Pregnant Fux Review

If you are ever in a hospital, you should take a trip by the maternity ward because you know those chicks put out. If you have an interest in pregnant chicks, you should definitely check out Pregnant Fux. You are going to get a month by month change in each pregnant sluts body and you’ll get to enjoy the horniness brought on by the excitement of an upcoming birth. You’ll also enjoy the later months as milk starts to come in, talk about engorged titties. Oh boy, are you in for a treat.

These pregnant hunnies are exclusive to the site. Once their pregnancy is over, you won’t see them again, unless of course they make another baby. You’ll have over 42 pic sets with an average of 66 pics per set. There are over 14 videos all which are really good quality. It’s unfortunate that the site no longer updates, because this site had so much potential.

Wait there’s more! Just for becoming a member of this site, you’ll get access to 30 bonus sites brought to you by the V.I.P Mega Members groups. You will get the pleasure of wacking off to sites like: Facial Humiliation, Sick Insertions, Dirty School Girls, Amateur Nest and much much more. This particular site has stopped updating, but that doesn’t mean you’ll run out of content anytime soon. The bonus sites are a major treat.

Pregnant Fux was a great idea! However, the execution of that idea hasn’t been that great. I still love the concept of the site, but I think they can do more to showcase the possibilities. The bonus sites help boost the quality of this site. If you sign up, you’ll have plenty of content to go through. However, this is the only pregnancy site in this group, so if you’re looking for pregnancy porn only, this won’t be the perfect selection for you.

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