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Amateur babes look like normal girls as long as they have their dress on, but once they get casted for nude photoshoots they are much more beautiful than most adult stars. We proudly present our best erotic models in sensual nudity from all around the globe. Enjoy their sexy bits while they are striking fresh naked poses for the lens.

Sensual Eufrat
She is one of the most stunning European Nude models on the internet: Eufrat. Many people say she could be a fashion super model. Everything about her is just totally perfect. Her smile, her body shape, ass, lips and vagina …. like made by God from reading a textbook on how to create a female human body. Thanks, for creating this perfect 10 babe!

Finger in shaved vagina

Tight European Model
nce every couple of weeks or months when I see a tight model online, I say to myself: ‘Wow, this girl is really hot’. A fresh new face with big eyes, beautiful face and tight killer body. To be honest, it takes a lot to rock my World and get me excited since most websites do nothing else but repeating the same old content. However, MacKenzie from erotic Nude Art site X-Art is a true sensation in my eyes. Their photographer must have felt really lucky shooting her first naked pictures. She is a genuine amateur girl from a European university who is interested in nude art and fashion modeling. I hope we will be able to see more of her in the near future as she is soooo tight: More pictures.

NY nudes

Trashy NY Hotelroom Nudes
Bob Cuolter of Crazy Babe is a true master of morbid sensuality. One of his favorite themes are nudes in trashy old hotel rooms and abandoned old buildings. Minimalism mixed with history and great personality. His lighting technique is very simplistic and emphasizes on lust, fear and curiosity in every angle. It’s not the comfortable warmth of romantic amateur nudity, but a mix of strangeness and immoral desire swinging along the bare skin with Bam Mijou during their shoot inside the last shit hole in New York City, an abandoned old brick building inside the Bronx.

Femjoy Summer Special: It’s summer time and fans of nude models from upscale babe art site Femjoy may celebrate a special treat. Every new member who secures a password to the sexy European site will be able to get a 30% discount. Instead of 30 US$ membership prices for full access have been reduced to a little under 20 bucks. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed! It’s not so bad to spend summer at home watching all those nude babes with a password for access.

Enfield race

Hold your breath: Bare Biker Girl
Dennis Hopper’s movie ‘Easy Rider’ showed it for the first time: American bikers attract some of the hottest female companions. Women feel attracted to motorcycles and total freedom. If you believe the cliché of Hells Angels movies, biker wives are sexually very active and not shy at all. But wait a moment: their boyfriends are very protective. Still, it’s a nice thing to look ate them while they decorate a powerful motorcycle with their bare skin like Erro’s model Caprice from Florida.

Pacino is a Latin photographer based in Miami, Florida. He travels to Colombia 4 times a year to cast beautiful Colombian girls in nude shootings for a network of Latina Erotica sites including Pacino’s Adventures and solo girl Gigi Spice. He was really lucky, finding Gigi Spice, a 18 year old Medellin model with a perfect Latina teen body. Gigi is simply the most natural and erotic online girl in Pacino’s large collection from South America.

Large Labia
Whenever I go to Prague to conduct photo shootings with some of the more famous models, I ask the girls about their latest assignments and experiences with fellow erotic photographers. All of them talk with very high regard of Luca Helios. He is by far one of the best nude art shooters out there today. Luca shoots some of the most sophisticated high definition nudes like Dominika’s large labia from behind with his Hasselblad camera. See more of his sensual nudes with Czech adult models on Met Art.

Alexis Love
Cute faced Alexis Love

Alexis Love on my Bed
Most porn stars are always depicted in a very degrading way, but sometimes they are lucky to get in front of a great photographer’s lens. California sunshine girl Alexis Love was recently photographed by a true master of sensual photography: Ron Harris. He made her look like the erotic babe she truly is. I can honestly recommend Ron Harris Studio website to all freaks of gorgeous all American models. Ron has shot some of the most famous Playboy and Penthouse girls as well as adult movie stars from North America.

Sensual Sex
Isn’t most online porn just silly and stupid repetitive monkey sport? I mean, it’s not sensual at all. No tension, no erotic feelings and most porn actress wanna-be’s are degraded to poor whores. Sometimes there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Just like yesterday when I received news from X-Art about the release of an erotic hardcore scene with super cute model Katya receiving tender touching from her romantic boyfriend before she proceed to satisfy him orally and make him happy while riding on top of him. Now, that’s a girl you want to have sex with, don’t you?!

hairy ass

Bonita’s Casting
Sexy Bonita studies art and history at the University of Fine Arts. During drawing sessions she would need to paint nudes and while reading an ad for a model casting she thought, she would want to try nude modeling. Here is the proud result of this sexy Hungarian stundent during an erotic photo shoot in Budapest: Bonita Amateur Nudes. Bonita went even further and got casted for an adult movie. It was just an experiment for her and she did fine. I wonder if she ever finished her studies …

front kick

Naked Karate Kid
Karate is not just a sport for kids as movies might suggest. One of the most spectacular Karate competitions are ‘Open Forms’ or freestyle ‘Musical Kata’. Normally, competitors wear an uniform called ‘GI’, but Rosalia agreed to perform a naked Kata with splits and high kicks for a recent nude art photo shooting of Femjoy. Rosalia is a very famous Czech forms and kata champion who has won various national and international championships in Europe. Didn’t you always want to know how Karate girls look under their Japanese Karate uniforms and without the Black Belt? Now, you know … At least Rosalia looks pretty hot while performing a nude Karate Kata. The spiffy fox is very flexible and she is also shown while warming up with various stretching moves. Karate couldn’t be more erotic than this! I have this idea of showing you more fexible babes doing the splits, gymnastics and martial arts in the future as I know you will love them …

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