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Any would-be glamour photographer could find little better inspiration than Ron Harris, a true veteran of the biz who has received pretty much every accolade going. Thankfully Ron has lost little of his appetite for showing us the hottest girls around, so with expectations high let’s delve inside his exclusive collection.

Ron’s name may be familiar to those of you who have enjoyed his renowned Aerobicise movie, a gorgeously erotic video of three girls going through a full aerobics workout in the nude. (I couldn’t help but laugh at the claim on this site that ‘more men masturbate to Aerobicise than any other video ever made’, an entirely impossible assertion to verify but one you might not bet against). Anyway, Ron tends to focus on younger models – I’d guess most if not all are under 25 – and they’re all beauties. A large proportion of the content is of an especially captivating young blonde by the name of Kara Duhe. While it’s unusual to see such a focus on one model, Kara seems to hold a particular spell over Ron and such is her beauty I at least had no problems with the amount of her seen here.

Kara Duhe
Naked model Kara plays with a dildo. She is working on her g-spot.

Image quality is superb, as you would expect, with perfect lighting and rendition of the girls’ bodies. Ron has a very intimate style, as if simultaneously exploring the girls’ bodies and minds, an effect amplified by the frequent use of entirely white backgrounds which indicates the total focus on the model and not her environment. The material has an explicit edge, with plenty of pussy close-ups, and the models are glammed up (to a point) with sexy lingerie.

The videos are divided into backstage and orgasm categories, which unusually for a glamour site means that standard posing stuff doesn’t predominate. The backstage ones are arguably the more interesting, but the orgasm scenes are more sensual, with the girls tending to use vibrators (in particular the ‘toothbrush’ kind) rather than dildos to get themselves off. Top resolution for almost all of the clips goes up to 1920×1080, and the only technical issue I could find was a certain jerkiness in the backstage videos, which nonetheless adds to the effect. The clips tend to be quite short – in fact the content is perhaps a little too fragmented, but this at least avoids truly massive file sizes. Vidcaps for individual clips would help, however.

The real attraction here is the spectacular content. Though there is room for improvement in a few areas (navigation isn’t massively straightforward, the flow of new models isn’t what it might be, and updates are merely steady rather than frequent), for high quality glamour and orgasm content you’d be hard pressed to find better.

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Romantic setting for photos: There is a nice sea view behind the brunette model.

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