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This free membership rebills if not canceled. Even worse: subscribers agree to signup to two more trials. However, no information about sites is provided and terms are rather blurry.

I have been pretty mad in the past as I found out a lot of big porn sites on the internet use dirty tricks to empty customers pockets without delivering its money worth. Here is the scoop about this. The scammers will typically attract your attention with incredibly cheap access to their porn sites and promise access to a lot of other sites for free or 1 buck. However, this free or cheap access will only be possible for 2 or 3 days lets say for 2.99$ and then it will automatically extend for a month at lets say 39.95$. You can cancel this within the first 2 days as long as you know how (usually, no information about canceling is provided on the signup form or the link is broken). However, you should always read the entire join page before paying with your credit card. Some shady sites offer pre-checked boxes in combination with small fine print on the bottom of the page that will make you subscribe to one or two other sites for free or for a small nominal fee. What, they fail to tell you is, that these will rebill each for another 30$ or 40$ when don’t canceled. Normally, they fail to provide information on how to cancel those so you are more or less doomed with a large credit card bill in excess of 100 bucks. If you don’t find out yourself how to cancel in time it means trouble with your bank and card issuer.

We would recommend to stay clear of such deceptive offers. In our experiences such sites that resort on ripping you off have next to nothing to offer once you are inside their members area. If you still want to join, make sure to read the join pages and un-check unwanted items. If you ever get hit up for incredibly high amounts of unjustified rebills, call your bank and return the charges. Your financial institution will be more than happy to assist you in returning the charges to the site and they will never bother you again as many of those shady offers hide in offshore locations. Your bank might even send you a totally new credit or debit card with a different number and expiry date. Of course, that’s very inconvenient, but worth the trouble.

x sales
Another questionable trial. Two more items are added as x-sales without any information about urls or cancellation services.

This is a signup page with pre-checked boxes. If you do not un-check those boxes your purchase will include subscriptions to 2 other sites. The fine print on the bottom of the page reveals the real expense of your bill. The info is hidden way below the button for the purchase. One can rightfully assume that this placement is made on purpose so people wont notice the additional charges. No notice is given about a canceling procedure or consumer rights. Be aware of such and similar scams when joining mega networks and porn sites.

More modern x-sale scams include cancelling information, but international numbers are used to run up phone bills. In addition payment processors add international fees on credit card transactions that may run up a single 99 Cent trial to several hundred Dollars. Be careful when dealing with questionable billing providers and websites.

Ultimo Ratio:
Indeed, the most reasonable and most sensitive advice to porn surfers must be: avoid subscription based programs with rebills. There are many portals like webcams that offer on-demand payments. It means visitors load money into a websites wallet whenever wanted and needed. They will not charge you, automatically. Another possibility is the use of prepaid debit cards. Such cards can be loaded with preset amounts. Attempts to charge higher amounts or rebills will be denied due to insufficient funds. Prepaids are available as virtual items or as hard plastic (i.e. Visa giftcards from Wallmart or Bank of America). Better safe than sorry. Be sure never to use your account-linked debit cards for porn subscriptions as they are much more difficult to reverse compared to normal credit cards. Hope that little bit of advice helps. You can always go to a local stripclub and pay cash for a peek at some real pussy.

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