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The ‘self-shooting’ idea is one that has gained quite a big foothold in the amateur porno market, probably because of the proliferation of naive teens sending nudie pictures of themselves via mobiles. You do have to wonder what did they think would happen? Anyway, it seems that the odds are heavily stacked on such images making their way onto the net and, hey presto, here we have a site dedicated to just that.

The majority of the images are in the advertised style, though for a few (predictably, often the better focussed ones) it’s pretty obvious there was a separate photographer. The majority of the galleries are quite large at around 70 images, usually containing a good mixture of images, with at most three or four shots of a particular girl or group of girls. Picture resolution and quality varies a lot, as you might expect – 800 pixels is common, though quite a few go higher (1600 pixels was the largest I found).

Wives selfshot


The pictures probably trump the video content. Some of the clips are appallingly low quality, no two ways about it, and resolution rarely gets above 320×240 pixels and there a zero Filipina girls. The video style is as you would expect: the camera is plonked down, the girl strips and maybe dances or talks a bit, she touches herself, and that is that. There is a small amount of hardcore content in both the photo and video section, but mainly you just get the one girl doing her thang. Updating is pretty good, as a new gallery appears at least every other day, and a couple of video clips every week as well. There are a small number of bonus galleries and videos, but overall you could perhaps expect a bit more for the membership fee. The main enjoyment here is to be gained from having a general browse around, and for amateur fans that is not an unpleasant experience.

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