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We reviewed Super Glam when it was brand new, just weeks after its launch in 2004. Even back then it managed to achieve a high rating uncommon for a brand new site. The preview made a pretty smooth impression, not any small amateur project but rather probably a spinoff or side-project related to something we have seen before. All exclusive content however. Plenty of familiar names: Sandra Shine, Sophie Moone, Tiffany (does she have a last name, I don’t remember), and half a dozen of the Euro-models with names ending in *ina or *ita. Its hard to tell at this early stage if all the things they’re attempting will last in the long run. Usually a site will start out with the ambition to have daily updates, live chats and all that, and within a few months will find its niche and settle in, forsaking some functions and improving on others. Personally, I’m not that interested in all the text info, backstage footage etc when its clearly in the glam/pro category, as opposed to where the pretense is an amateur one.

Now the site has been re-launched, in their own words. Im not sure if it was ever down, but this is version 2.0 so to speak. A lot of new content has been added, and they once again (or still) have ambitious plans for the future doing heaps and heaps of new custom shoots, finding new models and such. Like I said though the live shows are just the common Amsterdamxxx plug-in, and the interviews are limited to just 7 models, none added recently as far as I can tell. So I still think I was spot on there: Superglam is trying to do too many things, which is quite unnecessary. Just focus on great exclusive picture- and video-content!

shaven twat
Poolside nudes with reverse side of Lucie-Theodorova. Ain’t she steamy?

Anyway, the site certainly looks different now than it did during our last review. These are the screengrabs I took in 04 of their model index and a picture gallery: As you can see in screen grab number three (the gallery), there are links to 1000, 2000 and 4000 versions of each picture. This confused me a tad, as the 4000 are around 1500 x 1000 in size, the 2000 are 900 x 600 and the 1000 are 750 x 500. Number confusion. But anyway, the high res 4000 versions look great.

Similar Nudes: Glossy Angels

Many of these models have done hardcore (b/g) content, but I didn’t see anything along those lines here. A lot of focus is put on the photographic quality. Although sometimes a bit on the fly and often oddly enough quite uncentered with the model way to the right or left of the pic etc, the quality is certainly consistent. Lots of pictures (according to my best estimate there are around 200 pics per shoot, 5 shoots per model on average and 47 models in total which equals 47,000 pictures). Sometimes a bit snap-snap-snappy with little action between the shots, and not quite the Collector feel to them as, for example, ALSscan. Yet, who can look away from models like this, and since all this is fully exclusive I did find some must-saves.

toned model

I clicked five models at random and they all had video content too, as well as picture galleries. Typically 2-3 clips per model. Downloadable in clips (10-15 files) or the entire scene in one file (mpg). Usually, stripping/masturbation scenes with toys thrown in and/or backstage footage or an interview. The scene I grabbed was 90 megs, quite decent quality but not super crisp, downloaded quickly, and I have no big complaints here either. I don’t think the $30 price tag can be quite justified yet, but I do think Super Glam has many strong sides: a lot of good picture content, killer models (some getting a little overexposed, but what can you do), and all in all its a clean looking professional site and a particularly nice place to visit for fans of any of the featured models.

Since the pricetag is still $29.95 and the content has more than tripled, Id say the site will now receive no deductions in rating for price versus content its the standard price for such a site these days simply. What more can be said. Check out the preview. See if it appeals to you. Now you have all the facts so the rest comes down to personal preference. Personally, I like it but its the kind of site Id sign up once a year on download the collector stuff and then probably bail again. Updates just haven’t been, and still aren’t, consistent enough and still have things to prove in my mind. But the content on there right now is worth the price of one months subscription. If you know what I mean.

Visit: Super Glam Website.

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