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The idea behind Me Beautiful is that the girls create the somewhat grandiosely termed ‘erotic self-portraits’ of themselves. In other words, the pictures are of the camera-held-at-arm’s-length style, and the video footage is taken from a fixed position with no-one else in the room. ‘Self-shooting’ is a relatively new idea in porn, but there are now enough sites on that theme around to mean that this one won’t triumph on the novelty of that concept alone.

Most of the girls are from eastern Europe, with a couple of Brits in there too. The model data suggests the girls are all aged 18, which seems improbable, but most are clearly youngish, with only a few in their 30s I’d say. The quality of the video footage is obviously restricted by the not so unique approach to production, but even then the scenes are rather generic, mostly featuring the girl masturbating, sometimes with a dildo or vibrator. In some of the scenes the girls perform a striptease at the start, in others they are naked at the start. There are some outdoor shoots as well, in fact, though usually in private locations.

Surprisingly most of the images are of pretty much the same quality. They aren’t the biggest but they’re quite sharp and nice looking digital pictures. The only defect I could detect was some minor light issues here and there, and personally speaking the close-up style did get a bit samey after a while. High marks for the photo content overall, though, despite the absence of ZIP files. Turning to the videos, four options are offered: a good quality DVD-resolution AVI version, a slightly lesser quality Windows version of the same size, and smaller iPod and Windows versions. Again, for what is essentially amateur content the quality is very agreeable.

Profiles are provided for the models, though the details are all quite basic (height, nationality, profession and so on; there is an ‘interested in meeting’ part but the girls generally all say ‘none’ to this). A sophisticated search engine is also offered, which uses that model data to good effect. The content is being added to rapidly and regularly, with a new photo gallery every other day and a new video half as frequently as that. Mostly the updates are of a new girl, though a few of the models have more than one set. Me Beautiful might be a basic site, but it makes a lot of what it has and has great potential if it continues to grow at its present rate. You’ll need to appreciate the unique angle, of course – there is a definite intimacy to this sort of material which I began to enjoy the more scenes I watched – and if you do then this site comes highly recommended.

Visit: Me Beautiful Website.

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