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Almost every single girl-photographer and studio out there who produces photos for print magazines also has their own websites with member areas now. R.B. Kane and rbkane.net is one you might not have heard about, shes not that well-known outside of porn-connoisseur circles (is she?) and the website does not advertise anywhere weve been to.. If you used to flip through the magazines back in the 80s or 90s however, it is highly likely you’ve peeked at RB spreads.

Photos from many of the photosets featured on rbkane.net have been previously seen in Busty Beauties, Cheri, Leg Show and plenty of other top magazines both old and new. Photos from, because most sets on rbkane.net also show extra images not included in the published spreads.. There is sure to be a lot of exclusive material here too, besides ones you may have come across on other sites.

Superstar Nina Heartley shows her student how to treat a woman with respect.

Danni Ashe is one girl that sure knows how to handle both sides of the business. The sexual entrepreneur got an early start dancing in strip clubs with fake ID. She was seventeen and people were magnetically drawn to her innocent face and 32 FF breasts. Always eager to take things to the next level, Nina began selling videos of herself at her shows that she had self-produced at her home. They were these little virtual dances for the patrons to take home for their personal viewing pleasure. There was nothing hardcore about the videos, but she was underage and they were illegal. This led her to being arrested while onstage by a dozen vice cops. It’s needless to say that this sultry outlaw is bit of a legend when it comes to the adult business. She went on to make DHD and has been featured on CNN, The Daily Show and Howard Stern just to name a few. Danni’s even in The Guinness Book of World Records for being “the most downloaded woman in the world.” You don’t get such a title like that for not being attractive. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Simply put, the world is attracted to Danni. But without the photographers there would be no fame. This shoot was one of the first that Danni ever did and it acted as a major catalyst on her road to success. Take in this playful shoot. Get dirty while getting clean and enjoy the images of a humble seducer who at the time of this shoot would have never imagined she’d have attained such a remarkable level of fame.

girl on girls
Two American pornstars with nylon stockings and plump bits.

RBs apparently aiming for making her entire life’s work available on the site, and exploring its contents is a real blast to the past. Theyre all here, well almost. All these old stars, so many whom we’ve spent quality time with back in the day.  A few who never really left the spotlight: take superstars Jenna and Danni Ashe for example, both shown here in some of their earliest pictorials. Many fresh new girls can also be found. Every model is beautifully photographed and there is not one bad photo on this entire site.

Six different sections all are self-explanatory; Bustin Out, Girls Doing Girls, Leg Fetish, Famous Anus, Glamour Girls, and Showgirls. A few keywords can be used to describe the photos: Lingerie, Legs, and Hooters. A new photoset is added every week to each section. There is also the pornstar page introducing a name weekly. Overall it is a lot of models posing infront of RBs cameras who come from the video side of the adult business the combined # of xxx hours these women have starred in must add up to tens of thousands but you wont see much (if any) hardcore on here though. Softcore and almost-penetration only. Vibrators.

There are normally around 20-30 photos available in each set posted, rarely do you see any more than this. It is one of few drawbacks, she hand-picks a relatively small amount for each girl, selecting what she believes is her best shots, probably out of hundreds taken during the session. Im not suggesting she should show every picture that was taken, but often you wish there were more photos included. That, and the lack of an A-Z model directory and zip files are what is amiss here. Everything (or next to) is available in two sizes where the larger option are crystal clear, razor-sharp 1024768 size images (or somewhere in that neighbourhood).

Nice to see a member area completely free from bullshit, nothing annoying whatsoever. The brief intros for many of the models are for once very well written, with background info on the model or what she was like working with instead of the standard drivel we normally get elsewhere. Great example of how text can add to the overall browsing experience.


When we looked at RBs site the first time in 2002 it was brand new and did not have much, that is no longer the case now with close to 400 photosets to choose between. What nice sets too, there cant be many photographers who put this much effort into their nudes. I certainly enjoyed my time spent in RBs fantasy world and wont hesitate saying rbkane.net is almost a must-see for those among you who dig Suze Randall, Viv Thomas, J.S Hicks, Earl Miller and that whole style of photography. Or if you just like to peep at pornstars, legs, tits and ass from the last few decades. ($20, recurring)

RBKane is no longer online.

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