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David nudes

David Weisenbarger is a Florida-based erotic photographer who entered the online sphere in 2007 with this increasingly highly regarded nude photography site. It’s a family affair too, as David is married to Tatyana, a gorgeous blonde who is featured prominently on the site (naked, of course), and is very active in its day-to-day running. The site already has a sizeable amount of content, and what with David still being quite a young chap, if he keeps going at the present rate – and I can’t think of a single reason why he’d stop – heaven only knows how many photos and videos this site will end up featuring.

naked skinny amateur
Colorful scenario with an ordinary beauty in contrast to a piece of furniture.

Mister Weisenbarger travels extensively for the sake of his art, though this is mainly to locations in America and Europe (Ukraine and Italy are popular destinations for him it would appear). He has no obvious ‘type’ for his models – his only obvious criterion is that they must look freakin’ beautiful. They are certainly quite varied – big boobs (check out Vitalia!), little boobs, medium boobs, blondes, brunettes, redheads … it’s not a massive collection of models so far, but he does seem to work with some exclusively just like Francis Gamboa of at FX Models.

The site features a nice mix of outdoor and studio sets, with perhaps the former being slightly more numerous, and all in naturalistic settings as is standard in this niche. The photos are erotic and extremely professionally produced, with four different resolutions (6000, 3000, 1600 and 800 pixels) being offered. 6000 pixels is typically regarded as being at least ‘lifesize’ … where will this end?!

As is increasingly typical of the nude art sites, videos are by no means an afterthought. In fact there is more variety to the movie content than I was expecting, with separate sections for art-nude films, erotic films, nude photoshoot films and model interview videos. The ‘erotic’ films do feature the models pleasuring themselves to orgasm, but it’s way more stylishly presented than your average masturbation site. And all of the clips are available in the stunning resolution of 1920×1080 resolution, which is the largest high def format around.

busty cowgirl
Summer in Europe reveals beautifully shaped nusdist in places where you don’t expect them, like in the Ukraine.

It’s nice to see that David regards his work as a craft, to the point that he has even written a guide about how to take professional nude photography, which is available for members to read on the site itself. Plenty of information is provided about the shoots, for those who are keen on this sort of background detail, and he’s also obviously keen on fostering a community element to the site.

David Nudes is gentle charmingly erotic. Every once in a while a site comes along to challenge the big players, and this is definitely one. To be honest, it’s quite a struggle to think of any criticisms. More video formats, perhaps, and a few more models – but that will come in time. A top top quality production, and the cheap price is the icing on the cake.

Homepage: www.david-nudes.com

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