Point of View

Hopeless guys who don’t have the money to spend for a cameraman or who are to shy and ugly to show their faces when they bang a Thai hooker in a Pattaya short time love motel. These savages still create fucking content that they manage to put on their websites like illiterates manage to write a birthday postcard. The results are rather shaky and blurry with nothing but mechanical action. At least they do provide the addresses of the whore houses they visited so you can try to imitate them with the same stunt hoes.

Mother Suckers

Certainly, Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree Films (their official sites part of the same site network) really do excel at point of view porn, blowjobs or full sex scenes. Here a movie from one of those studios for the third DVD review in the blowjob category. The almost brand new release Mother Suckers will no doubt turn out to be the first in a series, just like Blow Me Sandwich (one of… Read More

Multiple POV

This mostly excellent DVD features several scenes that rank among the hottest POV scenes I’ve watched. Unlike countless other POV movies where they fuck up the entire concept by making the guys (or the partially disembodied cocks as it is in this type of porn) talk or moan loudly and excessively, and in some cases even occasionally insert camera angles that are anything but point of view, Multiple POV does just about… Read More


POV porn is great. Not only are you placed in the “driver’s seat”, but you (usually) also entirely avoid the fear of the camera guy suddenly giving you a view of the male performer(s) you really didn’t want to see. So basically it’s a win/win situation. They’ve got six MILF POV DVDs at AEBN (that’s probably the entire series), and I picked number three for this review mainly because of the lovely… Read More

Amazing POV Sluts 4

Who is a big fan of point of view porn? Here’s the fourth amazing POV DVD review. VideoBox has four of the DVDs in the Amazing POV Sluts series, but this one, number 4, is by far the best of them, simply because of its model lineup. Cute, little Czech blonde Sharka Blue has been getting all her delightful holes stuffed by a whole lot of cock in her six years as… Read More