Married to Asian Camgirls

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The traditional way of finding a girlfriend is handicapped by not seeing her naked before you commit to her. Hey, there is an alternative to normal dating: Look out for cyber models! Cam girls and freelancing photo models are posing naked online. Here is the secret: most of them strip naked and spread their legs for the sake of finding a boyfriend and White Knight for their salvation. Take advantage of this and find a sexy bombshell to be your new Asian girlfriend.


The best place to find an Oriental soulmate who is good in the bed and dedicated to her partner would be the Philippines. Filipina women adore Americans and other western men. They also love Koreans and Japanese guys (when they are handsome). What are good places to find sexy Philippine girls for dates and online encounters? Webcams are the best places to look for them because you can communicate with them in real time. Forget about dating sites – most of them are scammers, but Filipina webcams are the best place to look for potential candidates who could share your bed short time or for life.

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During private chat sessions it is custom for the hostesses to get naked all the way. And yes, it’s more than just chatting. See what you get.

Thai Camgirl

Webcam hostesses from Thailand are harder to find since English is not widely spoken. You can spot some Thais on the many generic Asian chat sites where you find Filipinas. Simply search model names for the string “thai” and results reveal those that are obvious. Of course Thais blend in very well and some may not want to be recognized as from Thailand. There have been problems with a German camstudio operator in Pattaya many years ago who used his camstudio as a front for human trafficking, i.e. he tried to get his camgirls to work in Europe as prostitutes. Ever since that happened Thai girls have become very careful. Who can blame them?

Thai camgirl
Seductive camgirl from Thailand in waiting mode for new visitors to her room.

Japan and Korea

There is a huge number of cam portals from Japan and Korea. However, many of them are for the domestic market, only. Either hostesses don’t speak English or there is no way to pay for them unless you are a resident of any of the two countries.

Beware of trannies
There is a huge number of trannies aka ladyboys doing the camming thing online. Many of them are proud shemales who chat from dedicated TS portals, but there is a certain number of ladyboys that loves to trick customers into believing they are real girls (some of them do have a pussy). Don’t be surprised if you fall for them. They are pretty cool and sexy.

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2 thoughts on “Married to Asian Camgirls

  1. Great article about asian camgirls!

    From my own personal experience, I prefer the Thai girls because they do everything you want.

    They cook and so on, the japanese girls are rather childish and strange in my opinon.

  2. I am happily married to a former camgirl from the Philippines and we have a common daughter. Greatest thing I ever did in my life.

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