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Just got back from little business in Aruba. I didn’t go to San Nicholas, (Red lite dist) I used a in-call service. Just get a free copy of Aruba Today Newspaper. It’s free in every hotel lobby. in the back classified ads, there are about 5 e/s services listed. on my last trip, I used Haven Massage. Very happy, non clock watcher. 120 per hour. Took a few photos XXX – she was a real sport.

This trip I used “Yap Yum” service. Called spoke w/ Gene. the MGR, he brought a hottie from Colombian to my room within 40 minutes. 100 to Gene at my door and tipped her 25, at the end and she was happy with that! Great time good value, and I brought some of that “Indian God lotion” I bought on ebay, so this lady got a workout from me 30 minutes of non stop.

2 nights later, I called Gene and tried a different lady. She was 21 and a cutie. Their girls weren’t into being photographed like Haven e/s service. I think it’s a personal issue with them. The services are good in Aruba. By the time you take a long bus ride to the red light dist. Pay a little more and have a in call serv. The downside is that you don’t see the woman who will be arriving to your room. At end of session, she will use your hotel phone or her cell to call for her ride home.

Red Light District
For action in Aruba, you need to head to San Nicholas, about a 25 minute drive south of Oranjastad In San Nicholas, there are about 15-20 small bars in the red light district, each with about 4-5 Colombian or Venezuelan girls in their early to mid 20’s. They range from average looking to drop dead gorgeous, just go from bar to bar until you find one you like. Most girls only speak Spanish. The girls each have a small bedroom off of the bar they work in. Bars are open from about 7 pm to 2 am, Monday to Saturday. In the early afternoon before the bars open, and after the bars close late at night, and on Sundays, the girls walk the streets around the bars looking for customers. The area is quite safe at night, just ignore the panhandlers hanging around, hitting you up for change. In the bars, you will pay about $8-12 US for drinks and a condom. The girl charges about $35-45 US. US dollars are accepted everywhere in Aruba, but use the Arabian Florins, the local currency, to pay the bar and girl.

When checked in, you’ve got to get to “San Nicholas” for the action It’s a oil refinery town. its about 12 miles from the airport. along the coast opp. end of the hotels. It will cost you $2.00 each way from your hotel by bus. or I’d say $25 to 35 by taxi. There is this world famous bar called Charley Bar in San Nickolas. Tell the bus driver you want to go there. Bus stop is right behind the bar. Remind the driver when you enter St Nicholas town. The town smells like petroleum! Coastal owns the refinery its huge. Esso/Exxon used to own it. Have a drink in Charley Bar. It’s an old bar with old license plates and street signs all over the walls. Kind of a let down but a good reference point.

When you leave Charley Bar. I made a right. just go into any bar that has an “open” sign. There will be 2-3 woman sitting. All Colombian. [did see a black] all hot. They come right up to you. Buy them a drink. They will take u upstairs!!! if interested, little rooms. Cost was $40 plus I tipped $25extra, and she was Very happy with that tip. Got oral and full service. We were upstairs about 30 minutes. All “safe” the woman sign 3 month gov’t contracts to work in Aruba. They meet with doctor every week. You can walk back to behind charley bay to wait for bus. It’s kind of run down but safe. Charley bar closes at 10 pm. I went alone so I was extra careful some people look a little scary but they left me alone on Street. I would feel better if I had a friend w/ me. Bus runs every 34-40 minutes till midnight. If you come with some buddies, I’d split a taxi ride. You get there much faster and no stops. No other stores open in evening. Lots of hotels workers live in San Nicholas. The island is only 19 miles long.

IT may be hard to find a taxi in St. Nicholas. unless you get a bartender to call. I would get Charley Bar at 630-7pm- have a drink then get into your action bars. I’d try to be on my way back to tourist area’s by 930 pm. I did run into a tanker ship crew member on the street. They were picking up oil to take to Israel. He looked like a tourist. I was the only one in the sex bar …. lots of locals in other bars and some sitting on the street/corners. You can also eat at chatley bar. I had to see at least 12 bars around charley’s Bar. All the hotel workers tell me St Nicholas is safe but not to leave anything important in your rental car!

I’ve been to many Caribbean Islands. Aruba is very safe! Just use common sense. If you don’t have your own car there, just make sure you leave time to catch bus to hotels. I really didn’t see any taxis’ around in the evening. Guess you have to call . But I didn’t see any pay phones either. My girl was a 8 out of 10 very petite and attractive. Spoke some English. Was 23 yrs old. She said she would even meet me at my hotel next day but I really didn’t want to. I’m sure it would have been pretty cheap! Forget about action in Hotel areas unless you meet a female tourist. I didn’t see anything. I only saw 1 cop directing traffic. VERY SAFE PLACE

There is also a cyber Cafe to check your email in the capital mall area.. Royal plaza mall top floor. Can get you aol/compuserve and many other web companies. It’s about $5.00 for 30 minutes. Bus directions: get to bus stop near your hotel. $1.00 to bus to Orangstad; that’s the capital lots of tourists, shopping, restaurants , malls. At the bus station connect to bus to St. Nicholas. It may be the same bus! If not connect. Pay another $1.00 tell driver to tell you when to get off at Charley Bar. The same to return: do the same with bus to Orangstad, connect to Hotel bus. Orangstad is very safe.

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