Wiska’s Perversions 1

Wiska is a very naughty little blonde Ukranian hardcore babe I for some reason had entirely failed to notice until I joined Hands on Hardcore (where she’s featured in nine anal/DP/double anal scenes) for the first time around a year and a half ago. She has, outside of a single scene excellent interracial DP scene on another previously added (but slighly newer) DVD, finally made her way to the VideoBox archives with Wiska’s Perversions 1 (the series is up to number 5 by now, VideoBox has only just started adding movies from Sinsational Pictures here in 2009, but hopefully the rest will show up at some point).

dvd coverWiska herself can be seen in all four scenes, each of them together with one, or for the very long scene 1, two other beautiful Eastern European girls and a couple of guys (one black, one white, the black guy in particular packing enough meat to really stuff these girls). Despite none of the scenes earning full five star ratings from the VideoBox community (the overall score for the DVD is currently 4.5 stars), I personally think all four scenes are really great examples of no non-sense, hardcore Euro porn with six extremely sexy and extremely willing babes.
It was even hard to pick one or two favourite scenes here, as I usually do for these DVD reviews. Scene 1 and 4 would have been my obvious choices before I started watching the movie and only had the screenshots to go by, the first one because you get Wiska together with Cherry Jul and the cute redhead Becca (this scene is arguably too long though, the first ten minutes of the girls playing with each other stretched on a bit, though the last minutes of those where Wiska were fucking her two girlfriends in their pretty asses with a dildo were great), and the fourth because it’s the only scene with double penetration (see the cons below).
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However I actually found myself enjoying the two other scenes just as much, and scene 2 was actually a contender for best scene as well as Wiska and Xandy were a great team and looked fantastic getting fucked in the positions they kept for the first many minutes (Wiska on a stool with her ass pushed back, I love that all too rare “reverse chair” anal position, and a big black cock buried inside it, Xandy on all fours getting her ass nailed from behind by the other guy, and later the black cock). If you’re a DP fan I recommend checking out two of Xandy’s other scenes at VideoBox by the way. There are only four but just in case there’s any doubt, the preview screenshots should easily tell you which ones I’m referring to. One of them could almost serve as a (highly inappropriate) dictionary picture for the word “stuffed”. If any scene was the weakest of the four it was perhaps number three, but that’s certainly not to say it was actually weak at all, it was pretty damn hot in fact. Lots of A2M in all scenes if you happen to like that. I do. At least when the girls are as hot as these six rather than trailer trash amateurs that look like they might have questionable hygiene. No excessive talking or moaning from the two guys in any of the scenes, which is always a major plus in my book.

On the other side: Only double penetration in one of the scenes was a bit unexpected and arguably even slightly disappointing when you’ve got at least three girls here who are no strangers to DP (well, maybe they weren’t actually at the time, this movie is from 2005 after all, so it was very early days for the entire cast with the exception of Priscilla), and two cocks in every scene. Still, as my descriptions above should indicate, it’s certainly hard to make a case for scene 1 to 3 being boring without DP. Add Wiska to the mix throughout the DVD and this was an obviously good one.
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Wiska’s Perversions 1
4 scenes (approx. 130 minutes total)
Starring: Wiska, Cherry Jul, Becca, Xandy, Lara, Priscilla
Studio: Sinsational Pictures
Production year: 2005

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