Sins And Secrets

Set in Victorian London, a unique choose your own sexual adventure from the author of Passion. Go as far as you dare what happens is up to you. In the London of the 1880s, genteel young women are strictly governed and taught to obey without question. But not Pamela Kingston. Her guardian the handsome and masterful Peter Rennard indulges her every whim. When Pamela confides her most intimate fantasies to him, he promises to initiate her into a hidden world of desire and teach her the infinite pleasure of pure sin. Mile High Club: As Rita performed her perfunctory checks on the emergency equipment, Nancy took a lackadaisical blanket inventory on the Boeing 747. When Neil noticed that Adriana had curled up in the back row of seats, a wave of irritation swept over him. He was Lead Flight Attendant, dammit, and these women were about to take orders. He flicked on the public address system and spoke into the mouthpiece. “Attention, flight attendants,” he began. Rita and Nancy turned to look at him as if he were wearing a dress – nobody used the public address system on ferried flights. Adriana slowly sat up and scowled, her blonde hair tousled from sleep. Hawaiian Valentine: “I want the cliché,” she’d told him, and now here it was. Better than a romance novel or chick flick. The only thing missing was the soft focus. Jo smiled, loving every second of her clichéd experience. They were strolling along a pristine beach, hand in hand. The sun was sinking majestically into the ocean, streaking the western sky with orange and crimson. The sea breeze was light and cool, the water was warm, and the sand between their toes was silken. They were alone with the sunset. Of course, this kind of cliché doesn’t come cheap. Jo and Michael had been saving for over a year to finance this holiday. The airfares were OK but the private beach house on Maui was the real killer. Michael had nearly fainted when he first saw how much it was all going to cost.

A Oriental Geisha that would fulfill erotic dreams to those who don’t sleep at night.

She didn’t care. This was what she’d wanted – a chance to experience Valentine’s Day in the sun, relaxing and sharing Martin’s company. No work, no mobile phones, no computers, just each other. They’d breakfasted on fruit and pancakes before retiring back to bed for a long session of languid lovemaking. They’d gone snorkeling on the reef, had lobster for lunch and taken an afternoon nap. Now they were taking the obligatory sunset walk, and it was beautiful. Sex Secrets of an American Geisha is based on author Py Kim Conant’s research with literally hundreds of single and married Oriental and American women and men pursuing relationships, as well as on her own personal experience finding — and bedding and wedding — her American husband. While investigating the lives of Japanese Geisha (and Korean Kisaeng), Py found a deep well of untapped wisdom in the Geisha’s centuries-old feminine practices that could be applied to 21st century women wishing to learn how to attract and keep a man happy and in love for a lifetime. First she tested this wisdom upon herself as she sought to meet her “Good Man.” The results? Within 18 months Py had lost over 30 pounds (and kept it off), turned into a sexy (if marriageable) vamp, and had met, become engaged to, and married her husband, Richard. Thrilled by the results of the Geisha’s teachings, Py wanted to help women of all cultures find their happiness and wrote this book. As she says, while her advice is frequently politically incorrect, it is always practically correct, and refreshing. Her “bottom line” message of hope: any woman, single or married, and traditionally beautiful or not, can find success in the pursuit of love, marriage, and happiness aided by the practical yet sexy secrets of the Far East. Our First Time: David and I had been dating for a month. We had been getting into some hot and heavy make out sessions, but we still hadn’t had sex and I was ready to cross that bridge. I planned on cooking him a romantic dinner and then leading him into my bedroom for a night of romantic lovemaking. He arrived early with a bottle of wine. I told him to open the wine while I was cooking. As I came around the counter to get my wine, he grabbed me and kissed me passionately. I almost came just from the kiss.

Erotic Quotes

“Love is a friendhip with erotic moments.”
Antonio Gala

“To deny sex is to deny life. To reject art is to impoverish yourself, rejecting pleasure and growth. To accept sex and art together is to add to oneself, to be positive instead of negative. Erotic cinema . . . reveals us to ourselves with increasing artistry.”
William Rotsler

“Eroticism is firstly a search for pleasure, …a perception of the divine state, which is infinite delight.”
Alain Danielou

“Erotic or sexual love can truly be love if it is not selfishly sexual or lustful.”
Mortimer J. Adler

“The difference between eroticism and pornography is one of art.”
Andre Salvet

“The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting. ”
Gloria Leonard

“Erotica is simply high-class pornography; better produced, better conceived, better executed, better packaged, designed for a better class of consumer.”
Andrea Dworkin

“Erotica is using a feather, pornography is using the whole chicken.”
Isabel Allende

“mmmmmmm. donuts/beer/erotic cakes.”
Homer Simpson

Making Love: “Sometimes we make love with our eyes. Sometimes we make love with our hands. Sometimes we make love with our bodies. Always we make love with our hearts” ~Author Unknown. Room Service
Erica Daniels was dead tired, and all she wanted was a hot shower and a good nights sleep. A full day of meetings with designers and financial officers had left her totally spent. She always hated coming to New York, not only because of the endless traffic jams, but because it always seemed like every thing was fast, fast, fast with never an opportunity to just take it easy. At least she was in a nice hotel with room service – the last thing she felt like doing was fighting her way through a restaurant crowd. She picked up the phone and dialed ‘8′. In a few seconds she was being connected with the kitchen where she ordered a Caesar Salad and a hamburger rare. “Twenty minutes,” she replied, “good, I’m famished!” Lia and The Queen: Slave girl Lia waited, feeling apprehensive. What duties would she be expected to perform? She’d only heard vague whisperings of what went on in this chamber, hushed mentions of lust and lascivious desires. The Queen had made her choice earlier that evening at dinner. Lia had been serving the wine when the elegantly jeweled hand had shot out and grabbed her wrist, drawing her closer to the royal gaze. The Queen had studied the girl’s face before letting her eyes travel down Lia’s body, clad only in a simple white shift, a sly smile spreading across her face. She abruptly gestured to her male servants. “Bring her.” Thus she’d been escorted here, dressed in more elaborate, silken garments and left to await the Queen’s pleasure on a lustrously exotic bed. Waiting For You: I am lying in bed waiting for you. The clock shows 1am. I have placed candles around the room and put on some erotic music. I have taken a long hot shower, shaving my pussy so that is it smooth for you, as you love my pussy this way. I am laying there, my pussy wet and aching for you. I hear your car pull up, I hear you walking to the door, turning your key and coming inside. You turn off the lights I have left on for you. The stairs begin to creak as you walk up them and then you are in the bedroom with me. You look at me on the bed, your eyes feasting over my body, staring at my erect nipples, then moving down to my bald pussy. You can see how wet I am.

Wild girls get into the mood and start to tear down their jeans to reveal lingerie

Seduce Me: Raw and honest, provocative and titillating, Dahlia Schweitzer’s Seduce Me lays bare the secrets of desire in stories of sensuous encounters, illicit affairs, forbidden passions—and obsessive hungers that must be satisfied, no matter where or when they arise. In these vivid tales of lust without limits, the lines are blurred between fantasy and reality, propriety and necessity. There are no boundaries or taboos, only needs to be fulfilled. Here women and men risk everything in pursuit of sexual satisfaction—and business always mixes with pleasure. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: It’s that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day! While it’s hard to know what to buy him (or her) at the best of times, deciding on the perfect Valentine’s gift can be nothing short of a dilemma. Do you go for something romantic? Or something cheeky? Or naughty? The whisky burned as it slid down my throat. It tasted like cough syrup to me and I had to fight to keep it down. Next to me my best friend Brooke took another hefty swig, her face contorted from the taste. She looked over at me and stuck her tongue out. “What do ya want to do now?” she asked with a slight slur to her words. We had been hanging out in her room since after school. It was now about 6pm and we were hammered. This was the first time that I had ever drank and I was both excited and scared to death that we would get caught. “Let’s just hang out here,” I said and lay back on the bed. She lay back next to me and we rolled onto our sides facing each other. We had been best friends for 2 years now and knew everything about each other. She reached for my hand and held it loosely in hers. “You know what we should do?” she asked smiling. The Trouble With Chastity: Once upon a time, in a kingdom called Coitusland, there lived a beautiful princess named Chastity. Chastity was the most beautiful girl in the land. She had long, blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, and full soft lips. Her body looked as though the Gods themselves had molded it. Large round, firm breasts, a tiny waist and a tight shapely ass. Chastity had lots of suitors. All of the noblemen in the land wanted her. But Chastity was unhappy. She had never had an orgasm. Her sisters, who were not as pretty as she, had orgasms all the time. It’s just not fair!” cried Chastity one night, “our people are raised to give and receive pleasure, and here I am the favorite princess of the people and I’ve never had the sexual pleasure that is my God-given right as a princess to receive.” She decided to speak to her mother – the Queen. Chastity knocked on the door to her mother’s room. “Come in” the queen said. “Chastity my darling, why do you look so sad? Come sit by mother and tell me what’s wrong.”

Valentine’s Day: Annika made the final adjustments to her makeup and wondered what Bob had in store for their Valentine’s Day date tonight. Frankly, she didn’t expect much. Sure, Bob was a great guy, and they got along well, but the man was born without a romantic bone in his body. His idea of a perfect evening seemed to involve a plate of Nachos and a Farrelly Brothers DVD. The mirror reflected her mouth as it twisted in a wry smile. He probably would have completely forgotten Valentines if she hadn’t given him several large hints about it. The well-placed jewelry catalogue didn’t get his attention as much as her loud musings about lingerie, but it had worked out well enough in the end. “Happy Valentines Day,” he’d told her on the phone this morning, a smile in his voice. “Let’s do something special tonight.”

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