date of this review. I was pleased by the range of models, and although a few girls appear more than once the site is certainly not over-reliant on the same old faces. Some very attractive get dirty here, but there is appropriate variety too for an amateur site (a couple have braces, a couple are on the chunky side, and so on). Plenty of scenes are already available, and they’re all at a good DVD resolution of 720×480. A lower resolution version is also available, though file sizes aren’t massively smaller so you may well feel the wait for the larger version is worthwhile.

A decent short written piece is given for each scene, and a periodically updated blog is offered too with some background about the running of the site and occasionally some pictures of the shoots. Not much indication of the content of the scene is available, since only one preview picture is provided, so reading the text is imperative if you are or aren’t particularly interested in certain types of content (anal sex, for example). All in all this is entertaining and very authentic amateur content, with clear but not over-produced video, some genuine first-timers and an erotic, enticing no-nonsense feel to the proceedings.

Screencaps of full action. That’s what the chicks have to do to earn some cash and avoid loan sharks.

Visit: Broke Amateurs

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