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The ‘LSG’ in this site’s name stands for London Studio Group, who are a collective of erotic photographers, including noteworthies such as Craig Morey, operating out of studios across Europe. The nude photography market is already occupied by some very classy and resourceful players, of course, so what has this upstart got to make its rivals’ camera fingers tremble with fear?

Like an increasing number of sites, LSG appears to be an attempt to marry old-school glamour photography with the now well-established magazine style ‘pure nude’ approach spearheaded by Met Art and Femjoy. This sort of hybrid effort may well be targeted at those people, and I suspect there are a great number of them, who are intrigued by the natural nude stuff but who possibly find it a little too tame to get into seriously. There are two ways in which this slightly more sexual focus is achieved here. The first is by the shedding of any preoccupation with capturing the models in their natural glory. At LSG the girls wear tasteful make-up and sometimes even the odd bit of slutty clothing to ratchet up the glam factor. Some of the classier photo content is actually reminiscent of fashion photography, with the obvious difference that the girls get their kit off (and have breasts). Secondly, the level of explicitness is a couple of notches higher here than on comparable sites. There is plenty of masturbation, sometimes with toys, and there is also some lesbian content involving ‘proper’ sexual contact. By and large the models are the same eastern European lot you’re probably accustomed to, but they’re definitely very attractive (especially with no clothes on …)

Both the photos and the videos are quite varied in style, probably reflecting the range of artists involved. Some of the photo galleries are distinctly arty, others are in the more stock glamour style. Picture quality is generally very good, with a hint of graininess on some of the higher resolution shots. It’s always pleasing to see daily updates as well, with a new video and new photo gallery appearing on alternate days. Much of the video content is the dreamy nudes type of stuff that is threatening to become over-familiar; though, as mentioned, there is also a fair amount of relatively explicit masturbation and girl-girl footage. Occasionally music is overlaid on the live sound track.

Thanks to the relative freshness of the site, the entire video archive is available in high definition, though I was somewhat disappointed by the quality. The camerawork is not uniformly steady, and the standard of encoding frequently borders on the shoddy, with significant blockiness in evidence as well as those fleeting horizontal lines that give the impression the picture is struggling to keep up with itself (forgive my ignorance of the relevant technical term …). These problems don’t entirely distract from what are otherwise excellent quality clips, but it’s a shame, nonetheless. A lesser criticism is that some of the videos are split up into multiple parts and added to the site in stages over the course of a month or so. LSG Models rather obviously has aspirations to be one of the top nude sites. Slightly more classy than your average glamour site, slightly more explicit than your average nude photography site, it’s a generally convincing attempt to be both artistic and overtly sexual. I’m not sure it’s a real pretender to the throne yet, but I’d certainly be inclined to watch this space.

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From Boudoir to bedroom. Beautiful European models cover fine bed linens.
Two athletic models naked and masturbating in bed

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