Asshole Massacre

The title of this sites says it all: Asshole Massacre. When I first saw this site I was confronted with a scene where a guy pulled his over-sized cock out of a Brazilian girls bunda while they would show a close up of her gaping anus starting to bleed from the extreme anal stretch. Back then I decided never to look at any other site that was made by John T Bone, an infamous British porn producer who was living in the Philippines at that time. But just lately I read in a Thai newspaper that the same producer has been captured by the police in Thailand for producing anal porn and I was asking myself: Is porn legal in Thailand?

Brazilian amateur ass
One of the performers from Sao Paulo. Anal sex is legal in Brazil.

Well, the content on Asshole Massacre was produced during better days in Brazil. Obviously, most of the females from Asshole Massacre are longtime whores, also known as garotas de programa or Therma girls in Brazilian monger slang. They do more than just anal. Its very extreme. Some are into deep double penetration and shuffle additional fingers into their anus while already penetrated with a large cock. I can only imagine that their asses are wider than shemale love holes, but you have to see yourself to believe this extreme sort of porno from Brazil. In one scene they have mother and daughter sharing the same lover (at least that’s what the title suggests). Well as long as they just do that and dont engage into lesbian ventures its at least free of questionable family sex affairs. This site was filthy and dirty! I cant write much more about it because it went offline around 2011. Please, don’t mistake this title with the famous DVD Texas Asshole Massacre.

A couple of sample images can be found on Tumblr blogs. There are no more reviews online worth quoting.

Resources of interest:
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