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Naughty Nanny 2 (no. 1 is also available at VideoBox, Bobbi’s Starr’s anal scene might be of particular interest) was the highest rated new movie in October at VideoBox, and at the time of writing all five scenes on the DVD actually have a five star member rating, which is pretty unusual. So naturally I felt compelled to see what all the fuss was about. Generally, not to pay much attention to the theme or “story” in hardcore b/g movies, but let’s just say that the outfits illustrated on the DVD cover add a mighty fine and sexy little clothing fetish touch to the five scenes.

nn2And speaking of the girls, the five here make for a great lineup. Jenna Haze obviously needs no introduction and is looking as smoking hot as ever here. That goes for particularly Nicole Ray as well, who’s not just hot but also cute as hell, but Brittany O’connell, Kiara Diane and Andi Anderson are certainly all easy on the eyes too (and Andi fortunately isn’t sporting the insane lip injections I’ve seen her with in a few movies). For a movie scoring so universally high with the VB members you would expect the sex to be hot as hell, and it is.

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Even though all five scenes are “basic” one-on-one setups and only Andi Anderson does anal, all the ladies deliver excellent performances just as the first three in particular do a damn good job with the verbal teasing in particularly the intro minutes of their scenes (Nicole Ray being persuaded to take a little break from house keeping, Jenna Haze being caught masturbating on the couch, Brittany O’Connell seducing the son of the house who’s home from college), and as mentioned above, those stockings and cute little outfits add that nice little extra touch.

I usually expect anal from Jenna Haze, but when the scene is as hot as this one I can’t really in all honesty do any serious amount of complaining. A threesome thrown into the mix, two “nannies” and guy for instance, would have added a bit more variety to the movie.

Naughty Nanny 2
5 scenes, (approx. 123 minutes total)
Starring: Nicole Ray, Jenna Haze, Brittany O’Connell, Andi Anderson, Kiara Diane,
Studio: Smash Pictures
Production year: 2009

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