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Welcome to the Ghetto Girls section! This section features exotics with accessories such as bandanas, barrettes, gold jewelry and tattoos. However, in our interpretation, “Ghetto” is not just a look it is an attitude. This huge site has over a quarter of a million photos of young exotic women. Who counts as exotic? Well according to ATK anybody who is not Caucasian. The categories on the site are very interesting and among the more usual black, Latina and Asian you find ghetto girls, dime pieces, thick women and island girls. Ghetto girls are black with attitude, dime pieces are the hottest women on the site, thick women are not dumb but are larger than your average model and island girls like Elton John – sorry – come on islands. The hot chick in our photo is Martine – a native American. There are over 800 models by some of the worlds best photographers including a fair number of exclusive shoots.

American ghetto girl with incredible sex appeal

Upon entering the members area of the site the first thing that strikes you is the long list of updates. There is a section for each recent day with many different updates. Unlike many sites which rarely update there is always plenty of new stuff to stick around for.

Ignoring the updates if you start with the selection options you can go to a hardcore or softcore section of your choice and you are presented with a list of volumes available, with the models’ names who feature in them. Unless you already have a favourite model chances are you have to select a volume at random. The next page gives you a thumbnail of each model in the gallery and lets you pick the one that appeals to you. Click on the model and you get the thumbs for her photoset with a huge number of navigation options including the excellent Zip files that have all the photos in. Two extra links we really like are the “Similar Models” button and the bio link for a fairly detailed list. Similar models is an excellent idea and primes the ATK search engine with various assets the model has, to pull back any other similar tasty ladies. It works quite well although if the model has something odd it does not always match up. You can see below the comprehensive choices you have on the search. The photo quality is a bit variable usually reflecting the age of the picture but there are plenty that are excellent high resolution. The videos are high quality and generally in 2 minute chunks of around 20mbytes. There is unfortunately no zip facility here so you need to glue them back together. Whilst it is not possible to review even a small sample of the videos the random ones we looked at were fine examples of their genre, with an emphasis more towards the hardcore end of the spectrum. Download speed was mostly good but we did have a few long responses in the navigation.

Dirty shave on Hispanic Asian amateur Aliana.

Publisher’s description: Over the last year we have developed a new navigation system for the ATKingdom sites. You will no doubt notice the extra links on the photo sets pages. Our model pages now have thumbnails to their sets. We’ve also developed a more comprehensive and flexible search engine. Not to mention our new rating bar where you can vote for your favorite photo series and models.

The actual photo content is divided into hard and softcore and if you navigate through the sections this works. If you go via the model index or search engine hard and soft are all mixed up. This is actually good because you have the opportunity to see your favourite model progress from teasing solo shoots to hardcore blow jobs. Sadly a lot of the models never get out of softcore but we can hope!. The hardcore list is quite diverse and includes – Pregnant, Girl/Girl, blow jobs, foot fetish, Toys and Watersports. Whilst softcore enjoys – public nudity and upskirts amongst the large ethnic choices. As well as the site you get access to ATK Lounge which is a great meeting place for like minded porn lovers and full of news and tips.

Like every ATK site Exotics is excellent value for money with a huge selection of photos. Every one of the 250k photos is in the exotic category and there is a good balance between erotic softporn and full on hardcore. So if you are looking for lovely Latinas, bountiful blacks or just plain hot foreign looking chicks give it a try.

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Genuine black amateur shows her skinny butt

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