Alyssa Sex Diary Part 2

Alyssa sucked the last of his cum into her mouth and swallowed. Luis gently pushed her head away, “I need to rest. He is just way to sensitive right now sweetheart,” he said. She kissed the head of his still pretty hard cock making him jerk. A small bit of white ejaculate leaked from the small hole and she licked it off. Luis jerked again. He pulled her over him and kissed her tasting himself in her mouth. They both were worn out from the last ten minutes of extreme pleasure. Alyssa lay next to him and cuddled. He kissed her again and held her nuzzling her neck. Alyssa felt tingles run over her body as he nibbled the nape of her neck. She got goose bumps from his hands touching her body and his lips on her skin. The couple dozed off in a post orgasmic light slumber. An hour or so later Luis woke up. His bladder was ready to burst. Carefully he untangled from Alyssa’s sleeping form and went to their bathroom. His cock had gotten hard laying next to her in bed and pissing was a chore. Finishing a difficult piss he crawled back on the bed. She looked so pretty naked and sleeping. He carefully touched her ass and shaved pussy. She was still wet from earlier. Luis looked at her small inner lips cradled between the still slightly puffy outer ones. He could smell the odor of sex between her legs. Alyssa made a soft sigh as he ran his fingers over he soft mound. She did not stir, but he felt her legs quiver slightly. He laid beside her cupping her pussy with his hand. Luis moved nearer to Alyssa in a spoon position. He put his hard cock against her pussy and stayed still. His mind filled with a sweet feeling knowing they would sleep together for the next three nights undisturbed. He wanted to do it just like this, naked and with his cock between her legs. For ten minutes he lay feeling the heat of her pussy against his hard cock. Reaching around Luis gently touched her small pointed breasts. Alyssa’s skin was hot and soft. He could smell her hair and skin. She had the aroma of her shampoo and body lotion along with the scent of a woman. It only made his cock get harder. He felt her nipples erect against his palm. He tits were small, but just right to suck into his mouth.Four fifteen minutes longer he lay behind her growing more aroused. The heat from Alyssa’s pussy was driving him crazy. Luis’ wanted to be back inside her so bad. He held his want to push his cock into her and just slowly pumped, rubbing his cock shaft over her pussy. She made a soft moan and he felt her sex lips get wetter as her body responded to his movement. Lust took control and he aimed his shaft at the wet opening to her womanhood. Slowly he eased the head into Alyssa. She stirred sighing and pushed back slightly. His cock slipped further into her body. The tight sleeve gently parted open allowing his dick to move more into her. Luis trembled feeling the soft ridges of her pussy flow over his cock. She as still asleep and he had his cock halfway inside of her now.Luis could not stand it and pushed against her soft ass. His cock drove deep into Alyssa. She gasped and came out of her sleep. The first though was one of alarm until she felt his hands holding her breasts. In a sleepy tone she said, “I think someone is horny and needs my help.” With a small laugh he kissed her shoulder, “Is it okay?” he asked in a slightly worried tone. “Luis, you can fuck me whenever you want,” she sighed enjoying the full feeling in her belly again. He was a little stunned, Alyssa never really used crude language. He hugged her and slowly began to pump against her rump. Alyssa just enjoyed feeling his hard cock moving in and out of her. She liked this position. His dick seemed to go deeper from behind into her. She could feel things inside moving about that hadn’t earlier. It gave her a fantastic feeling. Every few thrusts Luis would press deep making her gasp. She guessed he was pushing her cervix against her uterus. She lay there and rocked her hips back to his as he fucked her. It was baffling in a way, a few weeks ago she never knew what a cock felt inside her. Now she had one in there and loved it. They had never done it twice in one day and she worried about him having some left over sperm leaking into her. “Luis, we made love a little while ago. I mean, ya know… You aren’t wearing protection,” she said a bit worried.Luis kept pumping slowly understanding her worry and said in a reassuring tone, “I went to the bathroom while you were asleep. I don’t think you need to worry about any of my little guys still in being in me.” Alyssa felt satisfied with his answer and ground her hips back to his. Actually she really didn’t care by now if he had any leftover sperm in his cock. It felt so good as he stroked his penis in and out. If he did, she would deal with it somehow. His hips slapped against her soft ass as he kept pumping into her. She felt so soft and tight inside it drove him nuts. Luis knew he had cum earlier and that he would last longer this time. As he pumped he did worry a bit, he cold feel that almost burning like sensation at the end of his cock as juices leaked into her. The worry was overtaken by his desire to keep fucking. Alyssa loved the way it felt from behind. “Luis, I want you do do it to me doggie style,” she gasped. He pulled out of her and she got on her knees. “Oh God!” she gasped hard clutching the bedcovers as he plunged his cock back into the hilt. Not only did she feel the deepest part of her sexual organs being pushed around, but she swore his dick was in her chest. Luis pumped harder now making her ass cheeks jiggle and make a slapping noise as he pounded into her. Alyssa became vocal, “Yes, make love to me!” she shouted now. Her insides felt like jelly as he saw his hard cock into her depths. He gritted his teeth enjoying how tight and deep his cock was going inside Alyssa. Again he enjoyed feeling his bare flesh against her most intimate place. The tingle started in Alyssa’s belly. She knew she was building to an orgasm. Gasping in short breaths she tightened her pussy on Luis’ cock. He moaned softly as she bore down on him. He could feel her clench and then open up inside. It felt strange as she became a cavern around his cock and then a vice. He concentrated on the extremely intense feelings raging in his loins. Luis had fucked before, but this was outrageous. Not wearing a condom and being able to feel every part of Alyssa’s pussy wrapped flesh to flesh on his cock was so exciting. He watched his slick cock pump in and out of her pussy. Strings of their mixed juices coated his swollen shaft.Alyssa began to hyperventilate, she was nearing the biggest orgasm of her life. Luis had closed his eyes focusing on the feelings he was experiencing. His legs started to cramp up and he felt that tightness in his crotch. The hair on his legs and arms began to stand up and tingles of pleasure raced through him. “Oh God!” Alyssa screamed out cumming. Her pussy clamped down on his cock hard. Luis kept pumping nearing his cum. He knew he should pull out now but wanted to make a few more strokes. He was getting close to one of the best cums he ever had felt and wanted to make it perfect. She jerked before him and gasped hard clawing the bed in orgasm. “Yeah… God… Fuck me!” she gasped in a choked voice.Her mind filled with fireworks as she pressed hard back against Luis’ pounding hips. She was determined to get as much pleasure from this as possible. Luis felt a tightness under his balls. He knew he was going to cum. He started to pull back and Alyssa moved with him keeping his cock buried deep in her pulsing cunt to the hilt. Luis’ mind said pull out of her, but he couldn’t. He let out a long hard moan as his cock swelled. Gripping her ass instinctively he pressed deep and his cock began to spew stream after stream of sperm far into her pussy. Alyssa jerked feeling his cock pulsing inside her. It was such a wonderful and natural feeling. It made her orgasm even more complete. She didn’t even consciously realize he was dangerously cumming inside her pussy. It just felt so damned good. In the haze of orgasm she felt the streams of hot juice slam against her deepest recesses. Luis jerked a few last times emptying his balls. His cock was more sensitive then it had ever been. It was nearly unbearable now. He made a few quick jabs into Alyssa and pulled out with his mind completely spinning. Alyssa hissed as his cock popped from her cum filled pussy abruptly. She gripped her ass cheeks and felt a huge gush of his sperm spurt from her vagina. It was hot as it poured out onto her bed. Luis leaned back kneeling and watched his semen dripping from Alyssa. A tinge of fear filled his body. “Oh God, I didn’t mean to cum in you Alyssa!” he gasped. She heard him but was still experiencing the end of her orgasm. His sperm surging into her pussy was the most thrilling thing she had ever felt. Gasping Alyssa sat upright. She could feel more of the white cream draining from her intimate pocket. Deep inside she knew she was not safe to do this, but the moment had been so intense she was glad he did. Gasping she rubbed her crotch feeling the sticky cum coat her fingers. She lifted her hand in front of her face. The puddle of Luis’ sperm grew bigger between her open legs as she put her fingers to her lips. Alyssa licked the sticky coating from her fingers. She tasted his sperm and the tang of her pussy juices. “You came a ton Luis.” she said gasping. Leaning back on her hand she rubbed the cum around her pussy lips. “Oh God Alyssa, I am sorry. I…” he started to say. “I wanted you to, I just couldn’t say it Luis. You would not believe how good it felt as your penis started jerking in me,” she said staring at the puddle under her. Even if it was risky she planned on letting him spray inside her again this weekend. “But what if…” Luis started to say. Alyssa cut him off again. “Holly has some morning after pills she uses. I will just take one tomorrow,” she said. She looked back down at her slightly swollen and flushed pussy. Small strings of his cream kept dripping out onto the bed. Luis just watched her gazing at his sperm puddled on her bedspread. Her comment on the pill made him feel more relaxed.”I guess one of us gets a wet spot to sleep on tonight,” Alyssa teased. Luis laughed, “Yeah, I think we may need to do some laundry tomorrow too,” he answered nervously joking. She laughed making more of his cum drip out with a farting noise. Alyssa looked at her vibrator on the bed and got embarrassed. She knew Luis had seen it, but in light of the act they just did it really didn’t matter. Maybe they could play with it together later tonight. She looked at Luis. His cock was still hard as before. She wanted more. It pointed to the ceiling and was coated with a frothy white-like stuff. She guessed it was some of his cum. With an wicked grin Alyssa wrapped her fingers around his slimy cock and laid back on the bed pulling him over her. Luis bend to her face and kissed her as she rubbed the sticky shaft between her legs and forced her hips up against him. He felt his cock slip between the slick lips cradling her pussy and back into her warmth. The couple kissed deeply as he started to slowly move his hips pushing his cock again deep into Alyssa. Rolling his hips hard to her, she rolled her head back and sighed. Closing her eyes loving the feeling of him in her she felt his lips tug on her right breast. Stroking his sides she said, “Lover, fuck me again. I want your cock and cream.” The couple made love again. Later naked ate dinner and returned to bed. That night and in the morning they remained locked sexually. In the morning after one more heated love making session, Luis got up and went to the bathroom. Alyssa smiled and reached for her diary.”November 16th – Luis and I made love so many times last night and this morning. It was beautiful, but scary. He got so excited the second time he ejaculated in me. The feeling of his hot stuff shooting into my vagina was so amazing. I could feel the hot wad of sperm deep in my belly. I lost count how many times he did it. God I hope I am not pregnant! I will have to swipe one of Holly’s morning after pills this morning. I really need to make a doctors appointment Monday and get on the pill.”

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